Portrait of Trevor



My name is Trevor and I'm a Spiritual Medium in the north-west of England where my home is. I started on this path rather late in my life. In fact it was when I was 42, at the turn of this century! I've been unfolding and developing ever since. I believe that the Spirit world seriously wanted to get my attention and a few 'odd' incidences around that time awoke my inner self.

Actually I started researching this whole subject in an investigative role. I wanted to disprove it all as nonsense. Surely life cannot continue after our bodies die? How can such a thing be possible. However, the more I learnt and the more I discovered, the more I researched and read about it, the more I came to the conclusion that there was in fact more evidence supporting life after death than against it. I mean hard evidence and not just scientists' opinions.

I read a quote by American medium John Edward that excited me. He stated in his book, "Crossing Over" that he's often ask if being a medium is a talent one is born with. His answer was that everyone can learn to become a medium and that the gift is with us all when we enter this earth.

When I read that, I was inspired to have a go myself - I mean, John claims we all can learn it so why not me. I guess I had a void in my life that needed filling. Career wise - I was going nowhere and in many respects I felt like a failure.  But on side is that I've a truly open mind and a willingness to learn "so let's have a go at it", I recall thinking.

Well that was nearly two decades ago and since then I have studied, attended many workshops with outstanding teachers and mediums such as Mia Dolan, Minister Matthew Smith, Eileen Davies, Glyn Edwards, Mark Stone and many many more. I've read hundreds of books and watched the best mediums in the world live at theatres and churches across the UK. Well know names like Tony Stockwell, John Edward, James Van Praagh, TJ Higgs, and yes even Derek Acorah!

Mind you, I've also watched some of the worse too, though certainly not any of those I mentioned.

So here I am now - an actual psychic and Spiritual medium able to connect with the other side and relay miraculous messages from loved ones to their friends and family this side of life.

Do I know it all? Absolutely not. In fact, the more I study Spiritualism, the more I realise how much I still have to learn. Without seeming to overuse the cliché, this is a journey of unfoldment that will take me more than one lifetime.

Though I enjoy giving readings and public performances, I'm far more at home in my Sanctuary with a few like minded students learning and serving the Great Divine, or sat with my beautiful partner reading a biography of a great medium.