Humour in Mediumship

From as far back as I can recall, I've always enjoyed a good sense of humour and know how wonderful it is in bringing people together.

I had a somewhat tough upbringing living in a large family where money was very limited. My father was the one that could often display a great humour, though not as often as we kids would have liked. His humour, was like a message to us all that things were okay at the moment and none of us were in trouble or likely to get a spanking. So very early on I understood that humour and laughter was entirely positive.

Knowing that humour and laughter made people relax with you I recall a holiday in Tenby at the age of 13 with my Mum and Dad and siblings. During this holiday there was an opportunity to enter a talent contest and to impress my parents I entered it. I guess I was using the opportunity of a spotlight to get the focus of my parents in a family where love was never talked about or shown.

At school, to avoid being bullied, I told jokes and was 'the buffoon of the class' according to my school reports. In my early jobs, I tried to buy my friendships with humour and mickey taking and always seem to get into scrapes with peers because of it.

As I began to mature (by which time I was in my forties) I started to understand that being funny was only a good thing if the situation lent itself to it.  After becoming a Spiritualist, the need to stand alone with an audience became part of the training. Mediums perform, though at this stage I was not anything like a medium!  I understood that humour, when used correctly,  raised the vibrations of the room and put people at ease.  I could see, and feel the difference it created with the audiences. Understand that when the energy vibrations are raised, the Spirit world can work a lot easier.

Spirit people themselves are renowned for their sense of humour. They love the energy we create when we are happy, laughing and singing. I've heard, through the mediumship of Scott Milligan, Spirits singing and laughing with joy. It's not all doom and gloom where they are - far from it.

Humour is a wonderful tool indeed. Use it but don't abuse it. Treat it as your best friend and as part of the presentation of yourself.  Don't force it. Be yourself, smile and the world smiles back. What's the worst that can happen - people will only laugh at you!

Here's a parting exercise for you. Here is a list of some of the funniest people that now perform in the Spirit world. See how many you can read without wanting to chuckle aloud!

Tommy Cooper
Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise
Eric Sykes
Les Dawson
Larry Grayson
Mike Reed
Bernie Winters
Victor Borge

I leave you with one final thought -
Why are funeral directors raising their prices and then blaming it on the price of living!

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