Up until around 2014 I had a website under my domain ''. Due to circumstances at that time I chose to take the site down and mothball the contents. I made a backup of the site and the hundreds of pages of information and images within it.

Recently, I decided it was time to bring it back. I acquired the hosting platform and the interface and duly went about importing the original 'pre-2014' content. But it failed. It would not import. Unfortunately, the backup files were corrupt.

In a desperate attempt to recover the data and entries I've  managed to open the original sql database file - but only as a text file. The contents has no formatting, no paragraphs and loads of html and code mixed in with it. The size of the text file is 75mb and apart from the unwanted code, contains in excess of 1.5 million written words. Yes 1.5 million.

Recovering it to a state where it is separate entries and fully formatted will take me many months. Some of the original content will not be used. Most of it, however, has information and valued content that I want to keep. Not only because other students may find it useful , but also because it acts as a journal of my spiritual journey.

Some of the entries will be rewritten and introduced to this main site. As you can imagine, this is a task that will take me some time. I would suggest that visiting this website on a weekly basis will reveal new content.

Your comments are most welcome, though do bear in mind that much of what I wrote at the beginning of my journal may not still be my opinion these days. We grow, we learn and often our opinions change.