Exploring Your Potential – Beginners Part 1

Oh the mystery of being a psychic medium. Secret powers to read people’s minds, to tell their ailments, to know whether they’re lying or telling the truth. And of course, that spooky ability to talk to the dead!

Those are just a sample of the many thoughts others have when they discover I am a psychic medium. Usually the revelation is met with excitement and wonderful surprise, though of course sometimes it’s met with disbelief and doubt.

Occasionally, the more inquisitive person declares they have always had an interest in the subject. Often they will share their own stories of their encounters with the paranormal. They tell stories of how they had a relative that ‘did the cards’, or read the tea-leaves. People are all too keen to tell me tales of when they themselves visited a psychic and were told amazing facts and things from their apparently dead relatives.

Quite often I’m asked how long I’ve been a psychic followed by how did I start. They are surprised when I reveal that it was only 20 years ago and that I believed I didn’t have ‘the gift‘. Very occasionally, I’m asked to offer advise about how they themselves should find out more about it.

So if you’re also one of those many people that would like to explore your own potential, read on. First, let me just clear a bit of detail up. I use the phrase ‘psychic medium’ to describe myself because that is how most ordinary folks describe mediums. Actually I’m a spiritual medium. Mostly I connect with the spirit world for the information and messages. Most mediums do this. Technically, a psychic medium works with the energy of that person. The information they give is gathered from that. Most mediums, including myself, use a combination of both methods at varying amounts.

The second detail I’d like to clarify is that yes, I was born with a gift. I was born with the amazing ability to talk to the spirits of people that have passed to the other side. But here’s the good news – so were you. Everyone is born equal. Everyone has the same potential. While that sinks in,  just go back and read the paragraph again.

Two points to highlight there. First, mediums don’t like the phrase, “talking to the dead”. We don’t believe in death in the usual understanding of the word. We believe that our spirits live on after the earthly body stops being of use. So we don’t believe people are dead. We simply believe they have passed to the next world, or dimension if you like.

The second, and more important point to highlight is that everyone of us is equal with the same potential. What we do with that potential is determined only by the individual and to some extent by the set of circumstances that we are dealt. So, you have the same potential as me, and its never too late to explore yours.

Some people are born with the gift to see or talk to spirits with an enhanced ability and these rare individuals often go on to be outstanding mediums. That said, anyone can unfold their own ability to be as good, and often better than the born gifted.

Becoming becoming a medium can happen at any age and usually involves (using an overused cliche) ‘a journey‘. A journey of personal discovery and growth. No, its not anything to do with religion, or finding God. Nor is it an overnight transformation, or discovering a secret power. It’s a journey of learning, understanding, appreciating and discovering.

Mind you, it’s also invariably a journey of frustration, of disappointment, of disbelief, of annoyance and of unlearning. So be prepared to be patient, very patient. Be prepared to fail often, to find difficulties of understanding, to find your own beliefs questioned and your progress very slow. Be prepared to be mocked by others, to be considered as weird or mad and to want to quit the whole pursuit. Also understand from the start that this journey will take at least all of this life and you will never arrive.

So what are the benefits of becoming a medium and is it worth the effort? Personally, I love being a medium and even if I wanted to stop, I couldn’t. It gets in your blood and becomes part of you. It changes so much of your thinking and of how you see the world. It changes how you see people, nature, the planet and beyond. It changes your attitude for the better and in my opinion makes you a better person. Its it worth the effort? Absolutely yes.

In the next part I will share with you some of my ideas of how you can start on your personal journey of discovery and unfold your potential. I will offer you suggestions and advise on how you can get started and discover a whole new world waiting for you.

Before the second part – ask yourself a very important question. Why do you want to become a medium? The answer will reveal a lot about yourself and indeed what your likelihood of succeeding is.  ♥


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