Juggling Priorities

Many of us live in a very busy world where twenty fours hours are just not enough in a day. The amount of sleep we get is being pinched at both ends. Early mornings, late nights. If we have a paying job to do in the day it takes valuable hours out of the few we have. We come home tired with low energy resources and find ourselves just wanting to rest.

Other essential things in life go on hold until we have more time. Priorities take all the valuable time slots leaving us little or no time for the pastimes that we enjoy.

I have a very demanding courier business that can and more often than not take 12-14 hours of my day. Other things get put on the back burner until I have time.

I have a quadcopter that I enjoy flying to capture aerial photography. I have at least a dozen cameras that I like to produce videos from. I have a large library of books I like to read. I love meditating, walking, gardening, and sometimes DIY. I love writing, creating and designing. More important than any of those, I love being a Spiritual Medium.

All of these things demand time. Time that does not exist. Time that is so precious that when it does become available I find myself without energy to do anything.

But that is a modern lifestyle. Years ago our forefathers had fewer choices in their lives. There wasn't the technology, the media, the easily accessible gadgets to create and perform with. Life yesterday was so much more simple - on the face of it.

To get the best from life we need to balance it correctly. We need variety and at the same time we need to keep on top of the priorities such as working and resting.

I'm writing this entry at 01:30 am on a Sunday morning. Why? Because it is the only time I have left this week to do it. I'm stealing a few hours from my sleep time. But I'm not complaining. When I'm dead I'll have plenty of time then!

One of the reasons I don't take many bookings for my mediumship is because I know that the demands of my day job are likely to overlap into the evenings. I don't like letting people down with phone calls excusing myself from events. So I choose not to take many bookings.

Would I love to do more mediumship? You bet! I'd do it every chance I got if I could. But life is about priorities and earning a living is number one.

So what is the answer to a busy life? How do we find the extra time we need? The answer is we have to go with what we have at this time of our life. If the day job is demanding, then so be it. It might not always be that way. Any spare time we have needs to be used for the other priorities, such as time with family, resting, gardening, cleaning, shopping, DIY etc. Somewhere in our week we need to find time to allocate to the 'pleasure' things. Mediumship is just that with me. I would love it to move up in the list of priorities. I would love it to be number one rather than number five or whatever it is.

I get annoyed that the things I love doing most are not priorities and the things I least love doing are. But that is the same the world over with everyone that works a full time job.  It is what it is. There is no magic answer. We cannot make a day longer and we cannot always do everything we want to do in one day. Some things have to wait. Some of us can look at what we do with every hour of the day and perhaps reschedule some of the hours. Watching telly or reading a book. Getting up in the mornings at the last minute for work or getting up an hour earlier and going for a walk. Going to bed early or spending an hour meditating before going to bed.

We all have twenty fours hours every day. How we use them, how we prioritise the things that need the time, how we get the best from the day is entirely up to us.

Right - I'm off to bed now. Busy day tomorrow!

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