Sensitive Feelings

Mediums are often referred to as sensitives. The title refers to being sensitive to the vibrations of the spirit world. For me, becoming a better medium involves personal training in the form of a process we know as attuning. Attuning involves heightening senses through meditation and similar exercises, some of which I’ve written about in the Student Basics section.

The trade-off to this sensitivity is that it makes a medium a sensitive person in day to day life too. Personally,  as examples, I don’t like a lot of noise, I don’t like disorganisation, I don’t like violence and a range of other aspects of ‘normal’ life. These are things that ordinary people take for granted. They are hardened to them – desensitised.

The sensitivity doesn’t just stop at bodily feelings though. I am also very sensitive to the words spoken by others. As part of the attuning process I have learnt to hear what people say. I listen with great intent. So a remark spoken by someone as a passing comment, that ordinary people would allow to flow in one ear and out the other, often doesn’t with me. A remark will be heard and if there are parts of it that are perhaps personal, I will spend too much time thinking about, whether its a good remark or bad.

So a compliment given is often appreciated so very much and uplifts my feelings with immediate affect. Whereas a negative remark will stick in my mind and I will often find myself analysing it in my mind for hours after.  I believe this is simply the trade-off to being a sensitive person – a sensitive.

Other attributes include often being moody for no reason, yet being able to snap out of it in seconds and completely change my mood. Generally, I’m a positive person and always find being moody very draining. I can usually get out of this state of feeling quite easily.

My tolerance to pain is extremely low. Being a diabetic, I hate it when I have to have a blood test. I hate it even when I have to have my eyes checked, even though there is no pain involved. I certainly am not comfortable with dentists or anything that might lead to pain. I’m squirmy when it comes to blood, even on TV and even if in a fictitious film! So obviously I avoid pain. I could never be a drug addict having to inject myself. I cringe at the thought of those druggies that shoot up by injecting themselves in their eyes – oh my God, just the thought!

I could never have a tattoo or a piercing either. Why would I want to inflict that pain on myself? In the early days of my diabetes I had to check my sugar levels daily. But I could never press the simple button to take a single drop of blood. I had to get Jane to do it – and with a load of conditions attached as to how she was to do it!

So being a sensitive person has some negative aspects. But it also has some positive ones too. I feel I can relate to people easier than others. I can listen more intently, sympathise and comfort easier. I can see the world through their eyes and understand how they are feeling. I can counsel better.

Being sensitive makes me less likely to belittle someone. It makes me less likely to make an untimely remark that could hurt someone. It makes me more sensitive to the needs of others. Being sensitive means I can judge someone’s personality more accurately and often know when they are being less than honest. I can read their body language easier and feel their energy. I suppose this is where the psychic part of being a medium sits.

Whenever I do a personal reading, I often pull my chair slightly closer to the recipient than I normally would so I can feel their energy subconsciously. Yet I will often back off from someone who steps too close or gets within my personal space uninvited.

Male mediums are often considered as being in touch with their feminine side. Perhaps this explains why many, not all, male mediums are gay. It certainly explains why I have had so many gay friends in the past. I find them less threatening than straight men. I enjoy their sensitivity.  It is my opinion that most of the best mediums I have ever looked upon as mentors have been gay too. That’s not a broad statement. When I think of all the male mediums I have  known and admired for their mediumship qualities a large percentage of them have been gay, or at the very least, in touch with their feminine side.

” I once made the mistake of asking a gay friend if he could fancy me if I was gay. He answered ” no – you’re not my type”. I was upset!”

So being a medium is not just about being able to ‘talk to the dead’. There’s a lot more involved. In my years of unfolding and developing I believe my personality has changed. I believe I have become a better person than the one I would have been left to my own ways. My sensitivity has not just put me in touch with the other side, but also myself and more importantly, the feelings of others.

You could detract from that last paragraph that ‘finding God’, all be it my take on God, changed my life for the better. So being a sensitive is not all bad. The negatives are far outweighed by the positive aspects. I’m a sensitive person and proud of it.

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