All The facts Matter

I was on a night out with my medium friend visiting a nearby Spiritual Church to watch a well known medium demonstrate at a ‘Special Evening’. I had not seen this medium work before and was looking forward to it. He was well known and always drew a crowd, so being someone always wanting to learn, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see his demonstration.

The church was packed full, with people standing at the back due to lack of seats. The medium’s stagecraft was immaculate. He entertained and gave many ‘messages from the other side’ that I judged as ‘gold nuggets’. Impressive detail, names, dates and the like. As a medium myself, I was quite taken back by his abilities and found some sense of pride in knowing that others were working to a standard that I yearned to be at. He was inspiring me.

At the end of the evening, my medium friend asked me what I thought of him. It is quite natural for fellow mediums to discuss other medium’s abilities. I’m not saying it is right to, but we naturally do. My excitement was hard to contain as I shared my positive thoughts with my friend about how amazing this medium’s connection had been and how so professional he had been. The quality of his information, the incredible detail.

After a few minutes of me sharing my enthusiasm and recalling many of the evening’s messages back to my medium friend, I realised she was not sharing my excitement. So I shut up and listened.

My friend then enlightened me with some facts that I was unaware of because I am relatively new to the area. My friend explained to me how that medium had actually been trained at that very church and had attended it for the five years or so that they had become a medium. My friend explained that the medium had attended training circles there and had demonstrated at that very podium many times before for local church services. She explained how he knew most of that audience which was mainly made up of the regular church attendees. She pointed out that all the messages the medium had given were to known locals and not to visitors such as us.

Every message that I recalled the medium giving in great detail were explained by my friend. ” He knew her personally”, or “that message was news headlines locally”, or “he has read that person so many times before”, or ” she was talking to him about that before the show began”.

It transpired that what I had witnessed was not as pure as I, and probably a few others, had been led to believe. I researched one of the message details regarding a murder that had taken place some years previous and found that indeed it had been headline news in that area and the very person he gave the message to was connected as a family victim. Everyone at that church would have known it, including the medium.

So what I had witnessed was actually not as pure as I had thought. My friend had known this would happen before we arrived but wanted my opinion and didn’t inform me in advance about the medium’s connection with the church.

My excitement turned to disappointment. The more I discovered, the more I felt let down. One key thing had been niggling me during the show and now I understood why. It was how polished his stagecraft was.

I have seen some of the finest mediums in the world perform. Very rarely do they have stagecraft that is perfected and polished, almost choreographed. They are pure, they connect with Spirit and concentrate only on forwarding clear information from the spirit world. Their focus is within themselves and not on how they appear to their audience.

This medium we had witnessed was too perfect with the audience. His humour was scripted. His whole persona was one of ‘look at me, I’m great’. He was ‘over-gay’ using it his advantage with the ladies. Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone and many of my best friends are gay. But this medium was ‘over-gay’ deliberately as part of his performance. It had not bothered me during the event because of the value of the messages he had apparently received from Spirit. In fact, I warmed to his extreme camp mannerisms.

I learnt another valuable lesson that night – never trust what you are seeing unless you are armed with all the facts. As someone who questions everything, I was disappointed with myself that I had not thought this medium could be, frankly speaking, a fraud.

It reminds me that I must not concentrate my efforts trying to be like anyone else. I must not try to hone my stagecraft to a point where it effects my focus. I must stay as pure as I can be and content with my own abilities. It’s just sad that other mediums find being famous more important than improving their mediumship.  ♥


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