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This section of the website is away from the eyes of the general public for good reason. You've been given access in the hope that what you read and see within these pages is helpful in your pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding of the spirit world and all the wonderful elements connected with it.


Why Only Students?

Why am I only letting students view this area? Because you are keen to learn, to grow and to move on in your journey of spiritual growth. Most of my experiences would simply go above the heads of many people. Others would suggest some of the stories not to be true or unbelievable. I know my truth.


The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was created by me for the purpose of having a peaceful place for my study and meditation. Now it is open to regular group events and students on a journey of unfolding and developing their own unique potentials. The energy inside the Sanctuary is powerful, yet peaceful too.

Seeking The Knowledge

Back in the year 2000 I started to investigate mediumship after watching with curiosity mediums like Colin Fry and John Edward perform on the TV. I believed at the time that it must be either fraud or that the gifts they had were something they were born with.

Neither were correct statements. In fact, what I discovered, led me to want to explore my own potential and achieve something useful in my life.

Since then, I've invested thousands of pounds in college, workshops, reading material, theatre shows, demonstrations and many other sources to unfold and develop my potential. But I've not arrived yet - in fact, I've not anyone who as. Life is a journey of learning and, often, unlearning.

LEARNING: to understand, to open the mind, to change habits, to change beliefs, to grow, to explore, to be wrong,

UNFOLDING: to peel away the layers of life, to change within, to become, to understand more, to sacrifice, to trust, to believe, to grow, to accept, to appreciate, to acknowledge.

BECOMING: knowledgeable, wiser, understanding, truthful, evidential, experienced, more open to possibilities, more than a believer, a better student.


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