My name is Trevor and at the beginning of this century a series of incidents happened in my life that I could not simply put down to coincidence. My questioning mind led me to investigate whether there was any scientific evidence of there being something other than life as we know it.

From my investigating into mediums I grew eager to discover if someone like me with no knowledge or experience of mediumship could actually learn how it works and perhaps become more involved myself.

This website contains stories and information from my experiences. It is intended to act as a portfolio and a place for information to help others on a similar pathway.

Portrait of Trevor

"My life's experiences are the reference tools for spirit to draw upon."

Open Mind

Trev's weekly writings that includes the odd rant, stories and spiritual inspirations. This is a must read for all mediums.

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Student Basics

The student section for information, tips and stories to help you unfold and develop on your journey to becoming a better medium. PASSWORD PROTECTED AREA

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"The essence of spiritualism does not lie entirely in the scientific concept of communicating with the dead ; this is simply a confirmation of its true essence, the philosophy. The science addresses the 'how' of spiritualism; the philosophy provides the answer to the question 'why'. We must also recognise there is a religious component because God is involved; there are divine implications. "

by Albert Batten

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