The Lady Who Denied Her Dead Husband

A Short Story
Jennifer missed her Dad. He had passed to Spirit only a few months previous and Jennifer was still grieving, she had been close to him. She wished he was still around for her to talk to, to comfort her and talk about the good times they had shared when the family were together.

Jennifer’s Mum, Sheila and Dad, Tom had split up some time ago. It hadn’t been the most friendly separation. They had their individual problems and differences and like many couples these days had simply grown apart. Their marriage had failed. Sheila’s feelings for Tom were tainted with bitterness in the end. Jennifer, however,  was like any other child – she loved them both and found it difficult when Dad and Mum had parted to live their own separate lives.

Since Tom had passed away, Jennifer relied more on her Mum for comfort and love. Sheila probably hadn’t understood how hard the loss of Jennifer’s Dad had been on her. Sheila was certainly shocked by Tom’s passing but because her relationship with him had been so poor in his last months, Sheila was less attached to Tom than Jennifer still was.

During the weeks following Tom’s death, Jennifer tried hard to come to terms with her Dad not being around any more. She shared memories of him with Mum and wished she could speak to him one more time.  One day, when Jennifer was alone in her own home, she found a possession belonging to her Dad. It was a small red diary which Tom had kept notes in. Tom had once been an amateur jockey for a while before giving it up for whatever reason. One of his passions later in life was to walk the circuit of horse racing courses around the country. He loved walking, the great outdoors and combined it with his love of horse racing. In his diary he wrote details of the courses he’d visited and walked around.

Jennifer read the details in the diary and found herself drawn closer to her Dad, even though he wasn’t on this earth to be there personally for her. But this book meant so much to her. Tom’s job as an accountant meant that his attention to detail in his writing was so revealing.

As Jennifer paged through the diary she found doodles and diagrams that Tom had made to accompany the notes. Soon Jennifer realised that this was a precious diary and something she would treasure forever. She mentioned it to her Mum but Sheila had no recollection of the diary.


Steve was driving back from a long distance he’d had to go that day for his job. But he wasn’t going home yet. Steve was a Spiritual medium in his spare time and that night he had a demonstration at a village community centre some thirty miles from his home. So due to his lack of time, Steve decided to go straight to the venue for his evening appointment.

During the last hour of his journey, Steve found himself mentally preparing for the evening. He was talking with his Spirit team asking them to keep him pure and a clear channel for the messages he might receive later that night. As he crossed the Northern Pennines towards his destination on the quiet winding roads Steve continued to talk to his Spirit team. He trusted they would be listening.

Suddenly he became aware of a person in Spirit talking to him. The person started sharing details with Steve – incredible details of things he wanted mentioned that night. Steve tried hard to concentrate on both driving and remembering the information. Eventually Steve thanked the Spirit person and suggested he should come back later when Steve was ready for him.

An hour or so later, Steve arrived at the small community hall in the little village high in the Lancashire moors. He changed his clothes and took some time to settle himself backstage before his appearance. He was sharing the small stage with another medium that night. She was the first to stand and bring forward messages from the Spirits of passed people wanting to contact their loved ones. The audience of around fifty people were typically northern  – somewhat reluctant to communicate loudly with the medium. This was something that the first medium was still learning to deal with well. Steve, on the other hand, found this somewhat distracting and knew how much harder he had to work to overcome it.

It was Steve’s turn to stand up and demonstrate. Immediately, he felt the Spirit of the man that had spoken to him earlier that day come close to him. The man was loud and clear and kept repeating the same information over and over to Steve. Steve looked around the audience to find out where he was meant to be going with this message, but as he was not attuned to that way of working, he simply started to relay the messages:

” I’ve got the spirit of a man with me. This is a determined man, he was with me earlier today and has returned to make sure I get his message to someone here tonight. I feel this man is much smaller than me and I don’t know why but he keeps talking of numbers. At this moment I don’t know what that means. This man loved the outdoors and loved walking. I feel it was his passion. I’m not sure why but he is talking about race courses and for some reason, I’m seeing him walking around one.”

Steve stopped and drew his focus to the audience. He looked around and asked if there was anyone there that could understand the information so far. He repeated the bullet points.

” So this is a small man that loved the outdoors, loved walking, had a connection with numbers and for some reason, I see him walking around what seems to be a race course. Is there anyone here that can understand this information and who this man is?”

There was silence from the audience. Steve looked around to see if there was anyone considering it. Nobody was reacting and so knowing how important this must be, Steve asked his Spirit man for more information to help establish a connection with someone. Steve kept going with more details that the spirit was sharing with him and again asked if anyone could understand the information. Nobody responded. Rather than persist, Steve realised that he would have to let this Spirit go for a few moments and asked if there was anyone else there for him.

Within seconds, Steve was drawn to a connection in Spirit that wanted him to go to the man on the front row facing him. Over the following ten minutes Steve relayed amazing facts and details from this man’s best friend who had passed to Spirit. The messages from him to his earthbound buddy were so accurate that Steve watched the tears rolling gently from his eyes as he listened to his mates messages from the Spirit world.

Steve’s first half demonstration was complete at the end of this reading and he duly sat down to allow his other medium friend to start the second half. Meanwhile Steve sat on the stage with his eyes closed and focused on his Spirit team. He asked questions.

