“I wish I could find someone to motivate me Trev,” a friend said to me recently.  I used to think I had that problem, until I took time to understand the issue a bit deeper.

I’ve always viewed the word ‘motivation’ as the combination of two words – motive and action. Motivation is therefore a motive for action. Therein lies the answer. Others have not got your motives, motives are personal. So how do we get a motive for action (motivation) – motivated?

Let’s come up with a situation. John wants to build a new shed on his property. In it he dreams of having a new workshop where he can do some wood turning and make things. John’s problem is that he works 50 hours every week with his day job and only gets one day off. He has other family commitments too that take up the precious little time he has spare.

Meanwhile, his neighbour Sally, wants to be a psychic medium. But she too has a busy life and can afford very little time to pursue her interests. One day, John was talking to Sally over the fence. He was explaining how he wished he could find someone to motivate him into building his workshop. Sally agreed and shared with John how she wished she could find someone to motivate her into doing something with her psychic interests.

But Sally had an idea how she might be able to help John with his interest. She suggested that the following Sunday they should both go to the local garden centre and take a look at the range of sheds. John agreed.

The Sunday came quickly and Sally and John went off to the garden centre together. When they got there, Sally was surprised to find that there was a psychic fayre on in one of the areas. There were card readers, psychics, mediums and loads of stuff going on. Sally became excited and suggested to John that she go and check it out while John had a wander around the shed section, checking out the sizes and types.

When they met up several hours later, John was excited and explained to Sally how he had bought a shed and someone from the garden centre was going to come and install it for him. It was going to happen in a week or so, while he was at work too.

Sally was happy for him but also had her own good news. She explained to John how she had been talking to one of the mediums at the fayre and told her how she was interested in learning more.

“John, the medium has invited me to join her development circle – and it’s only once a week. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”

Where did John and Sally get their motivation? From each other? No, the motivation was from themselves. Sally had an inspiring idea to take John to see sheds. Therefore Sally was the inspiration for John. Once he was at the garden centre, he felt motivated to do something towards achieving his goal. Sally too. She found her motivation (motive for action again) after meeting a medium who encouraged her to join the group.

My friend, mentioned at the beginning of this post, was seeing the issue with the wrong approach. What he needs to do is think about what would inspire him, rather than looking for someone else to motivate him. The difference may appear subtle, but it makes a positive difference to your attitude.

Nobody else can motivate you – only you can find motivation. But others can inspire you, from which you may well be motivated. ♥

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