New Development Groups At The Sanctuary

Hooray, at long last it’s happening! If I said that this was years in the planning, I’d be bang on! For as long as I’ve lived up here in the north I’ve been trying to get a proper group off the ground. Finally, it looks like it’s going to happen.

Our very own closed circle with a small  group of select ‘psychic apprentices’ will begin as a weekly meeting commencing at the end of June/beginning of July. At the time of writing this post, I’m still filtering the candidates and meeting up with them for suitability purposes. If you’re one of those and you’re reading this – welcome to the website. You will get access to the full site soon.

It’s exciting times for ‘The Sanctuary’ too. The seats are coming down from the annex where they’ve been stored. The Belco boiler is being cleaned and filled. The biscuit tin is being filled again and the place is buzzing! Actually, there has been music playing in there now every day non-stop 24/7 for a couple of years. It’s where I play my keyboard, do my meditation and private readings. But I do know that when the new students arrive – the energy will be so strong, you’ll be able to taste it!

The first group are going to be in a closed development circle where they can learn to develop and unfold their potential. They’ll learn techniques, basics and loads of useful and interesting exercises to enhance and unfold their own unique powers. The weekly group will enjoy meditation, healing, working in pairs and working in front of the group.  They will be excited to be psychic apprentices – well that’s the plan! We will welcome the spirit world to our group to work with us and alongside us.

There has been so much interest, thanks to the promotion by my best medium friend, Karen Berrey. So much so that there are now plans for a second group and possibly more. I’m taking this seriously. It’s a big responsibility and one that is much needed for all the budding mediums in the area.

There has been an array of interesting feedback since launching the plans and sending out the introductory information. Time, money, commitments, travel etc. But I have always believed that if you want to learn, then there is a trade-off. You give up time to study. You show commitment to get commitment. You make the effort to go the extra mile. You go the extra mile if being a medium and a better person is what you want to be. If you want it badly enough, that is.

So, as I write this post, the register of keen students is complete and the first few keen ones have already staked their interests. Well done to them.  To be sure of my own commitment to the group I am reducing my time in my courier business to free up the time needed for this group and my other new writing career. Well, hardly a career as such – just another way of earning a living away from the driving. Anyway – I’m digressing. So it’s time to close this post and get back to the exciting session planning and preparations for the new group.


Normally these posts are written weeks in advance, so for me to intercept one and add an update is rare. However, here’s the latest information.

  • On Saturday 19th May 2018, the first new student was agreed. The lady responded from the information that was sent out, visited the Sanctuary and has qualified to become the first official member.
  • Two other potential students are visiting today, Sunday 20th and others are visiting in the next few days.
  • Of the original people interested and sent information, just 50% responded with an interest. I’m pleased with this result and it suggests that the information achieved what it was intended for – to only find candidates keen to learn.
  • There appears to be a possibility of a second group being created for an alternative day of the week, though at this stage the numbers don’t justify it.
  • A Facebook group page has been opened for the members
  • The first group’s first meeting is planned for end of June, possibly beginning of July



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