When a student asks me what the best tip I can offer them for their Spiritual unfoldment is, I answer that with one piece of advice. Establish an absolute truth.

The challenge with establishing your own truth is that it will always be based on your own level of knowledge and understanding. It cannot be based on someone else's. Your own truth is the foundation block on which your growth will develop and unfold. As an example - if another student or medium tells you that we all have Spirit guides, that is their truth, not yours. You cannot and should not base your truth on something that you have no experience with.

Your truth will shift as you unfold and gain more experience and knowledge. At the beginning of your Spiritual journey your truth might be that you know for absolute certainty that your cat reacted differently when you placed a hand on it and passed healing energy through your hand from your inner vision. It might be that it constantly reacts when you do this. Therefore you know that there is some force you are able to use when you focus your mind. That is your truth, no-one else's, yours. Someone with more experience might tell you that healing is nonsense and disbelieve you, while another person might tell you how they use healing energy to encourage flowers to grow quicker, or to heal someone in their family. But until it happens to you, it is not your truth.

So that is my best advice - establish your own truth and never doubt it. Think of that as the point you will never fall back from in times of doubt, rather a point you might fall to.

For me, one of the earliest truths I established was the power of healing. Through doing healing on different people and hearing their subsequent positive reactions, I became aware that giving healing has a tremendous power. So very early in my journey, I established this as a truth. I called it my ''base camp''.

From that point on, no matter what else went right or mainly wrong, no matter what other 'experts' might suggest, I always remembered my own truth, my own base camp. When I doubted my own early abilities as a medium, I never doubted the power of healing. So I never fell back beyond that point.

Having your own truth is very important. It is how you gauge others information. If a teacher, peer or mentor, tells you something that just doesn't sound right, then question it. If after questioning, you are still not sure about it, then leave it for now. It might just be something you are not yet ready for or not yet ready to hear. Or it might be just nonsense spoken by someone with no real credence.

As your journey progresses your own bank of knowledge becomes bigger and wider. This leads to your own truth moving forward too. When I gave one person a message that contained a ''gold nugget'' of information that was so personal they were shocked at the accuracy, I knew then that my own truth had moved forward. No longer was just healing my base camp, but my abilities as a medium too. Times come even now that my mediumship is not fantastic. But I don't doubt that I'm a medium. I just understand that it might be down to a lot of other factors why I'm currently not effective.

When one becomes seriously interested in psychic and Spiritual unfoldment, one gets an hunger to learn. Workshops, courses, books, seminars, demonstrations and so on all become sources of information for the hungry mind. But the mind can become bombarded with new ideas, new beliefs and new principles from the various teachers. The best way to approach this is to compare it with shopping.

When you go to the supermarket, you buy what you want. What it is you need and what it is you are familiar with is what ends up in your shopping cart. But you don't buy everything at the supermarket, just what you need.

Learning is much like that too. Listen and learn with an open mind and that what sits right with you is what you learn from. Anything else should be let go. Another day it might come back and then you might be ready for it. Your own truth might have moved forward and what you thought was rubbish a while ago may now make complete sense.

So that is it  - establish your own truth as early as you can. Never fall behind it and work on moving it forward as your experience and knowledge increase. Think of it as your base camp.