Glyn Edwards
On 31st May 2015 Glyn Edwards passed to spirit after suffering some illness for the latter years of his life.

I feel extremely privileged to have met and been taught by this great man over the past ten years. After moving to Dorset in the first decade of 2000, I started to seek out people I could learn from. At the time I heard through my mentor, Christine King, that there was a great medium called Glyn Edwards doing a lot of work with someone called 'Mark Stone' over in the Poole area of town.

Christine would tell me how this man Glyn was well known throughout the UK and known as one of the great mediums in this country. Some months later I got to meet and become good friends with Mark Stone who was to become another key mentor in my development and unfoldment. During this time, Mark shared with me and others in our special group, the work and stories about Glyn. Mark was extremely proud to be a close friend to Glyn and always used Glyn's teachings with his students, of which I was now one.

One day, Mark excitedly told us about how he had managed to get Glyn Edwards to do a weekend workshop. I just had to be there. The first most noticeable thing about meeting Glyn was how ordinary he was to be around. He had no problems talking to anyone - including little ole´me. Glyn had a warm, friendly and comforting personality that made you want to be around him. I soon discovered, however, that this man was incredibly knowledgeable and had so much experience and wisdom that I would never exhaust him with my tricky questions.

The workshop was incredibly inspiring and in this journal I have documented incidents that happened to me under Glyn's teaching. He had so much power backed with enthusiasm and an undying want to help each and every student.

More workshops were to follow through Mark and I continued to learn from the great man and of course Mark, who was heavily influenced by Glyn's personal tuition with him. I was also fortunate to attend several of Glyn's workshops and lectures while I was at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.

Much of the time I was around Glyn I felt that I had so much to learn. His depth of knowledge, experience and wisdom was always obvious and yet, no question was ever too trivial for him to answer. Aside from this knowledge, Glyn was an interesting man. He had a wicked sense of humour and loved laughing and joking. He also loved his cakes, puddings and certainly had a sweet tooth which being diabetic as he was, was probably his only obvious weakness!

Glyn Edwards fascinated me for another reason worth recalling. He was a very pragmatic person and didn't accept everything as the work of spirit unless there was evidence or reason. He was logical in that sense and constantly encouraged students to explore deeper than just a mere connection with spirit. I recall one of his stories he shared about a student who said they could not connect with spirit. Glyn encouraged this student to continue anyway. The student was 'trying' to do a reading and thought they were failing. Glyn encouraged the student to ask, " What did the spirit person do as a job when they were here?"

The student responded that the spirit said they were an engineer. The person that the student was reading for responded excitedly that this was indeed true. The student became excited by the connection and stepped out from the power so impressed with his efforts. However, Glyn wasn't impressed yet and told the student that the spirit claims of being an engineer was too vague. Glyn ordered the student to go back into the power and ask what sort of engineer - get more detail.

The student revealed that the person in spirit worked with the railway is some form. After some encouragement from Glyn, learnt from the spirit person that they actually were a wheel-tapper. The person that the student was reading for completely accepted that as indeed exactly what their past relative did.

This is how Glyn was. He encouraged students to explore deeper with the spirit connection. Get details that matter and not wishy-washy basic stuff that was not true enough evidence.

Glyn himself had been greatly influenced by Gordon Higginson and always based his teachings around that of his great mentor. Glyn was canny too in many respects. He would not outright put a student down with words that discouraged. He would always leave them believing they had a value. His favourite statement to a student, no matter how basic their understanding was that Glyn knew they had potential. Glyn once said exactly that to me - "You have great potential Trevor".

Some months later, I realised what that actually meant. Mark explained that Glyn would always tell his students they held the potential. The key, however, was whether they used it. Nice one Glyn, and there was me thinking I was good!

You often hear stories of how someone has been in the presence of some wise guru and sat with them through the night to learn everything they could. Glyn was one such person. His lectures often went past their allotted times. If the students were wanting to learn from him, he would give endlessly and share his knowledge and give his time without limits or an eye on the clock.

