There’s Always A Reason

As a medium, something that happens to me a lot is why some element of a reading doesn’t make sense.  After a reading is finished I mull it over in my mind asking why and what was the significance of it.

The annoying part of this is when it suddenly occurs to me why. I always find myself wishing I’d thought of that during the reading itself. But I’m learning that this is quite normal and is actually one of the best lessons I could have.

Let me share an example with you. This happened to me at a public demonstration recently. I felt drawn to a member of the audience who I knew I had to go to. I delivered the information I had received and the message that was clear as clear could be. The man accepted it and I knew the job was done. But I told him that this message was given to me by a woman in Spirit and I felt that this was his Mum. I apologised for the lack of detail, but that she was not really forthcoming with herself, only the message.

The man said to me that he didn’t really know his Mum. He then said that he didn’t even know if she was still alive. He didn’t share any other detail with me as it was not where I needed to focus. I knew it was the message that was important and not this lady in Spirit.

Later that night when I recalled the incident in my mind I suddenly realised why the lady hadn’t revealed herself to me and become part of the message. If she was indeed his mother, and I’m sure she was, he would not have known her or anything about her. He had not wanted to enlarge on the reasons and the fact that the message might have come from his Mum had no emotional connect with him. They had obviously not been close for whatever reasons.

The reason she did not reveal herself to me was because she knew that it would have been pointless. It would have diluted her message. In fact, the way I delivered the message was more like it was ‘psychic’ rather than from Spirit.

I learnt that night was that there was a reason her aloof behaviour. She just wanted to give her lost son some support and acknowledgement that what he was embarking on was right for him.

The lesson is that even the way the Spirit communicate the message and miss out vital information is very important. I will always know now that there must be a reason and that in itself is worth exploring to some degree.

This sort of lesson is akin to being given even more tools as a medium. Not just to deliver the message but to also consider how it is being given.


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