We humans can be so limited in our thinking. We often act like we know everything about the world and nature. Often we believe that because we cannot see something then it cannot be there. If we can’t hear it then it must be silent. If we can’t feel something then it can’t exist. Only when it suits us do we accept that certain things are beyond our sensitivities, such as radio and telephone signals, ultra violet or infrared light etc.

But let us not forget that we humans operate in the limited spectrum that we have for each of our senses and that there are other forces that operate outside of that which we simply can’t register. Apart from physical and scientific forces filling this world, there are many other things that are beyond our comprehension – especially in the natural world of animals for example.

A friend of mine was sharing a story that demonstrates such a force. He was sat on a balcony and a lone dove landed nearby. He said he looked around and noted that there were no more birds in the area. He took a nut and broke it into bits. He gently put it down on the ground. Cautiously the dove moved nearer and started pecking the bits of nuts. Within seconds, four more doves dropped down out of nowhere and joined in the feeding. He said there were no trees around him and nowhere for doves to have been in sight without him noticing, yet somehow they knew there was grub to be had and party crashed his occasion.

My friend asked me how they knew. What hidden language was transmitted to the extra doves to come here and enjoy the small feast. Was there a hidden communication going on between the first dove (like a forward scout) and the rest of its family somewhere within communication range?

On the bird theme, I remember once throwing bits of my bread sandwich down to nearby birds where I was sat in the open somewhere. The birds cautiously moved nearer me and took the scraps. Being a bit curious,  I threw a bit of an extra strong mint down to see their reactions on eating it. The birds, however, were cleverer than I could have imagined. None came within 6 feet of it, let alone eat it. How did they know? What was the force they were using to detect good food versus bad.

Ever wondered how dogs and cats know that the baby human tugging at their tail is only a baby and does not yet know the meaning of harm. Why do the animals accept this play. More often than not, these pets will also protect and defend the baby toddler. It’s as if the animals has a built in sense that the baby human is vulnerable.

Scientists are frantically working in the field of quantum physics to understand what hidden forces are at work. Already they have undertaken experiments with two particles smaller than an atom from the same source. They’ve separated them by some great distance and observed that when stimulating only one of the particles, the other reacts in exactly the same way instantaneously and much faster than the fastest known speed – the speed of light . What hidden invisible force is at work there?

Here’s another animal query – well, fish actually. How do Salmon know to swim thousands of miles across massive oceans of sea and ending their journey with a swim against the tide up a river to their birthplace many years previous where they lay their eggs and then die naturally. How is all that possible? What force is at work there?

Here’s another staggering fact. Light only becomes light when it is observed. The protons of light only become so, after being observed by someone or something. Until such time, the light remains invisible. Get your head around that!

Is our planet really a result of random chaos? Or is it the deliberate result of something created by something or some great force? That’s a question that the best brains in the world still cannot answer with all faith of being accurate.

These forces, often referred to as ‘great powers’ exist around us all the time. Just because we cannot see them or sense them or even understand them, does not mean they don’t exist. They merely serve to remind us that we are merely one tiny part of the overall picture and a minute detail in the overall plan.  ♥

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