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Hooray, Christmas is behind us now and it’s time to look forward to the future year. But first, let me indulge myself with a brief look back at this past year regarding my activities.

Back in February, I decided to relaunch this website after a gap of a couple of years. I had hoped that the backups I’d made from the original site would be straightforward to redo. Sadly that was not the case and hundreds of entries from the original site are still waiting to be added to this one. That said, this new site has seen a huge footfall of visitors and as I write this the statistics are showing over 10,000 visitors from all over the world have taken their time to read my content this year. I thank you all very much. This has been really surprising for me because the only advertising I do for the site is an occasional mention on Facebook to my very small number of friends. So I must be doing something right!

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I made a commitment to myself to publish at least one new article about my mediumship every week. I’ve called this category, ‘Open Mind’ and that has been a huge success. I’m also proud of a growing number of subscribers who receive the personalised newsletters every week. Again thank you all.

But not just writing about it, I’ve been more active in the public arena this year too. I’m pleased that my relationship with my medium friend has blossomed and now I’m proud to call her and her partner close friends. This relationship has allowed me to work with the public alongside her in some really enjoyable demonstrations. Of course, there have been some that are not so memorable, but I will put those down to experience.

This year saw me decorating The Sanctuary with a nice colour. I must admit that the lack of earthbound visitors to it has been a bit disappointing but that is entirely my fault due to lack of free time. Spirit, on the other hand, have made themselves known through my cameras and my meditations inside the wonderful room.

My connection with the Spirit world has been stronger than ever this year and that is evident in the depth of some of the messages I’ve been asked to channel. My personal favourite was ‘The Red Diary’ (mentioned in a recent post) which contained detail that blew my mind. It opened me up to the potential that there really is when working with the Spirit world.

My funniest moment this year has to be when I went into my Sanctuary to check on a motion detecting camera that had been left on monitoring the room. As I walked into the Sanctuary room I was shocked to find that the camera had been literally thrown into the middle of the room onto the floor – a distance of about 8ft from the window where it had been left on a tripod. The SD card on the camera revealed orb movement and a weird groaning sound. I guess some Spirit person wanted to make themselves known.

This year, my day job as a courier has dominated my schedules too much, so I made changes to that by downsizing my vehicle and requesting less work from my supplier. Hopefully that will pay off more in the coming year and free up some time for more private and public demonstrations.

So all in all, 2017 was a year that I’m happy my mediumship has advanced to a better level. Now that the Christmas decorations are back in their boxes and stored in the attic, it’s time to mentally look forward to 2018. I expect to do more public mediumship and I know that KB, my good medium friend will encourage me to get out more with her, though she too has to free up time from her busy day work schedule.

In 2018 I would like to get my cameras out a little more and enjoy that hobby. I’d like to get my drone in the air a little more too and make some better movies. Of course, I will continue to write and develop this website as it means so much to me. It’s my life journal and is in my top five passions.

I promise to meditate more and strengthen my connection with Spirit in 2018. I promise to read and study more and I promise to live my life a little more healthily and hopefully quit the damned fags – again.

(edit notes: my last ciggy was on 16th December 2017 so since writing this post, I’ve quit!)

What about you? What would you like to achieve in 2018? What would you like do to improve your life? Now is the time to embed those positive goals, ideas, thoughts and dreams into your mind. Now is the time to plan ahead. As the nights continue to get shorter and the days longer, take time to enjoy the new life that is around you. Look at the bulbs that are breaking through the cold ground ready to show the world their beauty. Look at the trees and how the new life is coming through with little buds on every branch. Look at the birds that are keen to nest and warm themselves in the late winter sun.

There has never been a better time to be alive. There has never been a more right time to plan your year ahead and stretch your imagination to achieving something different.

So I thank you all for taking the time to visit my website and to read my stuff. I wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous 2018. Bring it on!  ♥


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