After the news of Glyn's passing was announced on Facebook, Mark Stone received hundreds of messages of condolence from friends across the globe sharing their grief and sadness for the loss. However, one person took a different and probably more accurate approach with his message to Mark. We all know and were aware of how connected with the spirit world Glyn was. So his passing is merely that -  a passing from this side to the other.

We only grieve as a form of selfishness that we will not spend time in the presence of this man Glyn Edwards in the bodily form any more. But really we should rejoice in knowing that a man that devoted his entire life to working with, understanding and sharing the knowledge of spirit is now residing with them.

Glyn has gone home, where he will spend time with the greats such as Gordon Higginson, his passed family and friends who will be there in abundance to welcome him home. He will continue his work from that side, I can be sure of that.

I am indeed honoured that Glyn Edwards was and still remains a valuable part of life and my journey. Thank you my friend Glyn.

I have taken the liberty to copy and paste the following information about Glyn Edwards from The Arthur Findlay College website in case it is removed due to his passing.

Glyn Edwards was born in Liverpool and is internationally recognised as one of the UK’s finest mediums. He joined a Benedictine community when he was just sixteen years old, which helped to expand not only his spiritual awareness, but also his psychic and mediumistic abilities, which subsequently led him back into the world. He is a certificated medium of The Spiritualists' National Union and was a protegee of Gordon M Higginson and worked on a variety of projects with him for many years.

Glyn has travelled extensively, speaking, lecturing, demonstrating and running workshops worldwide for over 40 years. He owes much of his early work to Jean Matheson, a long-time friend and organiser of numerous successful events and courses in the North of England, who sat for Glyn in a highly productive development circle and helped him to gain confidence in his abilities

Glyn is one of the founding fathers of The Gordon Higginson Fellowship which runs various inspiring and excellent courses in the South of England and has been a regular senior course tutor at The Arthur Findlay College for over three decades. He has also worked at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and been involved with the research of PRISM (Psychical Research Involving Selected Mediums).

Glyn possesses extensive understanding of various mediumistic and spiritual paths and is particularly known for the quality of his work and his ability to demonstrate his mediumship almost effortlessly in front of large audiences. He is highly respected for his understanding of and insight into different areas of mediumistic unfoldment and his devotion to helping students explore and realise their individual potential.

In 2003 he made the front page of Psychic News (which he has done many times in his mediumistic life) after being struck-down by a mystery virus. Since then he has shown how determination and the power of the spirit can overcome adversity. Remarkably many have testified to how his work and teachings have moved on to a deeper level. He also found this chapter in his life opening up many profound insights and experiences that expanded his amazing mediumistic and spiritual vision.

Glyn has been interviewed on television and radio throughout the world, recorded many teachings and practices, written numerous articles on mediumship and spiritual growth and co-authored two highly praised development manuals with the author of ‘Spirituality Unveiled’, designer of GreenSpirit magazine and former punk rock bass guitarist of The Wasps, Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston). Both books with Glyn have recently been thoroughly revised and re-titled as ‘The Spirit World in Plain English: Mediumistic and Spiritual Unfoldment’  and  ‘Spirit Gems: Essential Guidance for Spiritual, Mediumistic and Creative Unfoldment

Glyn is extensively featured in two in-depth interviews in the book ‘Realms of Wondrous Gifts: Psychic, Mediumistic and Miraculous Powers in the Great Mystical and Wisdom Traditions’ by Santoshan and has recently released the ‘The Potential of Mediumship: A Collection of Essential Teachings and Exercises’, which is the first ever anthology of Glyn’s wisdom to be released and draws on six different sources of previously published and unpublished material. Glyn was also featured in ‘The Best of British’, which was published to coincide with the new millennium.

Glyn also undertook instruction from a renowned tantric master, Sri Jammu Maharaj, and Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj, who gave him the name of ‘Devadasa’ (meaning ‘servant of God’). Along with eastern spirituality, Glyn has for many years been deeply inspired by and drawn to the teachings and insights of Earnest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, and finds much food for spiritual replenishment in Nature-centred spirituality.