Mediumship is Entertainment?

Recently I did a church ‘demonstration’ of mediumship to a small local and unenthusiastic gathering. Being the most critical of my own work, I don’t normally shout about my performance on a night, however on this occasion the connections with Spirit were pure and flowing. The information I received and passed on to the recipients was ‘gold nugget’ after ‘gold nugget’. The messages from those talking in the Spirit world were amazing and included information that was even blowing me away.

I had absolutely no doubts that the messages I passed on were completely accurate and bang on. I could tell by the recipient’s reactions that this was absolute proof that that their loved ones were freely conveying powerful messages through me to their earth-bound family. Pretty much everything was validated.

At the end of the service, I left the church to go outside for a ciggy and some fresh air. As I  stood in the cool evening air, I noticed that one group that I had given messages to were gathered together having a natter. They were talking about their jobs and where they were going the following night.  That got me thinking.

Here were four members of a family that had attended their local Spiritualist Church for the evening, probably in the hope of getting a message if they were lucky. They got it and more. In fact what they got was miraculous when you give it some thought.  Here is a small church in a working town in the north of England and some medium fella worked as a vessel and passed on information and messages that were concrete proof of their late family member still alive in the Spirit world.

So, what is the big deal? The big deal is that their loved ones that they thought were gone actually spoke (through me) to them that very evening. This happens all over the world every day. Mediums connect to the Spirit world and relay messages from passed ones without a second thought. Surely that is a miraculous event in our lives? Surely this is not just entertainment? Surely this is a life changing event in many ways. Such comfort, such realisation, such unbelievable proof.

Occasionally, especially with private readings, the recipient can be seen taking notes or recording the session. Those are the ones I know are taking this occasion seriously. They have put some importance on the medium’s messages and want time to replay the information after the event.

It’s just my observations as a medium that make me question, why do some people want a reading if they aren’t going to understand the miracle that is happening.  On the other hand, many mediums, including myself at times, pass messages on that leave much doubt and little clarity with the recipient, so it’s no wonder people aren’t valuing the process.

Of course, regarding these four people I was referring on this night at the church, it could simply be that they are absolute believers and have regular messages from their passed family and have no reason to see the miracle any more. I mean, I’m a medium and sometimes even I forget what an incredible gift it is to receive communication from the other world. But it’s not entertainment, nor should it be treated so.   ♥

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