Christmas With Our Lost Family

Christmas is upon us again. It’s that romantic time of the year where all our psychic senses are working overtime. The glittering lights, the cold air outside, the smells of the gloriously rich foods, the abundance of drinks flowing, the festive sounds and of course the pleasure of giving and receiving gifts.

This is the time of the year where we are almost forced by the very nature of the time to look back at the year that is now behind us. We reminisce about what we’ve achieved, what changes we’ve encountered and what ‘water has passed under the bridge of life’.

Whether together with family, or alone, each of us will relax and embrace the comfort of peace that comes with Christmas. Our emotions are all over the place though! Anxious about preparations, happy with our blessings and thoughtful as we think and perhaps talk over the darker events of the past year.

Often we hear ourselves and others stating how Christmas just isn’t the same as it was years ago. We talk about how times have changed and we seem to look back at the past through a glittery looking glass at how wonderful times once were. Ah yes, nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be.

And then there are those family members and friends that have parted this world. Naturally, we are saddened that they are not here with us at this time of celebration. We look back and talk about the good times we had with them, the memories and the moments we will never forget. Often we find ourselves talking to them as if they are still here. They are.

I have a strong belief (based on personal scientific evidence) that whenever we talk about our loved ones now in Spirit, they hear us loud and clear – especially at Christmas. Simply by mentioning them, or chatting to them in a photo, or sharing in their name vocally, they are definitely aware of it.

The grief we feel is our own desire to want to physically see them, or hear them or touch them one more time to satisfy our sadness. But they are there, whether we believe it or not – they are there. Our spirit and souls are invisible, only our outer body is solid. When the body ceases to work, our spirit continues to live with all the rich content it had when it shared its mortal body. The spirit continues to contain its personality, its humour and its emotions. It continues to exist, just in a different world to the one we live in.

We know that the two worlds can communicate, that is a given. We know that from this world we can and do talk to those residing in the next world. We also know that they can listen and talk back, all be it not with words from physical vocal cords.

Do you believe in life after death? Yes, No? If your answer is no, let me rephrase the question. Would you like to believe in life after death?  Now we have reached a wonderful point. The fact that you perhaps don’t is simply because you have not been given, or have not found personal evidence to substantiate the belief. But the fact that you would like to, is good enough. It opens your mind to the possibilities.

So when you talk to your loved ones, no matter what time of year it is,  they hear you. Talk with love and laughter. Tell them how you miss them and wish you could see them. Tell them how it hurts you them not being here in person. Talk to them about the memories you treasure, the times you laughed and cried together.  Be brave and tell them how you know that they cannot be there in body and how you accept that. Take the time to include them.

My mother passed away on Christmas day – she was determined to stay here until then! Guess what, every Christmas since then we remember her with fondness, with love and of course with humour. We make her part of our Christmas.

Earlier this year my partner lost her amazing Dad from this world. He was an incredible man in so many aspects. He was grumpy, extremely humorous, loving in his own way and loyal to his family. He was a second Dad to me too – I loved him so much.

This Christmas day, me, my partner Jane, and her Mum will be together for the traditional festive meal. Dad will be there too. We will talk about him and to him. Ken will continue to be part of the family as normal. We know he would love to be there in body. We know how nobody wants to leave this world, but when our time has come, it is beyond our control. But I know for sure is that Ken will be the shining star at our Christmas family gathering.

Embracing my sentiments from earlier in this post, remember those that you have lost this year with love and understand that as you talk to them, even if just saying their name aloud, they will hear you. They will be there. And as desperate as you might be to hear them, they will be too want to be heard.

Image courtesy of Howard Davison

A few weeks ago I asked my social family to share with me the names of loved ones that they would like us to all remember this Christmas. I now want you to do something. I want you to read aloud – yes aloud, not in your head, read aloud the following names. In doing so, will will bring them closer to us and tell them that although they are not with us here on earth, we still love them and still remember them. Let us say a blessing together for –





2017 was the year that the Divine welcomed each of their souls like rain drops back to the great ocean of life where they can continue to grow and enjoy life in a different dimension. They leave with us the treasured memories we will always have of them, their achievements in life, their words and their actions. They leave with us a part of them forever.

Never ever feel guilty for enjoying yourself or relaxing with the rest of the crowd. Your family and friends in the spirit world want that of you. They don’t want you tearful or sad, they want you to raise a smile, no matter how hard it may feel. It is not disrespectful to their memories, nor is it in bad taste. Instead, raise a glass and say aloud with a smile, “Cheers, Dad, this one’s on you.” That is the tonic they want to hear.

We thank each and every one of them for everything they gave us when they walked this earth. We thank them by remembering them with love yet know that whenever we say their name – they will hear. Whenever we need comfort and support we will find peace in their memories and in simply saying, “we miss you”.

Have a peaceful Christmas and savour every minute.   ♥

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