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My name is Trevor and at the beginning of this century a series of unusual incidents occurred in my life of which I could offer no logical explanation and that I could not just simply pass off as coincidence.

I have a questioning mind and took it upon myself to investigate whether there was any scientific evidence of there being something other than life as we know it. I suspected that there probably wasn’t any real proof.

From my research of well known mediums, such as Colin Fry & John Edward, who were on TV a lot, I grew eager to discover if someone like me with no knowledge or experience of mediumship could actually learn how it works and perhaps become more involved myself.

What I didn’t know at that time was that I was about to begin an incredible life journey and discover I had these powers within me.

This website contains stories and information from my experiences. It is intended to act as a portfolio and a place for information to help others on a similar pathway.


Spiritualism is all about proving the continuation of life after. In this section, Trev shares some of his amazing & true stories from his mediumship… READ


Articles taking a closer look and questioning anything to do with the subject of Spiritualism and mediumship. Interviews, comments and more… READ

” The essence of Spiritualism does not lie entirely in the scientific concept of communicating with the dead; this is simply a confirmation of its true essence, the philosophy. The Science addresses the ‘how’ of Spiritualism, the philosophy provides the answer to the question ‘why’. We must also recognise there is a religious component because God is involved. There are divine implications.”

by Albert Batten


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