Some months ago I started hitting hard times. Not financially. Just with the direction of my life. I mean, I’m happy. I have a beautiful showroom home, I have a wonderful and amazing partner that I love more than anything. I’m self-employed. I don’t really want for much. But something was bothering me.

I felt that I was not achieving my full potential and that life was slipping me by without that potential being discovered. I wanted a mentor. But weeks later I realised that nobody has a true mentor. Nobody else was going to be bothered taking the time to put me on the right track. They’re all too busy living their own lives to be worried or concerned about me!

I put myself in ‘The Fishing Club’. This is my metaphor for when we become inactive in the thing we actually love doing. Mediumship, I thought, was the one passion I truly loved and the one thing, I thought, I wanted to do more of. So I took time out. My day job was busier than ever and every week I was driving thousands of miles around this country. Coming home tired and stressed often twelve to fourteen hours after leaving it. Life was getting me down and at sixty, I thought, time was running out to do something about it.

So, I gave it all a lot of thought. I attempted to get out more with my mediumship. I tagged along with a good medium friend and undertook a few public performances. I thought that this might get me back on track. Perhaps if I gave up driving one day per week and devoted it to mediumship, I might be happier.

Pretty soon after, I started hitting the same obstacles that had always been there since living up the north. I was becoming more frustrated than ever with, not my mediumship, but the way it was being accepted. I kept hearing the same things being told me. “People up the north are only interested in messages”.  “They only visit mediums they know”. And I’m relatively unknown. In fact, occasionally, I’ve failed altogether and rather than continue with a demonstration which is not working, I’ve given up and handed it to other more proficient people.  I don’t believe in fake mediumship.

So, I have no reputation as a medium up the north and I’m not in the least bothered about it. I’m happy the way I am, I thought. I like my home, my partner, my gardening, my photography, my videography, my writing. My writing?

This online journal is something I’ve been doing for a number of years now and I enjoy it. I can say things as I want and I can communicate my messages through it. When I first started it, I was lucky if I got a few people a month bother to look at it, let alone read the content. But then I noticed a trend. The number of people visiting the site was increasing by the week. At the time of writing this post, the site is getting over 5,000 visitors each month. Somebody likes what I’m doing! And they’re not all in the north of England!

I studied statistics on the site and noticed that few of these visitors were local. All the people that I wanted to read this journal, weren’t people I know. This website audience was bigger. It was global.

One day, I asked my spirit team if there was something I could do with my writing. Is there some way I can make some money with it? Is there some way I could perhaps develop a second income from it and allow me to cut back on my driving job. A tall order, I thought! Especially at a time when I was doubting both spirit and my own abilities.

Suddenly, one day, out of the blue, I was given the answer. It was inspired by spirit in such a way that I believe it was a miracle in itself.  I learnt of a site online that was designed specifically to encourage writers to create content. The site has two tiers – public (free) and members (subscribers). Writers can write about whatever they want to and publish it in one of the two options. Public – meaning everybody reads it. Members – meaning only members read it. The latter offers a fee once certain stats are realised.

My partner is a retired multi-linguist teacher and knows a lot about grammar. She told me that my writing was quite good and something that I did well. I accepted her confidence in me.  I joined this newly discovered website and immediately started publishing articles for members only. Today, I write about my driving experiences and my mediumship. I write about my travels and my inspirational stories. What’s more, I’m on the way to making a little bit of income from it. I’m doing what I enjoy most.

Now – here’s the amazing bit about this story. I said that the answer was given me by my spirit team. I can’t explain how, I just know it was their work. How do I know? Well, do you want to know what the domain website name is?

Unless you become a fully paid-up member of the site, you won’t find any of my work there. I don’t write publically.

The site has nothing to do with mediums or mediumship. It is simply a site for content creators. But how amazing that the domain name was there all the time. I had asked the spirit team to help me find answers to my dilemma and they did just that. Writing is my outlet, my release, and my way of communicating with the world. Things are starting to look up again!   ♥

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