My name is Trevor, otherwise known as 'The Psychic Apprentice'. I'm a Spiritual Medium and have been learning and practising this fascinating gift for almost two decades. I live with my partner in Lancashire, though started my Spiritual journey while living in the south and studying under, arguably, the finest mediums in the UK.

The 'Open Mind' section of my website contains my weekly postings on anything to do with my Spiritual journey. Working with the Spirit world is a truly life-changing experience and one that is in my blood. I enjoy sharing what I've learnt so far in the 20 years of exploring this exciting subject. This website is the combination of my passion for writing and commitment to the Spirit World


New Development Groups At The Sanctuary

20 May, 2018

Hooray, at long last it’s happening! If I said that this was years in the planning, I’d be bang on! For as long as I’ve lived up here in the north I’ve been trying to get a proper group off the ground. Finally, it looks like it’s going to happen. Our very own closed circle …

Are We Ignoring Actual Miracles

13 May, 2018

Stop what you are doing for a moment and focus. No, don’t skip through this bit. Seriously, stop and focus on my words. Now I’ve got your attention, can I ask you a couple of simple straightforward questions, please? Are you the sort of person that would completely ignore an actual miracle if you witnessed it? …


29 April, 2018

In this post, we’re looking at the Top 5 questions that a medium is asked. The answers here are mine and may be entirely different to the answers from another medium.  Every medium has their own way of working based on their own experiences. These questions, therefore, often have more than one answer depending on the …

The Folded Message

22 April, 2018

Ken was a loved father by his family, friend to me and a proud Wiganer. He was actually like a second Father to me. A couple of years before he passed to the spirit world I recall a brief conversation he had with me when I was alone with him in his living room. He …

Sitting In The Power

15 April, 2018

In the task of getting myself back on track with my mediumship, I find myself revisiting the important lessons I’ve learnt over the years. My intention is to rebuild my confidence by going back to basics. There is one crucial element that has been present throughout my apprenticeship. All of my favourite teachers, circle leaders and …

Time To Change

8 April, 2018

Often when I have too much time on my hands, I sit at my office desk and give a lot of thought to where I am with my life right now and where it is I’m going. Taking stock I believe the old phrase is. Recently I’ve had to do a lot of that. My …

Being a Medium is Being Yourself

1 April, 2018

Everyone knows how to use a smartphone to make a call. Pick it, select the number, press dial and hey presto, you’re connected. If only connecting to the Spirit world followed the same easy format! “Hello Spirit world, could I speak to Grandmother, please?” The truth is that there is no prescribed method that works …

That’s The Spirit!

25 March, 2018

If you’ve read my last two week’s ‘Open Mind’ posts you might be of the impression that I’m giving mediumship up. Well, I’m not. In fact, far from it, I’m more active than ever.  As I’ve written in the past, becoming a medium is a by-product of being a Spiritualist. Ok, so I had been …

The Fishermen Club

18 March, 2018

Now it came to pass that a group existed who called themselves fishermen. And there were many fish in the waters all around. In fact the whole area was surrounded by streams and lakes filled with fish of all shapes and sizes. And the fish were hungry. Week after week, month after month and year …

The Stand-Off

11 March, 2018

This post was written some time before the publication date and so the relevance of the detail might have since changed. You’ll understand why I’m mentioning this by the time you’ve read this post. I was on holiday in Lanzarote yet right at that moment I was angry and annoyed. In fact, I was fuming …

Exploring Your Potential – Beginners Part 2

4 March, 2018

TO READ Exploring Your Potential  – Beginners Part 1 CLICK HERE  So you think you might have mediumship abilities inside you waiting to be unfolded? Perhaps you’re just interested in learning more about the subject. Or perhaps you might be interested in one specific area, such as spiritual healing, reiki, tarot, automatic writing, spiritual art, …

Exploring Your Potential – Beginners Part 1

25 February, 2018

Oh the mystery of being a psychic medium. Secret powers to read people’s minds, to tell their ailments, to know whether they’re lying or telling the truth. And of course, that spooky ability to talk to the dead! Those are just a sample of the many thoughts others have when they discover I am a …

An Intelligence Beyond Our Understanding

17 February, 2018

During my time learning to communicate with the other world I am constantly staggered beyond belief at the ways those residing there use to communicate with me. They surely know that I’m flippin’ hard work at the best of times. I often feel guilty about how hard I make it for my spirit team to …

I Don’t Believe In Anything To Do With Life After Death

10 February, 2018

I was recently at a rare gathering of some of my family for a Sunday roast. After lunch, the conversation invariably got round to talking to me about the pursuit of Spiritual communication. I didn’t bring the subject up, by the way! My sister is quite a strong believer and believes she has received and …

Personal Responsibility and the Unseen Consequences

3 February, 2018

Here’s the scene –  I was in Gloucester recently and had just completed a quick visit to my Mum & Dad’s grave. As I left the cemetery I approached the traffic lights at the end of the road where I intended to turn right to head towards the M5 north. The road I was about …

A Medium With A Memory Like A Sieve

27 January, 2018

We had a friend visit our home recently for a coffee. Within minutes of being in the kitchen she starting thanking me for a reading I’d given her some months earlier. She started reciting some of the details I had apparently told her and how I’d suggested a major health issue with her husband that …

Is There More To Spiritualism Than Being A Medium?

