A Medium With A Memory Like A Sieve

We had a friend visit our home recently for a coffee. Within minutes of being in the kitchen she starting thanking me for a reading I’d given her some months earlier. She started reciting some of the details I had apparently told her and how I’d suggested a major health issue with her husband that he would come through fine. He had just come out of hospital after a serious illness. She was still so comforted by the words from the original reading where I stated he would be fine.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m like anyone else and love a bit of praise given to me about a deed well done. So when she was reminding me of the details of the reading and how they all had come true as I’d suggested I felt my chest expanding and a big cheesy grin on my face as I lapped up the praise. Even my partner, who had originally been present confirmed the details of the reading to be as she remembered them herself.

But although on the outside I appeared to be accepting the praise, inside my mind I was buggered if I remembered any of it. It might only have been six months ago but for the life of me I cannot remember any details of the reading. In any other walk of life, you’d consider me as suffering from old age too young!

This is not the first time this has happened to me and it most certainly won’t be the last. In fact, this is common with a lot of mediums and here is why. When I’m connected to the great Divine and sensing my feelings I’m attuned to it. Hearing, feeling, sensing and even sight to a degree are not focused on the here and now. I’m only focused on and interpreting the communications I am detecting.

I’m doing my best to be as clear and pure an empty vessel as possible and working overtime to not change what it is I am receiving or interpret it wrongly. In a sense it’s like a daydream. You know, when you are driving to work in the morning, for example, and you’ve not yet entirely woke up. Your mind is elsewhere. Perhaps on matters behind you at home, or tasks you face ahead of you that day. Somewhere on the journey, you suddenly realise you can’t recall certain parts of the journey you just made. You’re surprised at how you drove past something or other yet cannot recall doing so. Yet your driving was perfectly fine.

It’s because your mind had temporarily shifted focus and anything other than the dominant thought becomes a blur. You’ve driven on auto-pilot! During a reading, this is exactly how me and many other mediums are – not focusing on the here and now,  just the communication with the Spirit world.

Words flow through me with little or no retention capabilities. This is especially noticeable when the recipient is accepting and intently listening with a positive outlook. The communication is flowing without any personality filters or negativity to kill the energy flat and affect the focus. That’s not to say I don’t recall anything at the end of a reading because often I do. But more often than not, especially in a positive reading, I don’t retain the finer detail that might have come through and passed my lips.

So this is why I, and many other mediums, suggest you take notes during a reading, or better still record it. That way, you can refer back to them in the future or listen back to the reading which may not have made sense at the time yet now makes complete sense. So going back to the medium days, weeks, or as in my example, months later is more often than not akin to asking what I had for breakfast 10 days ago!  ♥


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