To conform to new tighter regulations introduced in May 2018 this website has implemented the necessary steps and procedures required for compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)



-statement i
The only data that this site requests is the subscriber’s name and an email address. This data is used to inform subscribers of the latest postings into the section of the website known as ‘Open Mind‘.

-statement ii
Subscribers are offered an opportunity to read and agree to this site’s privacy policy at the time of subscribing. A link to this policy will be displayed with the application form and may appear as a pop-up banner at the foot of the page. This banner will include a link to the policy and an option to tick ‘agreed’ if previously read by the visitor. You are reading the policy now.

-statement iii
Subscription to this website is only available if the tick box alongside the link to the Privacy Policy  has been activated. Any banners appearing at the foot of the site on first loading that page, containing a tick to the Privacy Policy are independent of the subscribers application form.

-statement iv
All further emailed information sent to a subscriber from this website will include an option to opt out of the subscription. On doing so, the data held about that subscriber is deleted. This is a fully automated process and once activated by the subscriber cannot be reversed.  A new request to resubscribe through the subscribe methods is the only option.

-statement v
The subscription process on this website is designed for simplicity and does not require further approvals. On submitting the form correctly, the information contained within it is automatically added to the database of subscribers. Access to this list is only available to administrators. 

-statement vi
The subscriber information is not used for any other purposes other than to inform the subscriber of the information requested on the subscription form. The information is not sold on, published elsewhere, used elsewhere, or made available to any other party or organisation other than this website.

-statement vii
Subscribers cannot see the data or details of other subscribers on any correspondence from this website . Automated emails do not contain carbon copied or blind carbon copied details. Emails are addressed to the subscriber only.

-statement viii
The software and plugins used on this site to offer subscriptions, manage subscribers and delete subscribers are all GDPR compliant and are regularly updated to comply with all potential security issues, in particular when the mainframe of the site is updated.

-statement ix
The website owner takes the collection and use of subscribers seriously and does everything within the powers of normal operation to make sure that the data is protected and secure.

-statement x
Subscribers that leave comments anywhere on the site need be aware that the information they leave within the comments is not protected by this policy and is done so at their own risk. If a subscriber leaves comments to posts and then chooses to unsubscribe, the information within the comments posted will remain. However, if the subscriber requires the comments to be removed then an email with the full details of the comments and where they are on the site will ensure that the comments are also be removed.


-statement xi
Comments are invited from any visitors to this website whether the commentator is subscribed to the site or not.

-statement xii
Comments are monitored and have to be approved by the administrators before being published. Information contained within the comments that is deemed by the administrators as unnecessary, such as swearing, personal details, remarks of a disrespectful nature, self promotion links etc. is removed by the administrators

-statement xiii
Comments can be used throughout this website for internal promotion purposes. The comments are not used outside of this website.

-statement xiv
Comments cannot be edited or removed by anyone other than the administrators. A commentator can request by email for a comment to be removed. Administrators will remove the requested comment at the earliest convenience.

-statement xv
The control, including publication, of all submitted comments is entirely the responsibility of the administrators. Inappropriate or unacceptable content is always removed without need to report back to the commentator.


-statement xvi
Areas of this website require a password login to view the content. These passwords are stored within the system database with the users name and email address.

-statement xvi
Passwords to the login areas may be unique to the user, or global to all users. When a user issued with a password no longer requires access to the login areas, the user details are deleted and the global password is changed. All currently authorised users are informed of a new password.

-statement xvii
As per Subscribers statement x, comments left within the login areas are independent of the user’s personal data. Comments a login user may leave are not automatically removed when their access is withdrawn to the secure area.

-statement xviii
Subscribers and users with access to login areas are informed of their duty not to breach any privacy conditions on this site. Failure to comply will result in the privilege being withdrawn without notice.


-statement xix
This website uses Google Adsense to place adverts within the site for financial purposes. The data collected by Google is completely out of the control of this website and therefore adverts adheres to Google’s own Privacy Policies and the use of gathered data.

-statement xx
No data collected by this website is used, sold, copied or shared with any third parties.


Updated: 23rd May 2018
Compiled by: Trevor Baldwin
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In accordance with GDPR 2018

I agree that the information contained within this website privacy policy is accurate at the time of the update. All measures have been taken to comply with guidelines and laws regarding the Data Protection Acts of the UK.
Trevor Baldwin