20 January, 2018

I was recently at a church open circle when I received an amazing message for a young lady in the circle. It was from a lady in Spirit, who happened to be the late wife of the young lady’s neighbour who had brought her along that night. The message was different in the way it …

Where is the Spirit World?

13 January, 2018

“Where exactly is the Spirit World?” I was once asked by a friend with a curious mind. What a question to attempt to answer in a few simple words. “Well it’s here, there, everywhere. Inside, outside, on the planet, in the stars. It’s all around us – we just can’t see it, ” I replied …

The Crash

6 January, 2018

It was a typical day in early December. I had just picked up a load in my newish van and was ready to set off on a long distance journey across the country. My van was low on fuel and so I decided to fill it up at a nearby garage before hitting the motorways. …

2017 Looking Back Looking Forward

30 December, 2017

Hooray, Christmas is behind us now and it’s time to look forward to the future year. But first, let me indulge myself with a brief look back at this past year regarding my activities. Back in February, I decided to relaunch this website after a gap of a couple of years. I had hoped that …

Christmas With Our Lost Family

23 December, 2017

Christmas is upon us again. It’s that romantic time of the year where all our psychic senses are working overtime. The glittering lights, the cold air outside, the smells of the gloriously rich foods, the abundance of drinks flowing, the festive sounds and of course the pleasure of giving and receiving gifts. This is the …

The Lady Who Denied Her Dead Husband

16 December, 2017

A Short Story Jennifer missed her Dad. He had passed to Spirit only a few months previous and Jennifer was still grieving, she had been close to him. She wished he was still around for her to talk to, to comfort her and talk about the good times they had shared when the family were …

Failing is Learning

9 December, 2017

I recent got back from a night of mediumship where the medium was absolutely dire. The medium was me! That night I could get no flow whatsoever. Messages were bitty, inaccurate and well off. “Where are you Spirit, when I need you”, was the thought constantly going through my mind. I remember both Eileen Davis …

Do You Have Delusional Confidence?

2 December, 2017

Have you noticed how more people than ever are prepared to voice their opinions publicly? On social media, television and radio, daily I read, see or hear ordinary people sharing their views on everything and anything with the world. It would appear that the world is full of experts, or as my dad used to …

10 Unusual Facts About Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

25 November, 2017

Recently a friend asked me if I fancied writing an article on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (ACD) for a local magazine. I agreed to and duly set about doing some deeper research into the author and Spiritualist. During the research for the article I found out some really interesting facts about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle …

The Deceiving Brain

18 November, 2017

My friends, especially those closest to me, all think I act like a big kid.  I’m not the only man like that though. I often hear couples describing their partners’ as ‘youthful’ or even ‘immature’.  Now we all know that men are less mature than women generally. Women mature at a younger age than men, …

Mediumship is Entertainment?

11 November, 2017

Recently I did a church ‘demonstration’ of mediumship to a small local and unenthusiastic gathering. Being the most critical of my own work, I don’t normally shout about my performance on a night, however on this occasion the connections with Spirit were pure and flowing. The information I received and passed on to the recipients …

Is Meditation Essential For A Medium?

4 November, 2017

One lively debate between mediums is whether meditation is required as part of the process. Guess what? I don’t have a definite answer, even after all these years of study. I do, however, have a personal opinion. I have always partaken in meditation and enjoy the ritual. Personally I believe it benefits both me personally …

The 3 Invisible Personality Cloaks

28 October, 2017

I recently got seriously cut up on the motorway by a businessman driving a large Mercedes who decided to throw his car from the middle lane into the inside lane where I was travelling, forcing me to brake hard to avoid running into the back of him. I flashed my lights at him, followed by …

Witnessing the Crossing Over

21 October, 2017

Over the past decade I have witnessed three passings to the Spirit world first hand. One was my Mother and the other two related to my partner. As a medium and Spiritualist, the experience is quite different to any other aspect of my work with Spirit. I should make it quite clear that these occasions …

All The facts Matter

14 October, 2017

I was on a night out with my medium friend visiting a nearby Spiritual Church to watch a well known medium demonstrate at a ‘Special Evening’. I had not seen this medium work before and was looking forward to it. He was well known and always drew a crowd, so being someone always wanting to …

Precious Time

7 October, 2017

Several years ago when Jane and me first visited Lanzarote we fell in love with the island. We were staying at a place called Matagorda, between Playa Honda and Puerto De Carmen. Our daily routine involved walking from our chalet down to the promenade and then along it past the restaurants and shops. On our …

