Communication – More Than One Way

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Welcome back. It’s still just you and me, right?  You’ve had a couple hours of thinking time. Hopefully, you’ve reread part 1 at least once more. You are now thinking,

“Well Trev, that’s all well and good. You want me to believe that my spirit lives in the spirit world?”

Yep. But don’t just believe it – accept it as fact.

” Right! So I am connected to the spirit world right now?”

Yep. End of – now move on.

“So if I say, hello to my Dad in the spirit world, right now, he will hear me, yes?”

Perhaps, but not necessarily. Let me ask you a question. If you say hello to your best friend at work right here and now, will they hear you? Not unless they’re in the room with you. You would have to facilitate something to create that communication. You might choose to text them, or phone them, or wave to them on social media. You might choose to write to them, or Facetime them. You are going to need some instrument to make the connection.

So in the same light, you are going to need to facilitate something to get a direct two way communication with your dad. Oh no! Now you are disappointed, right? Don’t be – I’ve got even better news for you. It’s easier than earthbound methods of communication.

Let me give you a quick example of where I’m going with this. Let me revive your excitement. Here is one simple method that you can use right here and right now.

Find a photo of your loved one in the spirit world. Hold it, focus on it. Look at the printed image of that person. Now – this is next bit is very important. Repeat this aloud, yes aloud, not in your mind, with your vocal cords. Give these following words life.

” Hello Dad (or whoever it is). I’m missing you a bit. I think of you all the time you know. I know you are still living in your new world. I wish I could just pick the phone up and ring you. I know you have a new life to get used to and I know you are probably very busy. But, can I ask you to do something for me, Dad? Dad, would you give me a sign in whatever way you can. Give me a sign through any method you can use. I promise you Dad that when I receive it, I will accept it as coming from you. I won’t question it. I will acknowledge it, even if it wasn’t actually from you. Show me through whatever method you can that you are living and watching over us in a different time and dimension. Dad, I’m receptive and I’ll wait for the reply. I love you Dad.”

There you go – you have just send a spirit email! You’ve just voiced words with your energy that are now in the ether. Remember, everything is energy. Sound is energy, thoughts are energy. And always remember that energy cannot be destroyed – that is a scientific fact. Energy can be dissipated, or spread, or altered, but never destroyed. Your words still exist, like a recording on a cassette tape. They can still be heard with the right instrument. Spirit have those instruments.

Now comes the slightly harder part of this communication. It’s hard because it involves you personally and believe me, you have baggage. Here’s the crunch line of this whole lecture. You now have to be receptive to any possible reply or response your Dad is going to send you. It won’t be in the form of an email, or a phone call, (although, that has been known!)  but he will reply – of that you can be sure.

In the final part I’ll look closer at some of the methods that the spirit world use to communicate with us. You will learn how you don’t need a medium and in fact how being a medium on a stage or doing readings is such a very tiny part of a spectrum of possibilities.  ♥


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