I received a wonderful email from Psychic Spiritual Medium Roger Young from Dorset. Roger sat in circle with me and a group of other developing students under the mentorship of Mark Stone. Roger worked the local churches and like me, has had to overcome personal challenges with being too analytical through the process. He has kindly given me permission to publish his reply which I believe is of interest to other students.

"To relate my own experience trying to discover who my guides and helpers are, takes me back a few years to a class with our mutual friend and brilliant teacher Mark Stone. His classes are always varied and of interest, this particular evening we were having a discussion about guides & helpers."

"I had mentioned to Mark that after all these years of mediumship I still hadn't a clue who, or even if I had guides. As an exercise, Mark suggested we draw and describe who we felt our guides and helpers were."

"Prior to this evening with Mark, the only real experience I had of any help was after reading a book by Steven D. Farmer Ph.D called ''Power Animals". In this book, the author explains how to find one's Totem through meditation. I recall I struggled with this for some time."

"Then during one meditation a huge grizzly bear showed himself to me. I shared this incident with my circle leader at that time who laughed after I gave the bear the name 'Bruno'. For a number of years, 'Bruno' would occasionally show up in my meditation. In these meditations I would appear to always have a pot of honey with me as a gift for him I guess. However, 'Bruno' still made it known to me where I was going wrong. At that time I was extremely analytical of all things pertaining to be of a spiritual communication, especially  being in possession of an over active imagination."

"During one meditation where 'Bruno' was present, we were walking in a forest. We were on this path which made for easy walking. 'Bruno' then turned to me and said, "You take that path through the brambles and thorns.""

"I asked 'Bruno' why I should leave the path he was taking? He replied, "Well - in spite of what I try to tell you, you always seem to want to take the most difficult way". The meditation brought it home to me that I had to lighten up and TRUST. "

"Anyway, back to the exercise with Mark. I drew the first thing that popped into my head. This was to me what looked like a Mayan or Aztec warrior. I described his chest plate and head-dress and livery and gave my drawing to Mark. After a brief discussion with my fellow students, I left for home, not thinking too much about the evening. I had enjoyed the evening, especially made better with the nice friendly group present."

"Some time later, the most extraordinary thing happened. I was reading a daily newspaper, when I turned a page and looking straight at me was the very warrior I had drawn at Mark's class a few nights previously. I was so excited that I phoned Mark. He too had also seen the article and photo. He said to me, "What more proof do you need?" Well to say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement!"

"This warrior chap, I'm not really aware of when I work, but I intuitively know that someone is there.  I would like to think it was him. Since then I have also become aware of a very ordinary lady, who shows herself outside her old terraced cottage door. She always looks as though she has just scrubbed the step. I also feel I have another helper, this man to me appears as a tradesman in a blue bib overall. I believe that these three work together with me. I feel that my warrior friend brings through the communicator. The lady gives me all the emotional and family feelings and the man gives me the more practical information, such as occupation, army service etc."

"These spirit people sit comfortably with me, so I trust them. Occasionally the information I get from them isn't always spot on. I put this down to the personality or shyness of the communicator, or more likely the way I interpret the information. I say this as I mainly work clairsentiently, as most mediums do."

"I enjoy reading your articles. Thank you."
Roger Young
10th April 2015

Roger uses the word 'Trust' loud and clear in his story and that is the absolute golden key to our work. We, as mediums, have to learn to trust our intuition and never dismiss what appears in our mind.

It is worth repeating what I have said in previous posts, the only way that the spirit world can communicate with us as 'perceptive' mediums is through our mind - the very same place our imagination resides. So we cannot afford to dismiss every strange thought as simply our over-active imagination. That's the same as simply hanging the phone up on the spirit world. Thank you for taking the time to write, Roger. Your words will inspire other fellow students. Keep up the good work.