Exploring Your Potential – Beginners Part 2

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So you think you might have mediumship abilities inside you waiting to be unfolded? Perhaps you’re just interested in learning more about the subject. Or perhaps you might be interested in one specific area, such as spiritual healing, reiki, tarot, automatic writing, spiritual art, colour, flower reading or any of the hundreds of areas of study under the umbrella of spiritual and psychic development.

At the end of part 1, I asked you to consider the question, why do you want to become a medium? I hope you gave that some thought as it was a little more serious a question than you might think. If you want to become a medium so you can have hidden powers over others, you are going to be seriously disappointed. If you want to unfold because you want to be able to show your new found skills to an audience such as a church or public demonstration, then you are going to have a long wait and with that as the only motif you’re likely to fail miserably.  In fact, if it’s at all ego related, you’re in for a rocky road!

Becoming a medium is a by-product of becoming a spiritually better person. Becoming a medium is only one tiny element of finding yourself, your spirit and your soul and discovering a purpose for the greater good of yourself.

Setting out to become a medium is okay, however you may find that your interests are diverted into another aspect of psychic and spiritual work, such as healing, or tarot, crystals etc. Connecting to the Spirit world is akin to selecting a window to enter in a multi-storey building. There are many ways and many paths and so much to learn on the way.

In this post I’ll share with you some of the resources and methods I used, and actually still use, to develop and unfold myself. When I started, I had many questions that I was seeking the answers to. Now, two decades later, I still have much to learn and far more questions than when I started. Understand that this is a learning curve that you will be on for the rest of your time on earth and you will never know everything – just enough to keep you moving forward.

Along the way you will learn so much from so many like-minded people and, more often than you can imagine, you will have some unlearning to do. Sometimes, well intended people will teach you something they have learnt in their Spiritual journey and was relevant to them. Some time later when your knowledge grows you may realise that what they taught you was not right for you even though it might have been well intended. It might also be factually inaccurate or just plainly wrong. I know – I’ve had to do so much unlearning from others. So one piece of advice I would offer from the start is, never take anything you learn as absolute, until you have explored it thoroughly from other sources. Question, question again, and set it in sand and not concrete until you are convinced for yourself.

Some well meaning mentors have told me that I should question less and take more on faith. If I had followed that advise, I would have learnt a lot of stuff that would have been totally wrong for me. Once something is learnt, it is often hard to unlearn it.


My own interest in mediumship was sparked when I watched TV shows such as ‘Crossing Over‘ with John Edward and ‘The 6ixth Sense‘ with the late Colin Fry. The premise of these shows was a medium passing messages from the spirit world onto individuals of the public studio audience. Personally, at the time I thought they must be surely fake, or at the very least the shows were heavily edited.  My inner curiosity was set alight and  I needed to find out more, with the hope of discovering it to be all nonsense.  I expected to learn that it was all fakery – after all, the credits always included lines such as ‘this program is for entertainment only …

Nowadays there are fewer of these types of show on UK television, but thankfully many of them are still on the internet such as on YouTube. This is a good resource for learning and watching some of the finest mediums of our time, including such people at Gordon Higginson or Harry Edwards. Just search Google for ‘Mediums on YouTube’ , there are literally thousands of videos available – some great, some not so.


Theatres and public performances are a wonderful place to experience the work of mediums as they demonstrate to audiences. I’ve watched John Edward several times in a live theatre performance and can tell you that he is amazing live and equally as good as his televised shows. The same with Colin Fry. I’ve met and spoken to Colin and his mediumship was remarkable. Sadly, he passed to Spirit from cancer recently, yet his work and books continue to teach those interested in learning. There are many respected mediums touring the UK doing ‘live’ demonstrations. Each will have their own style and stagecraft.


One of my favourite ways of learning is through reading & research. There are many books available that teach everything from the basics of discovering your psychic abilities, the history of Spiritualism, and so much more. There is an endless array of books available on individual interests such as Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, Spiritual healing and endless ways of understanding divination. Personally, I love to read the life stories of mediums of the past such as Estelle Roberts, Harry Edwards, Leslie Flint and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Mediums of the time such as Joe Power, Tony Stockwell, and Gordon Smith have books to inspire and to learn from.

