I heard a quote on a TV program recently, "The problem with our younger generation is that they all want to seek fame and fortune."

So often true it would appear. Our television channels are filled with shows such as 'The X Factor', 'Big Brother' 'Love Island' as examples. It involves contestants, often with minimal talent, selling themselves to the cameras in the hope of making it to the big time.

Even the parents are often seen promoting their children with grand ideas of delusion regarding how wonderful their offspring are. It's got to the point where we're not allowed to say to them that they are setting a wrong example because they instantly revoke that with remarks such as ' I want my child to have a dream and belief that they can do anything they like.'

Why has it become acceptable to set these hollow foundations and empty dreams for our future generations? These children might have real talents - just not as media models. These children could become future doctors, or nurses, or police officers, or web designers, plumbers, bricklayers, gardeners, painter & decorators, even great secretaries. Are these noble professions just not glamorous enough?

Primarily I am a self employed courier. I'm proud that I support myself and work hard to maintain my business. I seek no fame from it, merely to serve my customers to the best of my ability in exchange for an income. In my spare time I am a Spiritual & Psychic medium. I serve the Great Divine. I seek no fame, no fortune, no recognition and no promoting. I am who I am.

Yet even in the world of mediums, many desire to work the big stages, to be well known and to be famous. They post themselves on Facebook with such titles as 'International Medium' as their job title, when really they too have ordinary day jobs like the rest of us. They believe it adds glamour to their title and makes them more appealing. Oh dear oh dear how sad.

Do you know what I think the world needs more of? It needs more grounded people prepared to lead by example, to set the standards and to show that there is as much honour in doing an ordinary job as there is in being a celebrity with no talent.

Instead of creating a world filled with fickle people, instead build a world filled with people with character and much needed skills. If we want to live in a better world we need the people to become part of it and not separated in a fantasy world of riches and shallowness. We need people to love the world we live in, to seek to do good, to contribute to the planet and to the future generations. We need the cleaners who are proud of what they do knowing it is a worthy profession. We need servants who are proud to serve their cause and the givers that will give without seeking reward or recognition. What a better world that would be.

I read this recently and have taken the liberty of copying it here.

A Linking Environment And Farming survey found a disconnect many children have with farming and where their food comes from.

A study has been released which revealed that many children believe that strawberries are grown in the fridge and that potatoes come from pigs.

One in four children (24%) surveyed did not know a baby cow was called a calf, with similar numbers unaware a newborn sheep was a lamb (23%), a young chicken was a chick (26%) and a baby pig a piglet (22%).

Four in 10 children did not know that herd is the name for a group of cows and half of them didn’t know that flock is the collective noun for sheep. Only one in six knew that numerous chickens together were known as a brood.

And that is just regarding the countryside! Imagine if they were asked if they knew what a ballcock was used for, or what colour is the positive wire in an electric plug, or what is undercoat, or double hemming, or the difference between plain and self raising flour!

Common sense is not so common anymore. Instead, we have a generation of youngsters pouting to a selfie, or pre-loading, or pulling a sickie, or walking round with a smartphone in front of them. Wake up parents and set better standards.

It does wind me up when I see a few good people doing so much good without the recognition or the 'lime light' that they deserve while others are wasting their lives away chasing dreams beyond their reach.

Look, I'm not against dreams and aspirations. So long as they are achievable and for the greater good.