Retreat Time

As I write this article, today is the first day of September 2017 and it is the first official day of our holiday here in Lanzarote. We actually arrived yesterday afternoon but with all the travelling we were both tired and other than the evening meal and the first official gin and tonic or two not much happened.

After a light breakfast this morning, we made our way to our favourite quiet spot in the hotel’s beautiful gardens. And that is when the holiday begins for me. This is my retreat. Away from the over congested roads of the UK, the madness of the drivers and the desperate rush of general life. Away from the mobile phone and the demands it brings as a self employed man needing to work to earn a living. Away from the gardening, the lawn mowing, the pressing decorating requirements, the DIY stuff needing my attention and more. Away from the unreliable northern UK weather and the onsetting cold conditions. Away from the routines of everyday life. Work, rest and sleep. No television, no terrorism stories, no wars, no breaking news stories.

So what, instead?
We’ve settled in our sun loungers on the rye grass lawn of this quiet spot away from the outside swimming pools and the accompanying noise of people enjoying themselves.

Around us are a few more people seeking the same peace and quiet. People pass by on the crazy pathing path leading here and there. The sea is just about 50 feet away and gently ripples as the light breeze chases over the surface. Palm trees rustle in the wind and occasionally the sound of a calling sparrow can be heard amongst the voices of people happy in their pursuits.

We spend a few minutes getting our towels just right and organising our personal areas, our own piece of paradise. Jane positions herself to face the sun while I get as much of myself in the limited shade available. We both smile and acknowledge that this is it. What we’ve been waiting for for so many weeks. What we’ve worked hard for, saved for and deserve. Our reward is this paradise.

Shortly after I’ve settled comfortably, I find my Walkman and Bluetooth headphones and line up my favourite zen meditation track which is 1 hour long. I take my position, note the time and start the track. I pray to spirit and then enjoy a meditation for as long as it takes. The first one this morning was 40 minutes – just right.

After the meditation, I continue reading the first of the three books I’ve brought with me. Science And Séance by Ciaran O Keeffe & Billy Roberts. A fascinating book, though at the same time disturbing and frustrating.

After a session reading, we go for a walk completed with a nice coffee at the hotel pool bar. The afternoon will bring much the same. Probably a little nap or two and another meditation. Some writing and listening to my favourite music by Robert Haig Coxon.

Just three days ago I was doing a public demonstration of mediumship in Wigan. Here today, I am back in the classroom and the recovery room. Over the coming days I will explore more of myself and listen to the spirit team as they offer advise and guidance as they have on previous occasions.

I have learnt that this time out is important. Yes, that is what a holiday is for, but rather than just do nothing important, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to grow within, to explore my inner spirit, to read and to unwind slowly and become part of this incredible island.

In the past holidays here I have experienced some insights with the Spirit team who have shared valuable lessons with me. Not techniques of mediumship but deeper messages of peace and purpose. These lessons I take back home with me. My mediumship improves and I believe I become a better person. I should know – I’m the toughest judge I need. This is my idea of a retreat – my retreat.     ♥

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