It’s Like Riding a Roller Coaster

When I announced on ‘Faceache’ a few weeks ago that I had decided to bring back my website I got a couple of private messages with a distinct theme. These were from friends I knew when I lived in the land of the sun. They wished me success with the new-look website and said they were glad it was back. Well, thank you for that.

I mention this for a reason. They also had the courage to share with me their own progress, or seemingly, lack of progress on their Spiritual unfoldment. So I thought it might be an idea to just write about that subject a little bit. It might help.

When someone reads the contents of a medium’s website such as this one, they could be led to believe that life as a medium is always good and everything is always rosy. Look at my website. All these amazing things that have happened to me. All these communications with the other world. Everything appears to happen to me. Every day must be exciting.

Well, if you think that, you are wrong. In fact you are far from the truth. Life as a medium is quite ordinary 95% of the time. Yes, my life as a whole is wonderful. I have a luxury home, a beautiful lady and a business that keeps me busy. I have many hobbies and I’m not short of money. I never have to worry about food on the table or saving for the latest gadget. In fact I have been blessed, though it has not always been that way.

I have had life struggles the same as the next person. I have, and still have medical issues. In the past I’ve had days without eating due to having no money. I’ve even been so desperate I’ve considered suicide on several occasions.

So I have a few life experiences that I believe make up who I am and have got me where I am now – a happy medium. Mmm not quite a happy medium! Actually, I don’t think I will ever be a happy medium. I will never be satisfied with my unfoldment. As a medium, I spend more time down than up. I’ve been unfolding now for some 18 years. That is some 6500 days or 156,000 hours.

The amount of that time I have truly devoted to unfolding and developing is probably a tiny fraction of that. When you read all the contents of this website you automatically think that these things are happening every day, or every hour of the day of my life. They are not.

Most days are filled with ordinary tasks – breakfast, work, tea, telly, sleep, repeat. There are of course the occasional circles, the occasional public appearances, the occasional workshops etc. And there are the daily meditations, the me time, the reading, the writing.

For me, mediumship is not a full time career yet. I don’t think I will ever be up to the standards I set for myself. I will always be disappointed with my progress. I will always demand more from Spirit. I will always question and put obstacles in my way.

Equally, there are days at a time that I think that this chosen path is wasting my time. Or days upon time when nothing happens, or I haven’t got time, or I can’t make it to an appointment, or I have to cancel due to my job.

I get frustrated and even angry about it. I want to be a medium more of the time. Then again, I’m not prepared to sacrifice something else for it. It’s called ‘Happy Discontent’.

Sometimes we have to make more effort if we want to achieve more. We have to narrow our focus on what it is we want. We have to expect a trade-off. We have to do what is required, no matter how uncomfortable it is, to progress forward. It hurts sometimes, just not enough most of the time.

There are many, many, many, many occasions where I have not wanted to leave my home to go to church, or go to a circle, or do a demonstration – but I do it anyway. On all, yes all, of these occasions, I have never, ever, ever regretted making the effort. So being a medium takes effort. It takes dedication and patience. It requires failing and embarrassment to be accepted as normal. It requires listening to bigoted people who think you’re mental. It requires being upset and disappointed with yourself. It requires all of this and more.

There are several things that motivate me to continue this Spiritual pathway.

  1. I know without question that life continues after our bodies have worn out.
  2. I know I can communicate with those the other side.
  3. I know that people need good mediums for comfort & counsel.
  4. I know that I am an ambassador to my chosen path to others.
  5. I know that this chosen path is one that I will be on all of my earthly life.
  6. I know that others might need me at some time or other.
  7. I know that being a medium is now in my blood for life.

I suspect there are many other reasons too, if I were to stop writing and think about it. What’s your reasons for choosing to be a medium? Have you written them down? If not, why not? Do you believe in yourself and your reasons with conviction?

I always say that the number one most important thing in my life is my mediumship. Yes my home and my partner and my job are all important, but they ‘re material aspects. Mediumship is a personal goal. Being a better me, a better medium and a better all-round person is down to me. Nobody else, me.

So yes, all mediums have down times, especially in the early days of development and unfoldment. All mediums have rough days where they question where it is they are going with it and why. All mediums get fed up with themselves, even disappointed with their progress or the apparent lack of help from the Spirit team. But that is all a given. It comes with having chosen a very subtle ability to unfold. Accept it and move on.

Say to yourself, “ I am a medium and proud of it“. Say it in the morning at breakfast. Have it on a note in your wallet or handbag. Read it frequently. Say to yourself, “ I am the best me I can be. I like myself.” You never know, you might start believing it sooner than you think.

So if you’re a medium, or trying to be a better medium, and you think being one makes life like a ride on a roller coaster, welcome. You’re on the right ride.

I’ll finish this post with a short story that might arouse your thinking!

There were these two farmers that lived a few miles apart on neighbouring farms. Their names were Tom and Fred. One day Tom decided to pop by Fred’s cottage and have a cup of tea. Together, they sat in the best room in the comfortable chairs and in front of the open fire where they caught up and shared stories.

In front of the crackling fire on a rug lay Fred’s old sheepdog. It was content. Sleeping and enjoying the comfort of his favourite place. Tom noticed when he was talking to Fred that every so often the dog raised its head in the air and gave out a loud cry. Tom and Fred carried on sharing their stories and every few minutes the dog suddenly raised its head and yelped aloud. And so this was repeated throughout the evening.

Eventually, the dog yelping got to Tom. He asked Fred, “Why does your old dog keep making that noise every now and then? Is he ill or something?

Fred replied, “ No he’s not ill. Actually he’s very content lay there. It’s his favourite spot. He lays there every night and every night he does the same. No he’s not ill Tom

Tom looked at Fred with a puzzled expression. After the dog let out another yelp, Tom couldn’t stop himself asking Fred, ” So what is wrong with your dog? Why does he keep doing that?

Fred took a few puffs on his pipe, tapped it on the ashtray and started the answer back to Tom who was waiting patiently for the explanation.

You see, Tom, that old dog has lay there every night for a great many years now. He’s quite comfortable there. It’s his favourite spot. ” Fred paused and took a few more puffs on his pipe before continuing.

Yes that’s the old dog’s favourite rug and his favourite spot. He settles there every night without fail. The problem is that there’s a six inch nail sticking out of the floorboard right by the side of him. The problem the dog has is that every time he nods off to sleep, he bows his head. And when he bows his head, it hits the six inch nail. It must hurt him, because he always lets out a good yelp.”

Fred had finished his explanation. Tom looked confused, first at the dog and then at Fred. There was a long period of silence as the details of the story settled in Tom’s mind.  And then the dog yelped again which broke the somewhat awkward silence.

Fred?“, Tom asked, “if that six inch nails hurts the dog whenever he falls asleep and it’s been happening for years, why on earth does the dog not move?

Fred calmly replied. “ Ah you see Tom, it don’t hurt him enough to move“.




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