Are We Ignoring Actual Miracles

Stop what you are doing for a moment and focus. No, don’t skip through this bit. Seriously, stop and focus on my words. Now I’ve got your attention, can I ask you a couple of simple straightforward questions, please?

Are you the sort of person that would completely ignore an actual miracle if you witnessed it?

Would witnessing a miracle change your thinking, or perhaps even your life?

Stop. Read the questions again. Think about them. An actual miracle happening in front of you. Something that defies all science, all logic, all the ways you’ve come to accept as the way of the world. An actual miracle so amazing that you are completely lost for an explanation. A miracle that cannot be logically explained. Would you ignore it? Would you simply slot such a miracle away as something you couldn’t explain?

Would you consider it strange if someone you knew had witnessed a miracle yet just brushed it aside as something that happens every day? Or would you embrace a miracle? Would such a miracle leave you questioning your beliefs? Are you open-minded to consider a miracle or closed-minded to the idea?

A lot of questions, a lot of answers perhaps. Perhaps the word ‘Miracle’ is being overused. So what is the definition of a miracle?

According to the dictionary: Miraclean extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.

I come from a logically thinking upbringing. My father believed everything could be explained in some way or other. I’ve always been that way too. I question everything and seek the logical answer to anything unusual.  Yet I’m a medium – a complete opposite need to think differently.

When I set out to explore the world of mediumship, I genuinely believed at the time that there could be no such thing as talking to the dead. Early incidents that had happened at that time simply became things I couldn’t account for. No way would I have suggested that they were miracles. After all, miracles are something only God does, right?

Some years later, as documented in my journal, I spoke to my Dad in the Spirit world. Yes me, and this was before I thought I would ever become a medium. During a meditation at a local circle, one that I really didn’t commit to very intensely, my spirit guide introduced me to my Dad. He spoke with me. Dad talked over the stories of our childhood with humour. All the time, I was consciously aware  I actually knew the stories anyway so logically, easily explainable. In the meditation, I challenged my Dad to tell me something I didn’t know – something that could be validated later. And he did just that.

The story of The Anchor happened many many years ago now. It took around another five years after that initial contact, for the validation to truly unfold. When, and only when, that actual anchor was in my hands was I able to accept that a miracle had happened. I had genuinely, without question, without doubt, without any logical explanation, I had spoken to the spirit of my dead father.

Ever since that ordinary day back around 2004 I have held the highest respect for the work I do as a medium. I have a responsibility to be pure and to be accurate with the information I receive from the spirit world. In the past five years, I have been able to refine my abilities and have been privileged to be part of others receiving miracles. Words, gifts and communications with their dearly missed loved ones now in the Spirit world.

Yet, as much as I express through these words, how miraculous such communications are, I am aware that others simply dismiss them as unaccountable events in their lives.

I recall a recent private reading I had in my Sanctuary at home. It was one of the first private readings since recently moving to the north. Before the lady arrived at our home, I prayed to my spirit team and asked them, please please please help me with this reading today. I want a ‘Gold Nugget’. (This is a piece of information that is absolute proof of the communication. It has to be indisputable in every way).

During that reading, I suggest to the lady that she had brought with her a necklace that her husband bought her when he was alive. I suggested that it was ingot shaped. I heard in my head the words ‘Gold Nugget‘ but I thought that was just my mind recalling early thoughts with the spirit world.

At the end of that reading, the lady reached into her handbag and brought out a small box. This box, she had brought with her in the hope of hearing from her late husband. It was the last thing he bought her and it was precious to her. She took the lid off the tiny box. Inside was a necklace. The necklace was a solid gold ingot. On it was scribed the words, ‘Gold Nugget’.

That was a miracle.

Everyday mediums the world over attempt to connect with the spirit world. Many quite successfully, many not so. Those that truly connect to the spirit world will often relay messages from loved ones in the spirit world. Occasionally these mediums will give absolute ‘gold nuggets’ of proof that the person’s loved ones continue to live on in the spirit world. Surely this is miraculous?

Yet we continue to live our lives as if nothing has happened. We continue to seek out other mediums for entertainment purposes. We continue to claim to be non-believers. We continue to deny the very miracles that have proven to them that beyond doubt there is something beyond this life on earth. Is it just me, or are we missing something here?   ♥


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