So, what does it take to become a medium? In this post I will offer a personal view of what I believe it takes to become a medium. More to the point, what it takes to become a better than average medium. Now, in stating that, you might be led to believe that I must believe my own personal abilities as a medium are impeccable! Sadly, that is not the case. My abilities as a medium are no greater and no worse than many other mediums. So how am I qualified to write an article on becoming a better medium? Hopefully, you’ll read the answers within this article.

I started out on this path of life some twenty years ago, initially in an attempt to discover that this ‘talking to the dead’ thingy was all fake. From that early research I discovered many things that made me change my course. In fact, one key sentence said by one person, had a huge impact on where I was going with this questioning of the afterlife. I was watching an episode of John Edward’s Crossing Over television show. At the end of the show, while the credit were rolling, he would invite the audience to ask him a question about his work.

This lady from the audience asked, “Are you born with a gift or could anyone become a medium?”. I turned the volume on the TV up. I grabbed the remote and listened carefully to his answer. Here was one of the finest mediums, apparently, in the world about to answer a question that would change my life – though of course, I didn’t know that at the time.

John smiled at the lady, in his casual way and told her that he was not born with any particular talent and that he had lived a childhood much like the next child’s. He went on to explain that we are all born with the same potential and that we can all become a medium at any time in our life. He explained that it requires work of course and commitment.

There was me, who had effectively achieved nothing really outstanding in my life to that day, listening to this American chap telling me that I too could become a medium! Wow, really!

I suspect, if I’m honest, a part of me was drawn to the ego side of the work and the power that these mediums seemed to have. I liked the idea of getting a name for doing something that made me look good. After all, up until that point in my life it had been a bit of a roller coaster ride of good and bad. Anyway, that one answer to that simple question was like a spark that lighted a huge fire inside me. Boom –  I was off and running.

Previous at this point in my life I had been involved in a business venture where I’d undertaken a personal development element of the business that required me to change my attitude. I had read hundreds of PMA books (positive mental attitude) and learnt skills on how to deal with people, how to understand them, and how to understand myself. Although that business failed for me, the books, the reading and the learning all changed me as a person for the greater good. I now know that this was a vital element in my life path.

So my mind was open to the potential inside myself. I had also learnt that if you are planning to go somewhere, you should only ever take advise from someone that has been there, or is further ahead than you on the same journey. Herein lies the number one most important message to you wanting to become a better medium. The only people that can advise you is someone that has trodden your path, worn your shoes, and knows exactly what it is you are wanting to achieve, knows what it is you need to do.

Take directions only from people that have navigated the same journey that you want to take. They are the only people that can truly help.

That fundamental truth was something that I had learnt to live by. Whoever was going to advise me, or help me, or guide me, had to be someone that I had faith in. Someone I knew were further down the path than me and who’s words had meaning to me.

Understand how important that is. If you take advise from someone that doesn’t really know what they’re talking about, then not only are they wrong, but they are leading you and probably others down the wrong path and will delay your journey in the long term. I often refer to this as  ‘unlearning’.

So here you are. You want to become a medium, or if you’re humble and learned, you want to become a better medium than the one you are. You now have the first part of your long term plan in place. Hopefully, you have pen and paper at hand. After all, relying on your memory is not the best way of learning. Writing things down helps you embed information deeper in your mind.

Your empty sheet of paper contains the heading, ‘My Plan To Become a Better Medium’. Now you can write your first line.


Friends and family can rarely offer you advise on becoming a medium. Equally, not all mediums can either. Early in your learning you may consider the work of a medium that you know as being wondrous and you are prepared to hang on their every word. But later down the road, when you have unfolded, developed and know more, you may realise that the person you’d been taking the advise from were indeed wrong and that you no longer hold a beaming light upon them. This is quite natural and acts as a marker to your own personal growth.

We all move on our journeys at different rates.

So, here you are with your big sheet of paper containing your plan to become a (better) medium. You’ve triple underlined the heading with enthusiasm. You’ve written your first line of action. Now what?

You want me to tell you? It’s your plan. How can you trust me? If I wrote your plan, it would effectively be my plan you’ve copied! You need to write the rest of it. I’ll give you some quick guidelines though. This is what is often called ‘free advise’. Free, because it’s costing you nothing. Free because perhaps it has no value. Free because you’ve not parted with anything like cash or time to receive it. Free means you probably are going to not take it seriously. Well here we go anyway.

  1. Only trust advise from people that have gone through what you’re going through and can lead you out of it.
  2. Write down what it is you exactly want to achieve and why you want to become a (better) medium
  3. Prepare for a trade-off, be it in time committing, change of lifestyle, change of current beliefs.
  4. Understand that whatever you wish to become must always be inline with the greater good for you, your soul and spirit.
  5. Study with reading, watching, learning, understanding, questioning, listening, unlearning, and most important of all – patience.
  6. Put your plan into action and always strive to be better.

That’s all there is to it. That is all the ingredients necessary for you to become a better medium. But let me give you a strong piece of advise. If you drop any of those six points from your pursuit, you will most likely veer off course for a short while. The biggest reason for this is you accidentally breach rule one of your plan of action. You take advise from a person we trusted, but later realise were either wrong or had ulterior motives.

When your knowledge is limited and you’re keen and enthusiastic to learn, anything you’re told could be true or false. At that stage of your spiritual journey, you have no real idea how to tell the difference. Hopefully, at some time in the future, you come to realise and move away from that source.

If I were to give you one final piece of advise, I would suggest this: prepare to spend a long time learning and understanding the processes and right from the off, learn to do more listening than you do talking. This is the true key to you becoming a better medium – always learning, always listening and always working for the greater good of spirit, and not just for your own means. Good luck.   ♥


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