The Psychic Apprentice

Hello and thank you for visiting this domain. In late 2017 I made the decision that maintaining an online website for my work as a psychic & medium was no longer within my long-term desires. The content of the original website was therefore mothballed.

Becoming a spiritual medium, able to connect and communicate with the other world was always my personal passion. Since the turn of this century, I have studied, trained and practised all the aspects required to unfold my own potential. In fact, I still spend a lot of time reading, learning and helping a select few people on this chosen pathway of life on earth.

I have never had a desire to be well-known or live a public life. It is my opinion that some mediums simply want fame and recognition, disguising their desires with a belief that they are ‘serving’ the Divine (for a fee of course!). Spiritualism is within and I believe that the number one place where serving should take place is within oneself – spirit is within, not without.

Over the past few years I have witnessed many mediums at work on a public platform, all with varying degrees of ability. Few, if any, are sharing the true miracle of the next life. It’s not about a half-accurate message from Grandma telling you she is happy now. It’s not about revealing a fact plucked out of the ether possibly brought here by a loved one. Mediumship is about becoming an ambassador for the spirit world.

An ambassador represents the spirit world with love, joy, knowledge and a clear understanding of their role in this world and to the next. An ambassador proves the continuation of life after earthly death by having a full understanding of the processes, a knowledge of the history and philosophy behind their work and an unfaltering knowing that the spirit world is complete and beyond our comprehension, filled with love, life and a real desire to advance oneself to greater dimensions nearer to the source of all creation.

Public appearances are not something I feel are necessary for my advancement. Occasionally I may undertake a private reading for a family member or friend but these are uncommon. If you want a medium, there are plenty advertising their abilities on social media. I don’t offer recommendations.

You actually don’t need a medium to prove to you that life continues after death and that the world awaiting your return is filled with love. No, you just need a personal desire to seek the knowledge and understanding yourself. When the desire grows like a hunger inside you and you explore your own potential through education and exploration, there is no medium on earth better than you at that state of being.

What is it you were seeking when you visited this domain? Was it curiosity or was it more about finding out what I’m up to? I’m doing just fine thank you. I’ve got my own pathway, how about you?

Good luck with your journey. Seek out the truth for yourself, that way it will be far more powerful than somebody else telling you about it. You have my blessing.

Trevor, The Psychic Apprentice
September 2018