Imagine you turn up at your dentist and he or she’s untidy and scruffy.  You notice that their own teeth are dirty too. Would you have confidence in their abilities as a dentist? What if you turned up at your doctor’s surgery and spotted your doctor out the back having a cigarette. Would you lose a little faith in his or her or her words to you on healthier lifestyles? Consider how you’d feel if you hired a plumber and on starting the job he asks you if you have any spanners he could use! Impressed? How would you react if you spotted your local policeman kicking a cat or dog. Disgraced?

These are silly scenarios that are never likely to occur. Why? Because these people normally represent their job with professionalism and a confident authority. They dress for the part and they act the part, and in doing so instil confidence in us all.

What about a medium? Should they dress smartly? Should they conduct themselves in a professional manner?  Should they be polite, on time and ready to serve the Spirit world as a communicator? Yes of course they should. The medium is connecting the living to their passed relatives and friends. That is a miracle by anyone’s standards. But doing so in front of an audience and stood there wearing scruffy jeans, tee-shirt, unkempt hair and wearing trainers – what picture does that paint? Certainly not one of someone serious about what it is they’re doing. What if they swear a lot claiming it to be spirit making them, should that be acceptable as true evidence of a deceased person’s personality or should they refuse to repeat word-for-word those of someone foul-mouthed now in spirit?

A medium near where I live has recently retired from public appearances. I’ve watched him work half a dozen times in front of different size audiences. On every one of those occasions he has appeared in a suit and tie. Okay, he removes the tie once he’s working, that’s fine. But the impression he gives is one of professionalism and pride in what he does. His first impression that he creates is of someone that wants to be seen as professional about his talent.

Dress code isn’t the only element of presenting yourself as someone professional. The way you act, the words you speak, the care you have and the attention to every tiny detail, all paint a picture of someone responsible. Or, of course, the opposite if those details are not that important to you.

An audience will often mirror the impression they have of you, whether you’re a male or female. Whatever you say or do, gives them permission to mirror it and so often they do. If you’re casual with your approach, laughing and joking all the time, swearing, being rude or any other personality trait you wish to portray, it will be copied by your audience.  That might be what you want – if you’re a stand-up comedian, but if you’re a medium, an ambassador to the spirit world, someone claiming to being doing something that most educated scientists would argue with, then stacking the odds in your favour is the only way to go about it. Punctuality, smartness, and a professional approach are all signals that the person is mannered and caring.

I remember the first time I went to see the amazing American medium, John Edward, live in a theatre in Torquay. Here was I, going to see one of my inspirations working live. The announcer brought him on stage and the theatre cheered and clapped him for a good few minutes before he calmed the audience. He has a reputation as one of, if not, the best mediums in the world today. His connections were immaculate and his attention to detail in the readings was simply mind-blowing.

And here he was, live in front of me. Smiling and happy. Acknowledging the audiences love for him. His reputation was rock solid. He had nothing to prove. There he was, on a simply decorated theatre stage with nothing more than a stool, a backdrop and a microphone. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt!

But he could do that for the very reasons I stated. People already know his work is good. His books have sold millions. People book readings with him and have to go on a 5 year waiting list – and that’s for a group reading. So, honestly – he can wear whatever he likes, because, in the sense of image and professionalism, he has already proved himself. He wasn’t wearing a suit, he was casual in his approach. However, he has a reputation that people already know. He speaks well, he is informed and he is loved the world over for his incredible work with the spirit world. Most mediums would love to be where is he in their work. So it makes sense to present yourself as the best you you can be. Stating that you are what you are and they can like it or leave it is giving permission for people to criticise you from the off. Stack the odds from the start.

Many of the comments I write in my Open Mind posts are subjective. More often than not, they are based on my point of view and what I feel is right and wrong. I know there will be many local mediums that will read my comments in this post, and probably other posts, and think I’m wrong in suggesting stuff that is unnecessary. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, their own ideas and their own ways of presentation. But it is my strong belief that if you want to win an audience over, then you need to ‘stack the odds’ in your favour. Dress for success, act like success and remember what they have paid money to see you do. Don’t give them reason to doubt you. Don’t give them reason to judge you. Don’t give them reason to misread you. Stack the odds in your favour immediately.

Remember the fifth principle of spiritualism – Personal responsibility. It has so many interpretations in life as a whole. You as a medium have personal responsibility in every action you take and if it’s often in a public arena, more the reason to try harder. Unless, of course, you are world famous with an untarnished track record, then you can do what you like, though you might lose a lot of supporters on the way. ♥


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