Being a Medium is Being Yourself

Everyone knows how to use a smartphone to make a call. Pick it, select the number, press dial and hey presto, you’re connected. If only connecting to the Spirit world followed the same easy format! “Hello Spirit world, could I speak to Grandmother, please?”

The truth is that there is no prescribed method that works for everyone. Each medium has to find their own way to receive the communications from the Spirit team working with them. There are as many methods to do this as there are mediums. That is why there is no such manual to teach someone to become an actual medium. Every book ever written on the subject offers a different approach to becoming a medium and receiving messages. Each makes their own suggestion of methods and exercises to use. But no book will ever take an individual from a novice to being a medium by following their way word for word.

Becoming a medium involves two key pillars of growth, unfoldment, and development. Unfoldment is controlled by the individual and cannot be fast-tracked. Whereas development can be taught and includes ideas and suggestions to improve one’s unfoldment process.

Unfoldment is a natural process whereby the individual strips back many of the processes that have become part of day-to-day life. Examples such as habits, attitudes, beliefs, and comfort zones. Unfoldment creates heightened senses, deeper inner vision, more acute hearing and extreme sensitivity. How long it takes a person to unfold will be determined by the life and conditions they have experienced to this point. Neither age or sex are relevant and the process of unfoldment can begin anytime in one’s life. However, the older the person is, the more of life’s experiences they will have accumulated and therefore more unfoldment may be required, though of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. This is why often children are more susceptible to being able to sense spirit people.

Every person’s own unfoldment is determined by themselves. It’s an equation between effort and requirements. Unfoldment techniques such as meditation can be taught, however, the process of individual unfoldment cannot. Unfoldment is as different as the personalities.

Development includes teaching techniques of unfoldment. Development includes learning confidence, belief in oneself, understanding the processes, association with like-minded people, workshops, tutorials, lectures, stagecraft and much more. Development is also about the individual. How one develops as a person through the process of unfoldment. Again, development is as individual as the person’s personality and will likely be completely different to another person’s development.

Over the years of my unfoldment and development, I have learned so much and changed so much as a person. Yet I know of students that started studying around the same time as me who are now far more advanced as mediums. Equally, I know students that have not advanced as much as me and who are appearing to struggle with their unfoldment. Everybody is different.

Understanding that we are all individuals in the processes just explained is important. The resulting person will also be different and the medium, if that is the path chosen, will be unique too.

So when one medium teaches another to become a medium, they should be aware that cloning themselves is simply impossible. The actual connection to the spirit world and the methods of receiving the communication are unique to the individual. That is not to say that certain elements cannot be copied, in fact, more often than not they are. We’ve all seen mediums use common phrases such as, “my dear, why am I seeing ….”, ” can you understand…”, “they send their love…”, etc. I can often tell who has mentored a medium by the way they carry out their mediumship. Tony Stockwell, the late Colin Fry, Paul Jacobs, Eileen Davies and other great teachers on the subject often get mimicked by their students and subtle habits can be seen in their presentation. But even these wonderful mentors cannot teach the unfoldment, only how-to techniques.

Recently during a dark patch of my personal unfoldment, I hit the rocks. I felt I had lost the ability to connect to spirit and was prepared to walk away from the process once and for all. I might well have done this, had it not been for my very dear medium friend. She took time out of her own schedules to attempt to get me back on course and for that, I will always be grateful. But one thing I learned through that time was that her trying to teach me to do mediumship her way was not right for me. In fact, it was quite the opposite – it was wrong for me.

My medium friend arranged a reading at my Sanctuary with a stranger for me to read. Even before the reading took place my friend instructed me not to meditate or do any of the usual preparations. Through the kindness of her heart, she wanted me to approach the reading differently in the hope of kick-starting me back into action.  Within a few minutes of the reading commencing, I knew I couldn’t connect and shortly after declared that I was not able to do a reading. However, my friend didn’t want to give up on me that easily. She called me to stand up and do the reading as she does. She suggested methods of interpreting the information that I thought I was receiving differently.

None of those new methods worked for me and the reading was ended. It was the following day when I awoke that I realised what we had done the previous day was wrong. Not deliberately, but because my medium friend and I were desperate to get me back on track. I wanted to get my medium abilities back and she wanted to help. But that following morning I realised that mediumship is as individual to the person as their personality. I now believe that I would have had more success if I had gone through my usual preparations and approached the reading exactly as I had become accustomed to, including my own rituals and my own interpretations. What my friend was trying to do desperately was get me working using the methods she knew worked for her. But that is the key – they worked for her.

The reasons for me not being able to communicate with the Spirit world had nothing to do with technique or development. The problem lay with my unfoldment and how I had stopped doing the very things that had got me to that level.

So understand that every medium is unique when it comes to the way they get their information from the spirit world and then interpret it. Okay, there will be some mediums that present themselves similar to others or copy the stereotype in the way they dress, in the phrases they use, and in their entire performance. But below the surface, their method of connecting and communicating with the Spirit world is as unique as they are. ♥


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