Science & Seance v My Fallback Point

30 September, 2017

Many years ago I used to call it my final RV from the military term final rendez vous. Nowadays I term it as my fallback point. What am I referring to and why? Mediumship is a strange subject to fully understand. It has so many facets and so much to interpret and understand that it …

Retreat Time

23 September, 2017

As I write this article, today is the first day of September 2017 and it is the first official day of our holiday here in Lanzarote. We actually arrived yesterday afternoon but with all the travelling we were both tired and other than the evening meal and the first official gin and tonic or two …

Humour in Mediumship

16 September, 2017

From as far back as I can recall, I’ve always enjoyed a good sense of humour and know how wonderful it is in bringing people together. I had a somewhat tough upbringing living in a large family where money was very limited. My father was the one that could often display a great humour, though …

I Believe In God

9 September, 2017

“Oh my God! A post on God! Trevor’s gone all religious!”, I hear you cry. There in itself lies the first issue with using the word God. So many of us are almost ashamed to say the word for fear of being seen as some kind of religious nut who has lost their grasp on …

Prove It

2 September, 2017

I reckon that there aren’t many other professions where people ask you to prove what you do! Imagine asking a doctor if he or she can prove they know can get you better. Yes they have trained and studied for years to get where they are, as do most people in their jobs. But as …

Empathy Is Better Than Sympathy

26 August, 2017

There is a well worn adage ‘the world revolves around you’.  Annoyingly at times, this is absolutely true for all of us – the world revolves around you and around me as well. What we see, do, feel, hear, sense, smell, taste, love, hate are all our own personal experiences.  Someone might share any of …

My Top Mentors

19 August, 2017

I started my Spiritual Unfoldment back in the year 2000. The seed was planted when events happened to me that I could not logically account for. At the time I thought they were coincidences but later realised that these series of events were meant to be. They set me off on a journey of exploration, …

There’s Always A Reason

12 August, 2017

As a medium, something that happens to me a lot is why some element of a reading doesn’t make sense.  After a reading is finished I mull it over in my mind asking why and what was the significance of it. The annoying part of this is when it suddenly occurs to me why. I …

It’s Like Riding a Roller Coaster

5 August, 2017

When I announced on ‘Faceache’ a few weeks ago that I had decided to bring back my website I got a couple of private messages with a distinct theme. These were from friends I knew when I lived in the land of the sun. They wished me success with the new-look website and said they …

The Blackbird from Aunty

29 July, 2017

During a long journey recently I heard a nice story on BBC Radio 4. It was a true story read by the listener that wrote it. She had gone into her garden with a cup of tea and took a rest on a seat. A blackbird hopped towards her with a caution yet seeming to …

Why Mediums Should Keep A Journal

22 July, 2017

It is often suggested by teachers of psychic and spiritual development that students should keep a diary or journal. I completely agree with this statement and will explain my take on that now. When  I started out on this Spiritual journey, I didn’t bother keeping a diary at first. I couldn’t understand why I needed …

Partnering a Sensitive is Hard

15 July, 2017

In last week’s post I talked about being a sensitive and the aspects of being so in day to day life. This week I want to talk about a little further on the subject and in particular living with a partner. It might appear to some people that mediums are special people with some kind …

Sensitive Feelings

8 July, 2017

Mediums are often referred to as sensitives. The title refers to being sensitive to the vibrations of the spirit world. For me, becoming a better medium involves personal training in the form of a process we know as attuning. Attuning involves heightening senses through meditation and similar exercises, some of which I’ve written about in …

What constitutes evidence?

1 July, 2017

This is one of the most contentious questions often asked when it comes to mediumship. What exactly is evidence when giving a reading? I‘ll give you my explanation and what I expect, but be warned, it changes from one medium to another, and often changes within the medium too. To define evidence, first you have …

Is Taking Money For Readings Wrong?

25 June, 2017

One of the biggest contentions I had with other mediums was charging money to people for readings. After all, this is a gift from God, right? For years I believed that taking money for readings was wrong and just greedy. This issue was something that sat very uncomfortably with me and was always in the …

Juggling Priorities

18 June, 2017

Many of us live in a very busy world where twenty fours hours are just not enough in a day. The amount of sleep we get is being pinched at both ends. Early mornings, late nights. If we have a paying job to do in the day it takes valuable hours out of the few …

Finally Back On Track

12 June, 2017

Most of the folks that know me will know that some four years ago we moved north from the south coast. Luckily my main job is transferable and so I was able to continue earning a living straight away. My Spiritual journey, however, went into the wilderness for a few years for a number of …

Oh Golly I’m Back Writing

23 May, 2017

Watch out for the fireworks! Yes I’m back with my weekly blog. Nothing has changed as I’ve got older, except that I’m grumpier. So expect me to shoot from the hip in my weekly blogs. They will start appearing here at the beginning of June. I have warned you!

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