Here is a simple exercise that I was taught many years ago that I still use today. This exercise is about attuning to Spirit and heightening our senses to detect their presence.
  • Choose a quiet location without any noise or distractions. or quiet time and allow at least 15 minutes for the entire exercise. No music is better for this as it allows the mind to focus without distraction.
  • Sit comfortably with arms and legs free from distractions, such as arms on chairs, uncomfortable cushions etc.
  • Spent at least 3 minutes focusing on all areas of your body. Individually become aware of how your feet, arms, legs body, back, neck and head feel. Be aware of the temperature on your skin and the stillness of the air around it. Don't shortcut this part as it is crucial.
  • When, and only when, you've acknowledged how all of your body is feeling,  put a statement to your spirit guide, "Move closer to me so I may feel your presence. Let me be aware of how you interact with me".
  • Stay alert to all of your body. Attune to sensations such as tingling of the arms on your arms, hands, face, neck etc. Do not dismiss anything. Acknowledge the lightest of touch, the gentlest of sensations, the smallest of feelings.
  • When you feel something/anything (perhaps up to a couple of minutes later) ask the guide to come even closer, to amplify the feeling. Once you have become aware of that presence, ask the spirit guide to now pull away. Monitor the new feeling as it fades until you feel back to normal.
  • Repeat the exercise a couple more times. At the end of the exercise, acknowledge the sensations and thank the spirit guide for their cooperation.

Note: Even if you have not seen or experienced a spirit guide before, complete the exercise in the knowledge that they are there and want to help you. If you feel nothing different the first time doing this exercise, keep repeating it periodically over a few days or weeks. There are a couple of possible reasons you might not be aware of spirit being there.

1)  If you have never experienced the presence of spirit before, remember that you don't know what to expect and that anything subtle should be acknowledged. If it's not the work of spirit, you will learn later.

2) The most likely reason you are not feeling anything is because you are not ''sensitive'' enough with your own awareness. Stay with ''Step 3'' for longer and don't rush it. The more you practise, the better and easier it becomes.

Also understand that the way spirit communicate with you will often vary. One time it might be a blow on your neck. Another time it might be a touch.  Learning to accept and trust is the key.