An Intelligence Beyond Our Understanding

During my time learning to communicate with the other world I am constantly staggered beyond belief at the ways those residing there use to communicate with me. They surely know that I’m flippin’ hard work at the best of times. I often feel guilty about how hard I make it for my spirit team to communicate through me.

I’m forever putting up barriers and hurdles that they need to overcome. It’s because my mind races ahead of me all the time and the spirit team have the job of working against that. My mind is like the surface of a pond – in a heavy rainstorm! Instead of being still, often my mind is jumping here and jumping there. What’s more annoying though is that I am the one that has to try and pick the messages out of the mess.

Of course, this is not as bad when I’ve taken the time and discipline to prepare myself through meditation. After some peaceful time, the surface of the pond, in my analogy, is more still and the storm has turned to light rain.

The challenge for the Spirit team is still a big one though. They have to get a communication through to me that is so clear that even I can’t bugger it up in the interpretation, though often I still manage to. Yet they continue to work with and through me. Even if I’ve had a few days not thinking about Spirit, they are there ready and willing when I return.

I make the whole process harder than it needs to be, because I don’t seem to retain things as well these days. It’s an age issue. So whenever the spirit world believe they’ve found a good way to get through to me, I forget it and have to be retaught it again. It’s been like that all of my life though. I’m a man and have to be told something many times before it sinks in and stays with me. What the spirit world need is consistency which sadly I lack at times.

It’s not all bad though. The fact that I unintentionally keep the spirit world on their toes means that they too can experiment and find better and more effective ways of getting their message across. Let me share with you an example that I recently experienced.

I was with a client who had come to my sanctuary for a reading. The days and hours leading up to the reading had been tenuous for me. I always want perfection from a reading and being like that makes me very nervous and extremely stressed before the reading. I do meditate in the final hour and that usually settles me and gets my focus right.

Anyway, my client was sat there and we were about half way through the reading. I was seeking a ‘gold nugget’ to give her some real validation that I had got her family with me. I dried up. There was nothing there. I could say no more, and declared to her that the reading might be over. I bowed my head and listened. I heard a whisper in the room. It was my client, I thought. So I left my head bowed and moved my thoughts to what was making her whisper. The whisper came again. This time I almost could make out the words. She was whispering a lullaby.

So I looked at my client. I asked what she had whispered. She said she hadn’t whispered anything. Knowing immediately she was being truthful, I asked her if she had heard the whisper. She denied hearing anything. Yet I know without a single particle of doubt what I had heard – and not in my head. It was in the room. I’m not stupid – I know the difference.

I raised my arm out towards my client and opened my palm above her shoulder. Then I swapped to her other shoulder and quickly returned it to her left shoulder. I could feel a difference in heat. So I declared that I sensed a lady on her left shoulder that was resting her hands on her shoulder and was whispering a lullaby. I described the lady as soft spoken and gave a few more details of what I felt this lady was like. I then asked my client, “Would I be correct, this is your Mother? This is something she did when you were younger?”

My client totally agreed and her body language showed me how she was taken back by the accuracy of this. Now – there was more to this and there was a very good reason for the Mother doing this, but to protect my client’s privacy I cannot give any more details here.

“So what’s the big deal?” I hear you say. “You’re a medium. That should be happening all the time.”

Not with me it doesn’t. I have only experienced a physical communication once before. What I mean by physical is one that is of this world and not in my mind. This lady’s mother had whispered in the room, not in my head. So desperate were the Spirit team to get a communication to my client that they changed tact and actually sent the voice into the room and then allowed me to detect the spirit of the mother thereafter.

Now the spirit world had my attention and over the coming minutes many more messages were able to flow.  Keeping to the theme of this post, I want to share a final example of how subtle the spirit world can be when it comes to getting their message across.

During the reading with my client I mentioned many times that there was a group of spirit people in front of me. I gave an exact number of how many were there and I gave the first name of one lady who simply shouted it out to me – in my mind. Then suddenly, the man stood in the middle of the group opened up a broadsheet newspaper and held it out in front of himself. I could see it was the Financial Times. His action blocked many of the spirit group from my inner sight so all I could see was this newspaper being held open and at arms length.

At the end of the reading during the debrief period, my client declared who the group were and told me how chatty they had always been this side of life. She then explained to me that she had hoped her late husband had come through. She explained how all these people were his family. She explained how when her husband had been alive how quiet and shy he had been.

I asked my client what she felt the newspaper meant. “Well,” she explained. “When my husband was alive, he owned a newsagents”.

That is the most beautiful and touching way that I believe those in the spirit world will communicate with us. Not always with words, but with symbols that mean so much. My client’s husband hadn’t been able to get a word in edgeways  – his family were drowning him out. So he took action and held a newspaper up. What could be more poignant than a newsagent showing me a newspaper!

In future posts I will explore this subject in more detail. But let you leave me you with this one thought. ” Are you hearing Spirit? Are you paying attention to all the possible ways that they could be communicating with you? Pay attention – every detail matters.  ♥


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