Finally Back On Track

Most of the folks that know me will know that some four years ago we moved north from the south coast. Luckily my main job is transferable and so I was able to continue earning a living straight away.

My Spiritual journey, however, went into the wilderness for a few years for a number of reasons. We had ‘The Sanctuary’ built ready for my planned circles and workshops. All the dotted i’s and crossed t’s were done, including posters, workshop notes and some advertising. But I hit challenges.

One of the challenges was adjusting to the cultural differences between Spiritualists in the south and in the north. I have documented previously some of the difficulties I had adjusting to the way churches are run up here and the omission of philosophy and mention of this being a religion. So I basically gave up. I didn’t want to be part of something I didn’t feel was being done correctly and chose to bury myself in my day job and my hobby of making videos. I even converted part of the Sanctuary into a photo studio.

I think that Jane knew that I was getting depressed over not being active in my mediumship. And it was because of her, things took a dramatic change. She spotted details of a new circle that was being started in our village and suggested I should attend. To be blunt, I had no interest. By now I had seen a lot of the church mediums at work in the north and was disappointed by their low standards of evidence and conviction.

Basically, I forgot about the new circle as I had no real interest. The day before the circle was to hold their first meeting, Jane reminded me and asked if I was going. I said no. But out of curiosity I asked who was running it. She looked it up and told me it was someone called Karen Berrey.

My ears pricked up and suddenly I showed an interest. I had seen Karen work at a church some months before and thought at the time that she was actually connecting with spirit during her readings – something I felt few mediums I’d seen working up here were actually doing. I also knew that Karen was well known in the area.

So I decided to go to the circle and see what it was like. That marked a restart in my spiritual journey. Over the coming weeks and months I got to know Karen and her partner Paul very well. I had faith in her as a medium. She was working from the right place in that her connection to spirit was purer than any others I had seen since living up here.

To be honest, her circle was not that great, though some real nice people did stick with it for a while and supported her. Karen wears her heart on her sleeve and that includes warts and all. But her mediumship I could not really fault – though some elements of her style are not how I would work.

I trusted Karen as a medium and decided to stay close to her for mentoring reasons. And from that desire blossomed a really good friendship.

I’ve been out with Karen over the past six months. I’ve watched her work in churches and in public performances. She has a unique style and gives astonishing evidence frequently.
In the past few months I’ve been privileged to share some platforms with her. I can trust her and my mind is not taken up listening to her doing things wrong, or making me feel uncomfortable. It’s quite the opposite.

From the few meetings I’ve shared with Karen in churches and public performances I’ve been approached for private and public bookings. I have pencilled a few in the diary for the future.

So that’s where I’m at on my journey at this time. I’m happy working and learning from Karen and sharing the journey.

Spirit are wonderful in the way they sort things out for us when we ask or show desire. They put opportunities in our path and leave it up to us to choose them.

In my next blog entry I’ll explain why I can’t take all bookings that are offered and why I have difficulties committing fully mediumship.

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