The following event happened during a guided meditation in circle. For 5 to 10 minutes the circle I was in were all guided to close our eyes and focus only on our breathing. Counting the in-breaths and counting the out-breaths. Focusing only on that and bringing the mind back to the breath every time it wandered. After this start period we were then guided to go somewhere peaceful in our mind and observe what would happen.

The following story is absolutely true and left me astounded by the vivid detail and the concept of events were far beyond my thinking.

I was alone in the middle of the field, sat cross-legged on the hay stubble left from a recent crop. The temperature was warm. The field was huge and on one distant side I could see the houses of the nearby village.  I was relaxed.

A little distance in front of me was a rainbow  stretching from the field high into the air and circling back somewhere else I could not see. The bottom of the rainbow was moving slowly across the field towards me. I waited patiently as the distance shortened to yards away, feet away, and very soon just inches away.

The rainbow slowly embraced me and I became aware of the colours one by one. First the red. I felt my base chakra being recharged and my lower area became revitalised. I looked out of the rainbow at the red filtered field.

Next I felt the other colours one by one and each of my chakras became balanced as the colour energy worked on me. Yellow, orange, green and blue. With each colour the view out of the rainbow was filtered to a world tainted in that shade. Especially noticeable was the blue of the rainbow which seemed to really boost my communication chakra as if it knew I needed it.

The white of the rainbow opened my crown chakra and it was then that the magic of the rainbow began to be revealed. My head started buzzing with the energy. I felt myself become weightless and I started to float up from the ground. I was being carried up slowly inside the rainbow. I became aware of the wonderful feeling of being weightless. There was no danger of falling. I moved around, stretched and rotated as I admired the view across the fields and over the village. It was like being on a magic carpet, without the carpet. Each view was made different by the filtering of the rainbow as I drifted from one colour to the next as I rose higher from the ground.

At one point I wondered what would happen if I put my arm outside the rainbow. I stretched one arm out and moved slowly towards the side. As my arm left the edge of the rainbow I could feel the light breeze on my skin and soon pulled it back inside to the safety of the rainbow.

As I experienced this gravity defying moment I looked up into the rainbow and could see that I was reaching the first bent at the top. It was higher and further away than it had looked from when I was down sat in the field. I decided to see if I could control my elevation and just by thought alone I was able to float gently back down to the ground. This was fun.

Using my thought I rose back up again through the colour columns to the top of the rainbow. I looked at the white cloudy sky above the rainbow and became aware of the vague resemblance of a large square area that looked like a hole in the cloud.  As I got near it I could see the area inside it this was filled with what is best described as spiritually bright white light. Through the light and in the brightness of this square area I could clearly see the shapes of heavenly bodies moving freely around. It was like they were in a foggy room inside the cloud.

I felt no fear, only curiosity and wondered what this was that I had discovered. Perhaps I was seeing something that ordinary people didn’t see from their position at ground level. So I floated back down to the field to have a look. Back on the ground, I looked up I and noted that the sky above the rainbow was quite normal. There was no sign of an opening in the cloud directly above the rainbow. So I drifted back upwards again and soon reached the top. The secret area was there again and this time I manoeuvred  nearer the opening. I stood up carefully. I was standing on the top of the rainbow and my head and shoulders were inside this heavenly room. Though I was not on solid ground I seemed to be aware that the floor inside this cloud would not hold me.

I heard a voice tell me that I would not be able to come in. I looked around at these white living shapes. They were alive, happy and I felt they were full of love. But I could not make out their shapes. They were not angels in the form that I knew on earth, nor were they body-shaped. I could see no hands or legs, no arms or eyes. There were no faces or features to see either, though I was totally aware of their emotional states. They were at peace, happy and full of love. I watched them playing, laughing, loving, yet not in an earthly manner.

As I enjoyed these moments I seemed to be aware that they would soon be over. After a short time passed I was aware that the spirit in charge of this event was taking control of me.  I was slowly being lowered back to the ground and was told through my thoughts that my experience here was soon to end. Slowly and gently I descended down through the rainbow and as I looked up I could no longer see the opening in the clouds.

Soon I was back on the solid ground of the the field, sitting exactly as I had been before this wonderful event had happened. I asked the spirit, whose presence I was aware of,  to explain what I had just experienced.

The great spirit replied in my thoughts.

“You have just seen all of the guides, the spirits and angels that have and are looking after you in your life on earth. They were at rest and play because while you are in this rainbow, in meditation, you were safe. So they could enjoy some time off.”

I became aware of the rainbow fading away and I asked the spirit guide what I was to do next as I seemed to think the circle guide in the room would not be calling us back yet.

"Just sit and be patient", the spirit guide said

Very soon after, I heard the voice of the meditation circle guide quietly coaxing me and the others in the circle back into the room where we sat in meditation.

I was somewhat stunned at what I had experienced. It was far beyond my imagination. Rather than try to put logic to it I shared the story with the others and felt honoured.

The next time you see a rainbow – look to the top of it, the very top where it is nearest the clouds and you will know that all your guides, angels and helpers could be there together having fun and watching over you.

This event happened during development circle in mid 2009. After the event occurred I spent many hours running over the event in my mind and trying to analyse whether I had made it up. The conclusion was that though of course this event happened in my mind, the actual details were beyond my normal intelligence to ‘invent’.