Is There More To Spiritualism Than Being A Medium?

I was recently at a church open circle when I received an amazing message for a young lady in the circle. It was from a lady in Spirit, who happened to be the late wife of the young lady’s neighbour who had brought her along that night. The message was different in the way it was worded to me and I found it slightly hard to relay it back in the same context.

This lady in Spirit asked me to thank her husband for bringing the young lady neighbour along that night and tell him how important his support was just what the young lady needed. The Spirit lady told me how the young lady had always been interested in this afterlife stuff. She then told me to tell her to study the subject deeper, to read about it and to explore her own spirit first. She was keen to tell me that ‘podium’ or public work was not where the young lady should be focusing. Of course, I did my best to pass this information on in the best way I could.

This message from the lady in the spirit world reminded me of what being a medium is really all about.  It’s more than just passing messages on from the other side. So much more. When I set out on my learning curve nearly two decades ago, I certainly never intended to be standing up in front of crowds of people talking with the dead. In fact, it’s the part of being a medium I least like. That statement might surprise some people. Surely being a medium is just about being a mouthpiece for the other world and being a Spiritualist?

Spiritualism is more than just communication with the spirit world. Spiritualism, in my humble opinion, is more than just a religion with a label. In fact, there is much about the actual governing body that calls itself the Spiritualist Movement that I completely disagree with. I believe that Spiritualism has so many facets that becoming a medium is just one tiny section.

I believe that Spiritualism and being a Spiritualist is about accepting the continuation of life and understanding your own spirit and what part it plays in the bigger picture. Understanding what feeds it, what it needs, what is right and what is wrong for it. Learning to change, to develop as a person, to grow, to become wise, to accept and to be challenged. Spiritualism is not just about living your life for the dead, it’s about living your life to the full. It’s about understanding the world, the people, the animals, the plants, the very ingredients that make it what it is. Spiritualism is equally about yourself, your journey, your achievements, your failures, your life and how it contributes to the greater all.

Spiritualism is less about talking to the other side and more about talking to yourself – your real inner self. Taking time to listen, to appreciate, to sense and to feel, to appreciate and to accept. It’s more about attuning to yourself as well as the other world. Living is my number one priority, not the ‘dead’. Personally, I work hard to grow as a person. I work hard to understand my errors and to learn from them. I am who I am, I will be who I become. I learn from others by listening and understanding.

I know that by aiming to become better by understanding my own spirit and learning from it will take me on a pathway that is in the right direction. I may never achieve perfection, nor ever become a complete person. But in trying, I will achieve more than if I didn’t.

If all you want to do in life is talk to the spirit world, good luck. That is fine. After a few years of study that is exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to communicate with Spirit and bring messages from the other side. Well, I’ve done that, and continue to do so, though less so these days. But there is a lot more to the journey and being a Spiritualist. There is so much to study and so much to learn. So much rich history, pioneers and healers from the past to learn about. Each of us has so much to experience and so much to accept for ourselves and of ourselves. Far more than we can possibly ever achieve in one lifetime.

In answer to the original question, ‘Is there more to being a Spiritualist than being a medium?’, absolutely yes there is. And hopefully in this short post I have shown you why being a medium and talking to the spirits of the next world is not the end all and be all.  It is merely one very tiny element, you might call it a skill, in a vast journey of discovery.  ♥

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