I Don’t Believe In Anything To Do With Life After Death

I was recently at a rare gathering of some of my family for a Sunday roast. After lunch, the conversation invariably got round to talking to me about the pursuit of Spiritual communication. I didn’t bring the subject up, by the way!

My sister is quite a strong believer and believes she has received and experienced communication with our Mother.  So being open-minded she believes, until evidence proves different. My partner was asked whether she believes in it all. Surprisingly she declared that she doesn’t.

My brother-in-law also declared that he thought it all nonsense and even mentioned the local Spiritualist Centre as ‘The Nut Church! The other two parties at the gathering were siblings and therefore offered no opinions – more interested in listening and I guess learning.

Years ago when these sort of debates took place I would somewhat aggressively defend my point of view as an absolute believer (or knower as I prefer to call it). But these days, I’m wiser and have learnt to see things with a wider field than that of my own.

When my sister asked my partner her beliefs she was taken back by the answer of her being a non-believer. She lives with a medium, me. She has had a reading from probably the best medium in the north (not me!) who gave her staggering facts and evidence from her passed relatives. My partner has witnessed me give indisputable evidence and communications from the spirit world to her friends visiting our home. Yet still she remains a non-believer. Why?

Well part of the answer there is to do with human nature and our instinct to protect ourselves both physically and mentally. Ordinary folks often simply don’t believe in life after death because they either have no experience of it or evidence to alter their opinions. But even if they have, as in my partner’s case, they will still deny it to keep ‘face’ in a social environment where the better argument is to disbelieve.

My brother-in-law doesn’t mince his words. He completely thinks it’s all nonsense and is not budging from that viewpoint. Is he wrong? Do I as a medium find that irritating? Do I try to change his views? The quick answers are no, no and no.

Yes he is correct to have the opinion that there is no life after death. In his words, “we live, we die, end of”. Do I believe his opinion? Of course not. But what I do know is that in his half century of life he has never been shown or given evidence to suggest different, so why should he believe in something that is illogical. And even if on one or two occasions, something has happened that was ‘weird’, time has allowed him to find logical reasons that sit well with his thinking.

My sister cited a story of a lost ring from my mother’s estate that suddenly ‘appeared’ in a room in the middle of the floor.  Then days later, the ring was found again, in the garden. Nobody had put it there. At the time of it happening my brother-in-law did apparently declare this incident to be the work of Mother from the spirit world. But as time has passed he prefers a more logical answer that someone put it there.

Would I as a medium accept that the ring incident was the work of spirit? Absolutely not. I don’t know who was in the room, what the conditions were, who had visited, the pile depth of the carpet, or a hundred other questions I would first have asked in search of the answer. And even then I probably would not accept it as the work of spirit. However, I do actually believe it was Mother’s work, because other incidents have happened to me personally that have given me conclusive proof that she has communicated with earth. With that background of incidents I may consider the case of the appearing ring as likely instigated by Mother.

I tell everyone that believes in life after death to always question everything. Seek a logical reason. The white feather on the carpet may simply be from a bird or a cushion. The pictures of orbs (of which there are millions on Facebook) may simply be dust or light deflection. Always seek a logical reason first. When there isn’t one and when you and only you are convinced after investigation that it could be the work of spirit, then accept it, say thank you and ask for more.

My brother-in-law has never been given any evidence through a good medium or other source of any evidence of life after death. Even if he went to the local ‘nut church’ and was actually picked for a reading, my feelings are that the medium is probably not going to be strong enough in their messages. Harsh perhaps, but my experience of most church mediums are that they are vague and rarely actually give conclusive evidence of the continuation of life, even though that is what they’re supposed to do. So I believe that until my brother-in-law receives a decent reading from a decent medium and is given solid evidence he is perfectly ok to not believe in life after death. Also, unlike me, he is not spending every minute of his woken day seeking it!

When the day comes that someone puts the evidence in front of my brother-in-law that is completely indisputable, that someone in another world is talking with him, his views will change. When they do, he will become a believer and because of his strong personality, he would take some convincing differently.

This brings us back to my favourite quote that I use all the time. When asking people if they believe in life after death, they can say yes or no. However, when rephrasing the question slightly differently, ‘would you like to believe in life after death?’ a whole new possibility is discovered.

In conclusion, nobody was right and nobody was wrong. Belief is personal to you or me. What I think and believe is based on my set of circumstances, as are yours. Was my brother-in-law correct in being a non-believer? Yes. Was my sister correct in believing in the spirit world? Yes. Was my partner correcting is claiming not to believe in it? Don’t know. How about me, do I believe? No.

No I don’t believe. Belief is based on possibilities. I know. I have witnessed first hand. Hence, I’m not a believer, I’m a knower!   ♥


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