” Come on Spirit, give me more details. Look, if you want me to give these messages then at least give me an idea of where they are meant to go. Give me more details please.”

As Steve listened to his thoughts he was told to look around the audience. He raised his head and scanned around the round. He heard a voice in his head say, “That woman there”.  Feeling more confident now Steve brought his awareness to the present time and listened for his cue from the medium aside him completing her session.

Steve was introduced back and as he composed himself he smiled and directed himself towards the lady suggested by his spirit team.

” Lady, can I come to you please?” Steve waited for her reluctant sign of acceptance.

“Lady, I’ve still got this man in Spirit with me from earlier and it appears this connection is for you”. Steve repeated some of the  information regarding numbers, horses, walking, etc.

“Do you not understand who this man might be? ” The lady denied it and said she might be vaguely aware of who it might be. Steve continued.

” He wants to talk about a diary. Yes it’s his diary. He describes it as red in colour. He says that it is filled with his notes. He also talks about the doodles in it.” The lady made no signs she understood anything Steve was describing.

“Would you understand his connection with horses? He keeps talking about it and seems to be showing me himself walking around race courses.” Again the lady didn’t respond and Steve mentally apologised to the man in Spirit and let him go. Steve felt frustrated but realised he had to continue with his demonstration. He was feeling embarrassed and annoyed with himself. The information was detailed enough that anyone would recognise it if it was meant for them. But this lady had denied it and made Steve feel uncomfortable to carry on.

Steve refocused and proceeded to give other messages to others in the audience.  On time, the evening demonstration drew to a close. Both Steve and his colleague took the applause and moved off the stage while the majority of the audience left the room.

Steve was still annoyed with the failure of that one reading. He felt that the man from spirit had been clear as if he was this side of life talking to him.  Steve was talking over the evening with his colleague. A member of the audience came up to his colleague and started talking about a reading they had been given by her. Steve moved slightly aside to give some personal space.

Suddenly Steve was approached by the reluctant lady from the earlier reading. She introduced herself again. Her name was Sheila. She then explained that the man in Spirit had been her ex-husband who had died recently. She explained how he had been an accountant (numbers) and earlier in his life had been a jockey (mentioned during the reading).  She explained how they had fell apart and just didn’t communicate anymore. She admitted she had no longer liked him.

Sheila then continued to explain how her ex-husband loved walking (mentioned) and had a hobby of visiting race courses (mentioned) around the country and made it a goal to walk around as many as he could. Sheila explained how he made notes in his little red book (mentioned) and admitted it contained doodles (mentioned) he had made.

Sheila explained how the diary was now with her daughter Jennifer. She told Steve of a conversation she had had with her daughter over the phone earlier that week. Her daughter had told her how much she was missing her Dad and that she had been going through the diary. Sheila explained how she found it difficult to console her daughter as she and Jennifer’s Dad had not ended on speaking terms.

Sheila admitted that the reading must have been for her, but as she didn’t like him at the time of his death, she didn’t feel up to hearing from him now. Steve could feel his annoyance inside himself. He wanted to scream at Sheila. How could she deny such a connection? Steve stayed calm and just smiled at her. He calmly looked at her and said, ” Well it’s just a shame that we will never know what message it was that your husband, Tom, wanted to pass to you, or more likely your daughter. ”

The End

The story you just read is absolutely true in every detail. The names of the characters have been changed for the story, however the details have not. The medium, Steve, was actually me. The evening took place in August 2017 at a demonstration in a North Lancashire village.  My medium associate that evening was Miss Karen Berrey and was witness to the events and this incident.

Why oh why do people do this? Why is it that people attend an evening of mediumship and are reluctant to take messages? In my experience, this seems to be more prevalent in the north of England compared with my earlier experiences of working in the south.  People often sit with their arms folded and don’t respond or accept messages that are for them.

I have had several incidents like this where I’ve been approached after a demonstration by people that denied their readings during the evening but realised after that it was indeed theirs. In the events of this story, the details were precise.  A small man, numbers, love of walking, race courses, a diary, a red diary, a red diary containing notes, a red diary containing notes and doodles. He obviously wanted to pass a message onto his daughter, but Mother had blocked it all the way.

This is one big reason that I don’t want to do as much public work as I should. I find it upsetting and downright annoying that people just don’t seem to want to encourage or participate in connections with those in the Spirit world. I often wonder if I had their passed relatives and friends actually on my phone talking, and I offered them the phone to continue the conversation, if they would continue to deny or argue!

If you’re reading this and you’re not a working medium, learn a lesson from it please. A medium’s job is difficult and fraught with elements that make it hard to communicate absolutely precisely every time. So help them out. Accept that it might be for you. The moment you accept the message, the connection the medium has with the person in Spirit is strengthened. The energy grows and the messages will become clearer and more precise. If the message is not for you, the medium usually knows. So let the medium decide, not you.

Finally I ask you to appreciate the work that the Spirit team do to bring forward the messages from your loved ones. Often they are not life-changing messages, just messages of comfort and love that are intended to ease the pain you might be experiencing.  Embrace them and accept them without hurt. Let them show you how they still love you now, how they are sorry for their faults when they were earthbound. Let them speak.  ♥


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