Prove It

I reckon that there aren't many other professions where people ask you to prove what you do!

Imagine asking a doctor if he or she can prove they know can get you better. Yes they have trained and studied for years to get where they are, as do most people in their jobs. But as a medium, so have I, and so have most other mediums.

Mediums are constantly aware that there are people around them, in their congregations, or even in their own families, that just don't believe there is a life after death and that we as mediums can communicate with the other side. In the early days of my development and unfoldment I faced workmates, friends, family and complete strangers all too eager to tell me I was doolally.

I recall a good friend at that time who constantly jibed me whenever he got the chance, telling me how scientists didn't believe in life after death and how there was absolutely no proof whatsoever.  We live and we die - that is all there is to it! At that time, I was easily belittled over my new interest. I couldn't offer explanations or even prove. I got hurt and felt wounded on every encounter.

It's the same for every student that wants to explore their psychic potential. They will face questions they can't answer and in the worst case will be outed by certain members of their families or close friends. It can often be so bad that they decide not to pursue their psychic interest for fear of being laughed at. Some will give up and never consider their potential again.

So what is the solution? How do we get through these challenges? How do we grow bigger and better so we can face the negatives? I have the answer - education.

You see, although the comments from others often hurt and let my sensitivity wounded. Yet I knew what I knew, though in the early days that may not have been much. But it was enough for me to have belief in the subject of the continuation of life.  So I simply took the hits, the belittling, the laughter, the mocking and just kept doing what I was doing. Learning, associating with people that would inspire and motivate me, reading, watching, exploring and everything I could to learn more.

Slowly over time, I found myself able to handle myself and the awkward questions. I had the answers to answer the half-baked questions asked by the cynic. I had grown in knowledge and in doing so in my own knowings (stronger than beliefs).

Here's the funny thing now. I can't wait for the sarcastic comment from the non-believer that poo-poos mediumship. I can handle their remarks.

There are also those genuine people that simply don't believe in life after death. That is their choice. Remember that most people make their decisions based on the evidence that they know and have had in their life. Most people aren't walking around looking for evidence of the afterlife. Though frankly if they want to see it, go to Wigan centre on a Saturday night and they'll see it!

So most people simply have a disbelief based on what they currently know and understand. This does not make them all cynics. Most are simply sceptics. And I believe a sceptic is perfectly health. I, for one, am very sceptical about many mediums I encounter!

If the sceptical person says to me, " I don't believe in life after death." I simply answer, " Would you like to?"

And then the conversation begins.   ♥


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