Is Meditation Essential For A Medium?

One lively debate between mediums is whether meditation is required as part of the process. Guess what? I don’t have a definite answer, even after all these years of study. I do, however, have a personal opinion.

I have always partaken in meditation and enjoy the ritual. Personally I believe it benefits both me personally and my mediumship. The latter, however, is not so easy to measure and therefore I base my opinion of the benefits to meditation on my personal experiences with and without it.

Over the years I’ve met a number of mediums that do not meditate as a regular habit. One of my early mentors was a lady that ran the circle I was part of. She always included a short meditation in the circle meeting. It was during one such meditation that I met my dad in Spirit and where the story of the anchor originates. So the meditation was powerful and the circle leader was, in my opinion, correct in including it every week, every circle meeting. But, the ironic thing is, the circle leader never meditated herself. In fact I think back to my first ever experiences in a basic meditation class before that and where again, the teacher never meditated.

For me that doesn’t make sense. How can you teach the benefits of meditation in a development circle if you’re not actually doing it yourself? I also know many mediums that don’t meditate or don’t believe it is an important aspect to their work. Are they good mediums in my view? Some of them most certainly are, and some are amongst the best in this country. Others I know are reasonably good mediums, though I believe their mediumship would benefit greatly from doing personal meditation.

As I write this article, I’ve just completed a forty minute meditation. But that is mainly because I’m on holiday and I have all the time in the world to fit it in my schedule. Back at home in normal circumstances it’s not always so easy to fit it in. Like the rest of the world, I’m busy. Often I return home from my day job and have to prepare for an evening of demonstration with only a few minutes to spare. A long meditation is simply not possible.

What I always try hard to do is find as much time as I can to ‘get in the power‘. Often it might only be 5 minutes or thereabouts. In those few moments I will meditate, usually including a prayer (a conversation with the Spirit World) for support and guidance. If the time is very close to a demonstration, for example I’m at the premises of the demonstration or in my sanctuary just before a reading is to take place, my meditation music will be very upbeat, fast and high energy. I want my vibration raised, not lowered. This is my personal ritual, others may have different routines.

The benefits of meditation are well documented elsewhere. There are as many ways to do it as there are opinions of what is correct and what isn’t. For me, meditation is important. It allows me to focus and clear my mind of the daily clutter. It gives me time with my inner spirit. It puts me in the correct space for the task in hand, be it a reading, a demonstration, or a healing session. What works for me is not necessarily what works for other mediums.

So, in conclusion, asking a medium if they meditate is not really relevant. Mediums are all different and each have their own ways of working. For me, yes, meditation is important and I feel essential.    ♥

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