I’m writing this post ahead of an event that is happening today at my home Sanctuary.  In fact, this post will publish just a few hours before the event.  What event?

Since we moved to the north around five years ago, I’ve had a vision of using my beautiful Sanctuary at home for teaching purposes.  My mentors and close friends down south seemed to believe teaching was something I would be good at and their seeds of positivity have always stayed with me. Without their belief in me, I would probably not have followed their recommended path.

When I converted the Sanctuary originally, I always had in mind that I would need to be able to facilitate as many students as possible in comfort.  I had a fully working toilet installed and a kitchenette area for refreshments. This keeps the group away from the need to use our home.  I wanted the Sanctuary to be usable by me for my own studies and meditation too, so the main room had to be somewhat fluid in the moving of furniture.  It now is.

Recently I redecorated the interior with a colour my partner was sure she would disapprove of.  But when she seen the finish – even she thought it was beautiful.  There has always been an energy in the building and many people that have visited it have commented on how calm and inviting it is.  So, the infrastructure was in place.  Local friends have supplied some of the seats and some of the other furniture has come from local charity shops.

A couple of years ago I started holding circle meetings in the Sanctuary which were run by a local medium and friend.  On one occasion, we had 12 people in the main room seated in a circle, and quite easily too.  So I knew that I could follow my dream to have a private group of students.

Thanks in part to my medium friend, this new group of students were able to be found.  She has more public profile than me and was able to promote the opportunity.  Thankfully, she believed in me too.  And so, around mid March 2018 I started to take all of my previous planning and dreaming and create promotion information and launch the hunt for students.  I must have bored the pants off a lot of people on Facebook as I regularly promoted the opportunity.

My vision was to only have students that wanted to learn and were prepared to commit time regularly to their own spiritual journey.  My vision was for a closed group – in other words, regular students and no newcomers.  But first I had to find suitable students.  Surprisingly, this was the hardest part and I must admit that several times during the process I nearly gave up and called it all off.

Every person that had an interest were sent an introduction information pdf that was written with the intentions of filtering out those that were just curious from those that were serious.  It worked.  Around 50% of the people I sent information to never took it further.

I needed this first group to be filled with students that wanted to be there.  So each one was invited to come and meet me and spend an hour in my Sanctuary.  This allowed me to make sure that their attitudes and beliefs were right for me and the group.   Over the coming weeks I started to get a small group together.  I wanted more than there is but I will explain why I feel the numbers were low in a few minutes.

Anyway, the closing date came for applicants and the final group were in place.  A group of wonderful, beautiful, excited and enthusiastic people ready to trust in me in the hope and desire to progress their spiritual growth.  What a responsibility.  Shortly after the close of applications, I set a date for the first group meeting and, as this post publishes, it is today.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been taking my role in this group as responsibly as I know.  I’ve prepared the first meeting in detail.  I’ve invested in teaching aids such as a whiteboard and flip chart.  I’ve thought about every tiny detail and have even dummy-ran the first week by my ex-teacher partner for her approval.   I am determined that this group will work and already I am feeling a parental type responsibility for these people.

The challenge of getting the right people, as I mentioned earlier, was harder than I expected.  One person so wanted to become part of the group but was simply not prepared to find the regular time required.  Another couldn’t make the day chosen by the group and so pulled out.  One person tried to negotiate when they could meet me at their convenience and not mine.  Others simply couldn’t be bothered to even respond and tell me they weren’t interested any longer.  I’d set the bar high – to be a member of this group would be a privilege.

As far as I’m concerned, those that didn’t make it through the ‘interviewing’ stage weren’t right for this group and they filtered themselves out by their own actions.  Some are simply happy discontent, while others have little care about their own manners.  The right people with the right attitude made it through and now it is up to me to take responsibility for what I teach them and why.

Only one working medium applied for the group (well done to him). This was the biggest surprise of all to me.  The standard of mediumship in this area ranges from dire to below average.  Most mediums have forgotten that they have two ears and one mouth.  Many of them believe they’ve arrived.  They promote their events with fancy titles such as ‘International Medium’ and have forgotten that being a medium is something we are always learning about and developing.

My group will have it drilled into them that, like me, they will always be apprentices to spirit work.  They will understand that they will never arrive or ever be perfect.  I will dissuade them from making big claims and remind them that working with Spirit is not a given – it is a responsibility and a privilege.

So, what the future? Well, if this group is successful, as I’m confident it will be, there will be more groups on other days.  This will allow certain students the freedom to cross between days.  I’ve still heaps of work to do to the website and I’ve still to get some hands-on experience to learn myself what works and what doesn’t. It’s very exciting.

The one question that I’ve not addressed so far in this post is the obvious one. What qualifies me to teach?  In a nutshell I would answer that question with the following –

Passion for sharing, passion for learning, and passion for seeing others grow.

I’ve always remained a student myself.  I’m keen to learn and have never been tempted into the limelight of fame.  I have no interest in being a known name. My only desire is to share my knowledge in a way that improves the standards of the mediumship and the connections with spirit.  I don’t have fancy teaching qualifications.  What I do have is a burning desire to help other like-minded people to move forward in this exciting role as ambassadors to the spirit world.

Shortly after I wrote the above, I took some stuff down to the Sanctuary. I entered the main room where the new age music is playing 24/7. I could feel a difference – a big difference. The energy has changed in the room. I now know for sure that those in the spirit world are making their preparations too. They are filling the room with their energy and it is so noticeable. ♥


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