This entry was originally written in 2003 and updated in 2017. Since this event 'White Ape' has revealed to me more about his name. See the posting 'White Ape Reveals All'.

The Saturday workshop with Jenny Ann, at the Christchurch Spiritualist Church in 2003 was a surprising milestone in my new Spiritual journey.

The Shamanic workshop was one that I had approached with caution, unsure that I believed in this subject and more unsure that it should play a part in my life, mainly through my own ignorance of the subject at that time.

Jenny Ann was a wonderful lady and an enthusiastic teacher. Her message was pure and good and endorsed with the wisdom from her own Spiritual pathway that has obviously brought her through some difficult life learning curves.

Jenny had suggested to me in email contact before the event that she suspected I had a Shamanic energy around me. Though I was not entirely convinced and thinking she was just trying to sell tickets I decided to attend the workshop anyway.

Around mid morning Jenny guided us in the group in a meditation where she claimed we would meet our Shaman guide. "Oh yea," I remember thinking, "you can try!"

She further warned us that the meditation would be deep and that there might be some emotions. At this stage of my new journey, I didn't realise how sensitive I was and the thought of public crying was one I did not entertain.

The meditation began and my usual mental battles with maintaining reality began. Was that a fire engine that went by outside? What are those people walking outside the centre talking about? What is Jenny actually doing at this moment? Why can I just not concentrate on this meditation? However personal persistence paid off.

The more I listened to Jenny's calm and gentle voice, the more I drifted into her world she was creating for us. The real world gradually faded from my focus.

Now I was younger and with black hair and a single braided piece hung over the left of my head. I felt the solitude of the location - I felt connected to earth - I had sage in my pouch.  I was surrounded by mountains, fir trees and a river. I was met by a Indian chief who directed me to his family tepee. Inside lying on a bed was his 14 year old son. He was ill, very ill. He had a kidney or liver problem. I don't recall how I knew.  The chief had called me there to offer healing to his son as a last hope. I laid my hands on the boy and prayed as I do this side of life.

It appeared to be successful. The chief left the tepee with me and I recall experiencing  the brightness of the sun as we stepped outside. Oddly enough, this was milliseconds before Jenny mentioned leaving wherever we were in her guidance. The chief walked back with me to the river where my canoe was. I was to say goodbye to the chief.  I asked him his name. He refused to tell me. I was insistent and argued how important it was for me to have a name. I listened carefully and was clearly able to rule out anything that my logical brain might be throwing in.  The only name that I heard that was so obviously not from me was strange. So strange, I asked the Chief to repeat it. This name was not something I would have thought of and it was clear to me that this was the truth. I felt very emotional. The chief had said just two words. Two words that were clear and without question - not of my invention. He said 'White Ape'.

Minutes later in the meditation I had to say goodbye temporarily to Chief 'White Ape' and I recall actually crying at the thought of leaving this man, like I had as a child when my parents left me with strangers for weeks on end. I did not want to leave that place nor did I want to say goodbye to the Chief, that was now apparently my friend for life.

The tears were creeping out of my closed eyes and running down my face and this was when the logical side of me started to take over again. When asked by Jenny, I explained what had happened.

Later that night back at home I decided to research the words 'White Ape'. I recall also being confused by the afternoon's healing as I had not apparently used any of my newly learnt Reiki symbols and phrases. Well, not that I can recall anyway. But searching the internet, I was looking for a Western connection to the name 'White Ape'.

I could find no relevant information on any great Indians known as 'White Ape. After some researching I was ready to give up. I decided to do to one last search with the words in Google Images. There was where I found a picture of a small monkey with a white face. I clicked the associated link and got taken to a page all about this animal and how it was very sacred to the Tibetan people.

For me, that was the connection I was looking for. There was the connection between eastern and western healing that I had wanted to understand. What a discovery this was.

The following weekend me and Jane travelled to Wigan to visit her parents. While there, Jane's mum gave me a large Rose Quartz crystal that had been brought into the charity shop where she volunteers. Rose Quartz  is one of the best gems for use in healing. I believed that this was a sign from the Spirit team that they wanted me to have it. Perhaps it was a gift from 'White Ape'. I believed that Spirit have a way of putting things in our path that are intended for us and are part of the overall plan.

While we travelled back south on the M6 I was boring Jane with the events of the previous weekend's workshop and the coincidence of Jane's Mum presenting me with a Rose Quartz crystal. I suggested to Jane that if all these new occurrences were the work of Spirit then I would receive a further validation soon. In fact, I said I would get it within a few miles. Pathetic, I know.

But that is what I asked spirit and that is what I looked for. I suggested perhaps a car registration or something carrying White Ape's initials that could be considered as a sign would be enough. Shortly after, the sign was presented. We had almost forgot about White Ape when we agreed to stop at the next motorway services. The sign for the services soon appeared - Warwick Services. Warwick -WA - there was the signal. The WA stood out so boldly.

While browsing in the bookshop I heard a wonderful sound coming from the far side. I moved towards it and noticed one of those CD stands that automatically play excerpts of the available easy listening music. The CD playing was Red Indian chant music. It was called 'In Search Of Spirit'. The cover has an image of an Indian Chief. Guess who bought that CD?

Weeks passed and I realised that my healing abilities had improved with quite noticeable results. In hindsight, I strongly believe that 'White Ape' is there with me on every healing session.