Partnering a Sensitive is Hard

In last week’s post I talked about being a sensitive and the aspects of being so in day to day life. This week I want to talk about a little further on the subject and in particular living with a partner.

It might appear to some people that mediums are special people with some kind of super power. This is not the case in reality. As a medium, I have a very ordinary life most of the time. When I’m not in touch with Spirit I’m living a normal life like everyone else. I do a day job, I swear, I curse people, especially on the roads, I pick my nose and scratch my bum!

That’s not to say that I can completely switch off my sensitive side because I can’t. That is now part of me and who I am. If I were to hit someone, which I’m never likely to do, but if I did, I would probably apologise immediately and ask how they were!

I can use cutting words to tell someone what I feel and am a specialist in straight talking and saying it how it is. I call this pure communication. Don’t flower the words unless the situation calls for it. Communicate the message clearly, ” I am not happy with … ” or ” your customer service is appalling …”

I often think that living with a sensitive must be hard work at times. As a sensitive I am aware of when my partner is listening to me fully. In fact, I often insist on it. If I have something important to communicate, I want to make sure she gets it clearly. When she rings a company to complain, she is a diplomat with them. She uses subtle language to express her feelings, whereas I would go straight in a tell them it as it is, no messing.

I like to tell my partner how much I love her – all the time, any time. It means she hears it every five minutes. Why? Because, I believe that being sensitive brings with it an amount of personal insecurity. I want to be told I’m loved, I want to be liked by others. So I work on that all the time.

My partner is not a sensitive. She is not a medium and although she supports my path of life, she does not have any other interest in it. She doesn’t come to any functions or events and she doesn’t want to.  But she does support me – 100%.

I often wonder that if I were living with another medium, would it work out? Who can say, though I doubt it somehow. The thing about my partner is that she understands that I am a sensitive person and not being a medium herself can unknowingly keep me grounded.

Grounding is not about closing chakras or some other silly routine. For me, grounding is about being normal again. I often find going into the garden to do some weeding is good grounding. Listening to my partner tell me about her day is grounding too.

I know that my partner does not have it all easy living with a sometimes moody, sensitive and often demanding person. But I do believe that she was put in my path of life for the reason of keeping me grounded and on the straight and narrow. Not always an easy task.

Sensitive people often wear their hearts on their sleeve. They tell the world everything, often when they shouldn’t too! I’m always having a pop at my wonderful medium friend about her social media postings. But I also understand that she is a sensitive and that is what we sometimes do.

Sensitives are easy to love and equally often love others all too easily. I know that I have to reign my personal feelings back when I’m in an attractive lady’s presence. Given ten minutes, I could easily’fall in love’ with her. Again, I think this is all part of being a sensitive. I believe this is a good thing most of the time.

I recall an occasion in the past where I was in a training workshop with other mediums. I spotted this lady there that for some reason or other I could not keep my eyes off. I felt deep feelings for her and couldn’t understand why.  To put it in man-words, I fancied her.

Late in the day, we each had to get up and do readings to the group. I stood and did a reading to this lady I apparently fancied. I told her details that I knew of her and soon realised I was her husband in Spirit. I gave details of how I felt about her and how I missed her. I even named one of my children with her that was about to do exams and hoped he did well.

It transpired that this lady’s husband hadn’t passed to spirit but a few weeks earlier. They were very close and madly in love throughout their relationship. He always stared at her in the eyes and adored her.

Some days later I realised that what had happened is that her husband had used my sensitivity and my emotions to pass on his messages. He had used my eyes to look at his mourning wife. I had felt all his feelings.

Thankfully at that time, I don’t think I embarrassed myself (more than normal) by saying anything stupid to her. Many years on now, and we are still social media friends. In fact, she has become a fantastic medium herself in the Bournemouth area.

The above example showed me how important it is to be aware of my feelings and question why they are what they are at that moment. I realised that the Spirit world can and will use emotions to communicate.

So partnering a sensitive is not easy. Being a sensitive is also not always the best quality to find a suitable partner with. The emotions are too raw and often without logic. Sensitives almost live on that ‘Cupid’ love, that feeling you get when you first fall in love with someone.

Of course, there are probably many people that claim to be mediums that don’t have any of my attributes. That just tells me that they work in a different way using different techniques. I do feel, however, that the best mediums are the most sensitive mediums, the ones not scared to say ‘I love you’.


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