Science & Seance v My Fallback Point

Many years ago I used to call it my final RV from the military term final rendez vous. Nowadays I term it as my fallback point. What am I referring to and why? Mediumship is a strange subject to fully understand. It has so many facets and so much to interpret and understand that it can confuse and frustrate even the best medium – and I am far from one of those!

In the early days of my learning to become a medium I had so many unanswered questions and so much doubt in my abilities. The first thing I learnt to do well, with effective results was healing. Through my hands and my thought I could channel the universal energy that is life to the subject I was healing. The effects were always noticeable to the subject and some signs of improvement or comfort by the recipient were always reported. The main subject was often my partner Jane who suffered a lot with her rheumatoid arthritis. Not one to be easily convinced she allowed me to channel healing energy, often with impressive results. So I knew that healing was something  I could do well. My mediumship at that time was hit and miss and often depressed me at how poor I felt I was at it. So whenever I felt down I would simply fall back mentally to my final RV – the healing. I may have doubted my mediumship, but I never doubted my ability to heal.

Over the years through training, study, meditation and downright persistence and a refusal to give up, the mediumship has unfolded in abundance. With this, my personal confidence has improved and my faith in the spirit team that must be working with me. But still sometimes I find my abilities and beliefs challenged. All too easily someone or something can set me in a spiral of doubt again. This is when my Fallback Point comes into play. Let me explain more.

As I write this article, I’m on holiday and relaxing. I’m using the time to meditate and to read. The book I’m reading at this moment is called ‘Science and Séance’ by Ciaran O’Keeffe & Billy Roberts. The book is one I’m not sure I would recommend to mediumship students. It’s disturbing in many ways and questions everything and everyone involved with mediumship. Billy, a Spiritual medium for over thirty five years and from a Spiritually rich pedigree writes about his mediumship with a truth that could easily upset the fragile faith of a student. Though much of what he discusses is true, combined with the co-author Ciaran’s absolute refusal to accept anything as evidence, the reader is left with doubts and a general negativity about mediums. I confess, the book, had for a few moments, left me doubting what it is I do with mediumship.

If it wasn’t for my own Fallback Point, I might have been affected by this book – and not in a positive way. Let me explain my fallback point (FP hereafter). The full details of The Story of The Anchor can be read on this website so I wont waste time here rewriting it. Briefly, however, it is about the time my deceased father came through to me in a meditation and revealed something that only one person in our family knew about. It was his way of fulfilling my instruction to him for categorical proof that he was indeed living in the Spirit world. Read the story and you will see how remarkable the evidence was. I actually believe it was truly miraculous and was a serious waypoint in my journey. It now acts as my FP.

Whenever something or someone challenges my abilities as a medium, including myself, I refer to my FP. I don’t need to convince others, no matter how qualified they are. I don’t need to have doubt in myself for very long. I simply remind myself of my own truth, my FP.

Billy’s fascinating book certainly made me think about things. I agree with so much of what he discusses in the book and I reckon I could name at least one hundred mediums who could do with reading it. It made me question myself and my motives very deeply. But after a period of contemplation I remained happy with my path and my Spiritual direction. I love being a medium and am the best me I can be at this time.   ♥


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