Books I would recommend for beginners are those of Doris Stokes ‘Voices’ series . Her stories are powerful and include much about her ordinary life too. For serious research, books such as ‘On The Edge of The Etheric’  and ‘The Unfolding Universe’  by Arthur Findlay. Though written many decades ago, they are still very much relevant today.

Books and reading material doesn’t have to cost money. There are plenty of free resources online, such as ‘Free Spiritual Ebooks‘. There are also many free esoteric & Spiritual books available for the kindle on Amazon. Your local library is of course also a great resource as are charity shops. Many Spiritualist Churches will have a library of books available.


Soon after I started exploring mediumship and Spiritualism I realised I needed to find like minded people and gatherings. I went into a local shop that sold all things esoteric and asked the owner if she knew of any groups I could join. She ran a meditation group which she kindly invited me to join. This was really beneficial and got me around the best people to help me move forward. Search out local meditation groups or open circles in your area. An open circle is where experienced and novice mediums can go and practise amongst themselves. A good place to overcome fears and worrying about making mistakes. Also a great place to watch, learn and meet people like yourself that are just starting to explore their own potential.

I found I wanted to discover more of the Spiritual aspects of mediumship and went along, initially alone, to a local Spiritualist church. Here I was welcomed and enjoyed watching mediums demonstrate to the congregation. I even got given a few readings that were quite amazing and inspired me to learn more. Churches often talk of the philosophy behind the Spiritualism and I have always found that side of it absolutely fascinating. In fact, the philosophy is still something I really get a lot of pleasure from.


Churches run workshops at weekends on a variety of subjects. I used to try to get to them all because I loved exploring and learning from the different tutors. Churches are a super way to network and learn about other events such as open and closed circles, reiki classes, tarot classes, trance and other elements.

I learnt from others about a world famous college where people can go and learn mediumship and all things connected. Students from all over the world come to this college to learn from the best tutors in the country and afar. This place is called ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ college and is based in Stansted. It’s very expensive for a week’s intensive training but it is worth it if you want to become more serious about it. I would recommend you gain at least a basic understanding before you book a course. Most courses sell out as much as a year in advance so do plan ahead. Here you can also gain official accreditation and certification on specific subjects.

Many local mediums will offer their own courses or workshops at local community halls, usually over a weekend. Plenty can be found on Facebook.


Another great source is podcasts and Internet radio. There are literally thousands of podcasters creating their own radio shows covering everything from simple meditation to in-depth discussions on everything. I have a few favourites that I regularly download and listen to when I’m driving . BlogTalkRadio is one that I have several free subscriptions on.  Otherwise, simply start by searching for ‘Podcast Radio’.

Many mediums produce their own CDs and downloads which cover many subjects such as learning to read Tarot or guided meditations to name but two.


One of the most important tools you can carry is a simple notebook and pen. By keeping notes, not only have you a copy to review, but the act of writing something down helps set it to memory. I have always kept a journal of my progress. Nowadays I look at my early notes and can immediately see how far I have come with my learning.

Most of us carry a smartphone and most have simple note taking apps included. If none are installed, there are plenty of free and paid for apps available in the Play Store. If you’re fortunate enough to own a Samsung Note then you have a stylus included with the phone that makes proper note taking a cinch.




There’s an old adage that goes, ‘When you’re green, you’re growing. But when you’re ripe, you’re rotting.’ Think of yourself as green and forever growing. Forever learning and forever seeking to learn more. Becoming a medium, a healer, a tarot card reader or any other pursuit will take effort. You will require patience, enthusiasm and dedication. The more of those you put in, the greater the rewards and the easier your developing and unfolding will be.

What is the difference between developing and unfolding?
Developing is a measure of your knowledge and understanding whereas unfolding is your personal changes and revealing of your hidden potential. I think of developing as the learning and the unfolding as the growing.

Becoming a medium and working as an apprentice to the spirit world is the greatest achievement I have ever undertaken. I’ve learnt so much about myself and my own abilities – most of which I would never have believed existed. There’s been hard times and there’s been good along the way. And although I feel I have a greater knowledge about myself and mediumship, I recognise that I really know very little.

I hope that you have found this brief summary of use. If you are seriously considering finding out about your own psychic potential let me finish with one last piece of important help. Only you can now start your journey of discovery. It is your decision.   ♥

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