My Top Mentors

I started my Spiritual Unfoldment back in the year 2000. The seed was planted when events happened to me that I could not logically account for. At the time I thought they were coincidences but later realised that these series of events were meant to be. They set me off on a journey of exploration, research and personal growth.

I had no knowledge of mediumship and certainly didn't know anyone connected to it. So right from the very beginning, people came into my life that were to be mentors. They may not have known it at the time but I hung onto their words and their knowledge of this new discovery that I knew little about and they were leading the way in.

Below is a short list of some of the key people and a brief reason why.

Colin Fry:
It was his TV shows that fed my curiosity. He inspired me to look into this subject further. Many years later I was honoured to meet him in person and watch him live in theatres and churches.

Tony Stockwell:
In much the same way as Colin, Tony was appearing on TV a lot and I loved his style and skills.

John Edward:
An American medium that was appearing on TV in a series called 'Crossing Over'. It was John that really inspired me to investigate the subject of talking to Spirit, and though his books I felt motivated to discover my own potential. I have watched John live in theatres in the UK three times and he is as brilliant a medium live as he is on TV.

Christine King:
This lady ran a  'Mind Body Spirit' shop in New Milton, in the New Forest. She welcomed me to her meditation circles at the very beginning and later trained me to Level 2 in Reiki Healing.  Without her being there, I may not have pursued my interest in this subject.

Mia Dolan:
The first workshop I ever attended was run by medium, teacher and author, Mia Dolan. I recall being a new student, excited and thrilled to meet her and be taught by her. The beginners workshop was excellent and I learnt so much. At this time, I was well into the healing side of the subject and got some valuable information from her personally.

Joan Dunbar:
Joan is an "old school" Spiritual Medium based in Christchurch, Dorset. Joan had very high standards and a reputation for running a strict closed circle group. She accepted me into her circle after interviewing me and this was where much of my early development took place.

Jenny Ann:
A Shamanic teacher who I met at a workshop at Christchurch Spiritual Church. It was through her meditations that I met my healing guide, Saki. Jenny also taught me to look upon this subject from a more nature, earthly view.

Mark Stone:
Mark had the most influence on my unfoldment and through his amazing teaching and workshops I developed into a proper medium. He has a lifetime of experience and is probably one of the finest teachers a student could have. I remain good friends with him to this day.

Glyn Edwards:
Glyn was a student of the late and great Gordon Higginson before becoming one of the finest mediums in the country. He was always more than happy to share his worldly experience and words of wisdom. At the same time as being an esteemed man, he was also very down to earth and easy to get on with.

Scott Milligan:
I met Scott for the first time at The Arthur Findlay College where I was privileged to sit in several of his seances. The physical experiences I encountered at these events changed my thinking about science as we know it and left me with memories that I will never forget. Scott is probably the best physical medium in this country.

Eileen Davies:
I think of Eileen as my teacher mother. Not from an age point of view but from the way she treated me as a student at The Arthur Findlay College. She was always firm with me and worked to the highest standards I have experienced in mediumship. An outstanding medium herself and truly a remarkable teacher.

Eamonn Downey:
Eamonn was one of the teachers at The Arthur Findlay College who helped and inspired me with his unique style and accuracy of detail as a medium and teacher.

Gordon Higginson:
Considered to be the finest mediums of his time who has influenced so many of the above named people. His work can be found on YouTube and continues to inspire me even though I never had the pleasure of living in the same era as him.

Karen Berrey:
I met Karen when I moved to the north of England. Her no-messing style and genuine connection with Spirit is unique among her contemporaries. She has inspired me through her work and her friendship. Karen has given me the opportunity to share platforms with her and allowed me the practical experience to improve as a medium.

Becoming a medium has meant I have met many new friends along the way, far too many to  mention by name. The named people above have had a true impact on my journey and have been like marker posts along the route.

There are other teachers and mediums I've known who in some small way have helped me to move forward, whether for their inspiration or as examples of how not to be a medium. My journey has involved a lot of learning and often a lot of un-learning too.

I believe that for each of us to move forward in a particular direction, we need someone who has 'been there and done that' to show us the way. I believe in mentors and I equally believe that they deserve credit for their work. Why not take a few minutes to consider who has impacted most on your life, be it spiritually or ordinarily. You will get a good feeling from performing this exercise.

Be aware though, that often we will grow more knowledge and more experience than some of our mentors, but without them we would not have been able to get to this point in our journey.

Since I originally made this list back in 2014, other mentors have come into my life. And no doubt there will be more in the future. It's not always their knowledge or experience that encourages me, but their abilities to part with their knowledge and enthusiasm to encourage and help others like me that matters.

Though this final comment sounds egotistical, I recognise now that finding good mentors at this point of my learning is becoming harder because my expectations from them is becoming greater. I see flaws, issues and wrongs in their personalities or methods of working and this makes me consider that they could not be a mentor for me. Harsh? Perhaps. But talking the talk and walking the walk are two separate issues and both must be present. ♥


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