"To the person that tells me they don't believe in life after death, I always ask them would they like to."   

Trevor Baldwin

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Are mediums born with the gift?

Its a gift that we are all born with. Why some people develop the ability more than others is often determined at an early age by peers and others around the child. A child that is encouraged to explore their inner self will often develop into sensitive people. The child that is discouraged will soon become normalised and the natural gifts become temporarily buried. However, later in life at any time, the abilities required to be a medium can be unfolded with the right motivation.

I'm 50 years old and would like to find out if I have any abilities. How can I start?

You are never too old to explore your inner spirit and hidden potential. There are plenty of basics books available on the subject. Also try checking out your local Spiritualists Church where you will find people that run open, closed and development circles.

What's the difference between psychic and spiritual mediums?

All mediums are both to some greater degree. Psychics attune to the energy of a person often referring to their auras or other hidden energy for information. They may use tools such as tarot and angel cards, pendulums and crystals. It is my belief that psychics can also be inspired from the Spirit world. Spiritual mediums connect directly to the spirit world for the information.

Why are some mediums better than others? Surely it's simple enough to pass on a message.

If only it was as simple as passing on a message! The challenges for the medium are not just being able to receive a communication clearly enough, but to be able to interpret the message and relay it in their own words. Often mediums receive the information through a variety of senses. Through experience a medium learns to understand the signals and the symbols they receive and can pass on the message more clearly. The sensitivity of each medium is different and can result in better understanding depending on their own translation of the details.

Are Tarot Card readers mediums?

Probably, most are. The cards are a tool for Divination. Many tarot readers will prepare themselves mentally before giving a reading. Their spirit team, even if they are not aware of them, will use the cards as a way through to which to communicate. Often a tarot reader will give the reading based on their instinct at that time and not necessarily based on the 'official' meaning of each card. One of the best Tarot readers in Dorset uses cards that she has owned for years and the pictures are so worn out she relies on her connection to give a reading.

I have heard that some mediums meditate first. Why only some and why meditate?

Yes, some mediums do prepare themselves before a reading demonstration by meditating. This is simply a focus. It might be that they choose to listen to upbeat music, or choose to talk, through a form of prayer, to their spirit team. Others might use angelic music or even silence. It is their way of preparing themselves. Personally, I have a particular track I listen to, and then a few minutes before commencing, I raise my vibration physically by tapping my toes, or fingers rapidly as if impatient.

Other mediums may choose not to practise meditation or any preparation before a reading demonstration. That is how they have come to work with their gift. There is no right or wrong way. It is up to the individual medium to do what he or she feels comfortable with.

Some sceptics say that there is no scientific proof of life after death. Is that true?

Far from it. There is probably more evidence that life does continue after we pass from the earth, than there is evidence to the contrary. Good scientists understand that what they understand now is not necessarily set in concrete. There has been much scientific experimentation carried out into the subject of the afterlife for a great many years and much more than is commonly understood has been discovered.

Can an individual medium offer categorical proof of the continuation of life? Yes, to a much deeper level than a scientist can prove there is not. An open minded person would discover so, whereas a person with a fixed disbelief is hard to convince.

Should a medium take money for this gift from God?

Many mediums have spent years developing, unfolding and training to be able hone their abilities. This will have cost them hundreds if not thousands of pounds or dollars of their own money. They have invested hundreds of hours of their own time to get to a point where they offer their services to the public. So why shouldn't they charge a reasonable fee for their time?

Another consideration is that surely a nurse, a care worker, a fireman, a doctor, a policeman, a teacher and even a carpenter are gifts from God. All of them serve the public with a much needed service. We wouldn't expect them to do it for nothing would we?

It's also worth considering the value of the message. Surely, to receive a personal message from a passed loved one that you know could only have came from them is priceless?

So if the medium is reasonable with their fee, and has a reliable reputation, its value for money. Yes there are mediums that don't charge, that's up to them. But if you haven't paid anything for a reading, would you really value it for what it is?

Do I need to go to a Spiritualist church to be a medium?

Not really. However, I believe it is a good place to meet like-minded people, to network and to learn. Religions are considered man-made institutions where rules, creed and dogma are instilled into the people. Though that is less so with Spiritualist churches, I believe that some aspects of the Spiritualist movement add a good foundation to build your abilities from.
There are, however, many cases of well known mediums throughout history that never attended any church.

My Mother used to have her tea leaves read by a neighbour. Is that mediumship?

Tea leaves, flowers, runes, angel cards etc are all tools that can be used to make a link with the Spirit world. They are of course not necessary, however, as with a walking stick, the tools offer support at times to the reader. That said, all readers are different and on the face of it, they may appear or even be aware of a spiritual connection. Interesting point is that readers of tea leaves are rare these day, in part due to the humble tea bag. But I also believe that our past generations lived in a more naive society and a well meaning neighbour was more often than not simply stating things that were known in that closer community.