"I carry this anchor with me on most demonstrations and believe it gives me trust and reassurance that Spirit are with me."

The year is 2006 and the story begins at the circle meeting I attended in Christchurch, Dorset.

Joan, our circle leader, guided us all into a meditation to meet our passed friends and relatives. Our guides were to take us to them in spirit. I should point out that me being one with a 'butterfly' mind I usually find these sort of meditations rather difficult to follow as my mind usually rushes ahead in imagination.

I went along with it anyway and knew that I was aware of what was going on in the circle room. I'm one of those that thinks they can't be hypnotised as my mind is too active. However I listened to Joan's soft spoken words and let my imagination do the rest.

Shortly after beginning the meditation and following Joan's instructions the vision of a lady I knew surprised me by appearing in my mind. It was that of a good friend from work that had recently passed to spirit with breast cancer. Lesley was never a believer in what I did so I was shocked that here she was, so soon after her passing appearing in my mind as a vision. Because I had recently attended her funeral I was fairly quick at dismissing this as ''my imagination''. There was one element of her vision that shocked me. It was a mannerism that I'd forgot she had. She did it in my mind and made me immediately jump with a kind of fear I guess.

She said to me, in her sarcastic manner as she would have on earth, " so you were right then? Would you send my love to my family please?" I smiled at her and told her that I had no contact with her family but would if I ever had the chance.

As Lesley faded from my mind, I became aware of my Uncle Peter stood in a group consisting of my father, his sister (my Aunt), and their mother (my gran). I was absorbed in the moment, yet seemingly aware of being in a meditation and sitting on the floor of the circle. Like having one foot in reality - it's a control thing.

Then I held a conversation with my father for some time. In it I made clear that I was seeking absolute proof that he was in spirit and this was not just my imagination. I asked him for something I could offer to Mum. Something that I am not aware of. He recalled incidents of our early lives. Stories of events that happened in my childhood. But each time, I told him that the story was not new to me. It was just a memory and could simply be my own memories. I explained that Mum would know I know those stories and therefore would not be a validation beyond question. His stories kept coming and I just kept saying the same message, " Dad I knew that. Think of something I don't know".

Suddenly my Dad said clearly in my mind, " Ask your Mum about the gold anchor."

I repeated it back to him and he confirmed that was what he said. I told him that I had no idea what he was on about and assured him that I would indeed ask Mum about it when I next spoke to her. I searched by brain to remember anything about an anchor. I had no knowledge, no memories and no reason for 'gold anchor' to mean anything to me.

I left home at an early age and I was never really that close to my parents. I learnt to stand up for myself in my mid teens. My parents weren't overly fond of sharing any love with me - though in fairness I was a wayward child and made life tough for them.

Shortly after this announcement from my father I felt my guide suggesting that it was time to say goodbye and leave them. Seconds after suggesting this, the pictures and thoughts faded and suddenly I heard Joan, our circle leader, quietly speak. She guided us back to the room very slowly and deliberately. I was quiet shocked when I came back to normality. The event had seemed extremely real.


A month went by before I next spoke to my Mum on the phone. At the end of the long conversation she asked me how my psychic interest was coming on. This suddenly reminded me of the question I had to ask her about the gold anchor.

I explained the details of the meditation I'd had in our circle and the details of who I thought I'd seen in my mind. I then asked her permission to mention something that Dad had said to me to pass on. I also asked her to just think of me as her weirdo son if the message meant nothing to her.

"Dad wanted me to ask you about a Gold Anchor. I don't know in what context or even what it is. He just said to ask you about the gold anchor."

In her Irish accent, Mum suddenly said to me in a raised voice, " Be Jesus you have spoke to him." She then went on to explain the story of the gold anchor.

" A couple of years before your father passed, we were on holiday somewhere together. During the visit he had admired a gold anchor piece of jewellery in a jewellers shop window on the Isle of Skye. So I secretly bought it for his forthcoming birthday. He liked it and said that we would get a chain for it the next time they were both out and about. But due to his oncoming illness that meant we never really got out after that. He never wore it. It is still sat in its box in a drawer upstairs somewhere. I had forgotten about it."

I was shocked and excited. Every hair on my body reacted. That was a validation. I questioned Mum as to whether I would have known about the anchor somehow and she denied it categorically. She said that it was something that only she and him knew about.

The next part of this validation was for me to see the anchor. But that took a very long time and nearly didn't happen. My Mother was taken ill shortly after this event and I only got to see her once or twice in hospital before she too passed to the other side. Due to the distance I was from her home she had chosen my brother and sister to be executors of her will. I asked my sister to look out for this anchor because I would like to see it.

Unfortunately after everything was sorted in Mum's home, this anchor was lost and never found. Six months after her death my sister informed me that the anchor had actually turned up mysteriously in Mum's empty house. Finally I would be able to see it. Several weeks later my sister presented me with a little cardboard box. Inside was the gold anchor. I cried. The anchor is not of any great monetary value, however it remains with me and is the most precious thing I have.

  • If I had allowed myself to analyse this incident too much I would have destroyed it entirely. The element of this event that kept it together was that there was a material object that could validate the entire story. I am sure that there were probably elements of the meditation that were fabricated by my mind. Of that there is little doubt. But what is amazing is that spirit still managed to get the message, the communication with Father through the noise of the mind.
  • The meditation was not that long, probably around 15 minutes. But it represents a pivotal moment in my Spiritual journey and taught me a lot about trust and how the message is received clairvoyantly.
  • I learnt that it's fairly difficult to stop the mind wandering. Letting go is hard, but it gets easier with practise.
  • In life Lesley knew that I was a spiritualist. She was a non-believer, though never had a bad word to say about it or me. We were good mates at work and her passing was a shock to us all.
  • When she appeared in this meditation it was shortly after her funeral. There was a particular way in which she looked at me in the meditation that I had forgot but was particular to her. Parts of her, such as her legs, did not appear in the picture but I realised after that this was not important.
  • If my dad's anchor hadn't come through in this very meditation then I would have denied Lesley's appearance as just my mind. Once I spoke to my mother some weeks later and she validated the anchor story, it was then that I realised that Lesley had to have been real as well.