Many people, including myself at one time, believe that those in the spirit world are limited in the way they can communicate with us. The belief is that a 'medium' is required to connect the two worlds.

Though the work of a spiritual medium does mediate a clear link, there are actually countless ways that the Spirit world can and do attempt to communicate with us. In this essay we are looking at one such example - synchronicity.


To understand this topic we must first understand that those in spirit live somewhere else other than this actual planet. Obviously we know this as the spirit world. But that is just two words. We need to enlarge on that and consider what forces govern that world. What invisible power is at work? Is there a greater conscience that determines how we all progress, even after we leave this planet? How does this other world evolve?

Through evidence gathered from Trance mediums channelling the words of great Spirits, such as Silver Birch, we have learnt that the spirit world is far more advanced than we might have believed. There appears to be a progression of life. In the Spirit world we can advance our knowledge and move on to higher realms, often referred to as moving towards the great white light. We have been informed through channelling that everyone in the spirit world will progress to a higher being as part of their soul's evolution.

The phrase 'For The Greater Good' suggests that it is the objective of this hidden force that we progress as souls to a higher level of being by doing good, by becoming the whole rather than just a part of it. Whether this is simply a man-made platitude that makes for a better life here or earth or whether it is the universal rule is open to the individual's interpretion.  As I understand it, there is obviously some other force at work and the Spirit people have to reside somewhere.

It is my believe, based on my years of learning, that this unseen force can influence some events on this earth. I believe that 'things' can be manipulated to happen or appear when necessary. I also believe that some of the Spirit people can create these manipulations. I have witnessed apported objects appearing from nowhere in a seance. This shows a force beyond our understanding at work and a force able to manipulate solid objects.

A coincidence is just that, to the untrained observer. Nothing more and nothing less. Many coincidences really are simply happening due to the state of our minds at that time. For example, ever bought a car of a particular color and suddenly noticed hundreds of similar coloured cars appearing after we got ours? Just a coincidence? Yes. The reason we are seeing them suddenly is because we are now 'attuned' to notice them. They were there all the time .

We don't always see things that are right under our noses! Often, we see what we want to see. Did you notice the word 'colour' spelt the American way earlier in that last paragraph? So we have to be careful to understand that as 'attuned' mediums we are likely to spot straightforward coincidences more often than others. We therefore have to treat each event with caution and examine all the possible logical explanations.

SYNCHRONICITY - the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

That is the official definition of the word synchronicity - 'no discernible casual connection'. However, as mediums, we have attuned senses. We have attuned our hearing, our feeling, our eyesight, our smell and our gut instincts. We are sensitives. Particularly when we are working as mediums, we can notice subtle changes immediately without hesitation.

The spirit world are aware of that of course. After all, we are relaying their communications from their residents every time we perform a reading. Knowing that also means that the unknown forces can manipulate certain events or occurrences to get our attention. Often it is to validate something we are unsure of. A synchronicity might occur to warn us of something, or to reassure us. Perhaps we are about to embark in a new direction career wise, or start a relationship we are unsure of. Perhaps we are thinking of someone loved in the spirit world at that moment.

The synchronicity is there to be interpreted by us. If we want to dismiss it as mere coincidence, we will. However, if we are attuned, we might want to consider it as a signal or sign, as a validation or a warning. What we must do though, is consider that the spirit world can use synchronicity as a method of communication. That is not to say that all synchronicity is the result of the work of spirit. But as sensitives, we need to learn to interpret every sign scientifically and logically. A feather appearing in our kitchen when we are thinking of our passed loved one may be a message - but it also may not. If there are pigeons just outside on the roof aerial, that might be the sensible reason for the feather, especially as the open kitchen door would act like a vacuum to a falling feather.  In these circumstances I tend to say 'thank you' to the spirit world, in case it was a message from them. If it wasn't it's no big deal and at least they now know I am attuned to that method of communication.

Synchronicity happens to us all at some time or other. The key is being able analyse it and choosing to accept or ignore it. I would suggest that we write the detail of the event down in our journal. Make a note of it because at some time in the future, that very written detail of the synchronicity might be important. It will serve to add to our own library of information and evidence. I will conclude this essay with a personal example of an incident that happened to me, not once but twice, several years apart. The first time it happened, I was an ordinary person and not a medium. I had no interest in this subject at that time - or at least that's what I believed!


Let me set the scene first. The year was 2000. I had been living alone for a year or so after the break up of my marriage. My home was a new flat in Weymouth, Dorset. I had recently been made redundant from BT. My car had been stolen and my father had recently passed to Spirit. I had a temporary job in a bingo hall to pay the rent.

Late at night when I returned back to my flat from work I would go on my computer and browse the internet. One night I came up with the idea of just looking at some of the dating sites to see if I could get a girlfriend. I was lonely. I am a naturally shy person and I didn't go out drinking or socialising. By nature I am an introvert. The internet was really still in its early days and dating sites were new and mostly upmarket filled with people with high expectations.

I found a website where the people on it were respectable and genuinely seeking friendships. In the late small hours I studied each profile. Sadly, most of the ladies were looking for muscle men with money that would dine and socialise them at restaurants. I had no money, no car and worked in a bingo hall! So I came to the conclusion that this was not for me. I kept looking anyway. After several hours, I decided to call it a day and chose to look at 'just one more' profile before I quit.

This last lady was beautiful, really beautiful. Completely out of my league. She was sexy, intelligent and a dream lady. I read her profile. It was different. In her profile she stated that all she wanted was a man that was taller than her and could make her laugh. Though she also said he needed to be local as she didn't want to travel. No mention of money or muscles!

"Hey oh," I thought, "two out of three isn't bad!". I'm 6ft 6in tall and have always had a wicked sense of humour. But this lady was well up north, far to far away. Oh well, nearly. But I did decide to send her a private message anyway, telling her just that. I am over six feet tall, but have red hair and live in the far south! So close! I sent the message just for the fun of it.

It was a few weeks later when I suddenly received a reply from this mystery lady. I had, by then, completely forgot about it.

Anyway for the sake of your reading time, I'm going to fast forward several months. We had communicated quite a lot since the original message and had shared photos, phone numbers and addresses. I had even made a video on tape and sent to her.

This lady came to Weymouth for a weekend to meet me. She stayed with me in my flat. We got on so well and I knew I was falling madly in love with her already. On the Saturday evening I took her to a local venue. The one I chose was a family pub in a museum so I knew it would be quiet and roomy. We sat on a table well away from the bar area and near a window. There was quiet piped music playing throughout the building. It was quiet as it was very early in the evening.

We talked about how impossible it was going to be with her living in the north and me with my recently acquired old banger having to travel the hundreds of miles to visit. We talked about the things we had in common - a loving of technology, computing, the internet, similar tastes in music etc. By coincidence we both had the same favourite song. It was 'Unbreak my Heart' by Toni Braxton which had been in the charts a few years previous.

Our discussion came around to whether it was even possible to carry on a relationship with such a big distance between us. She was unsure about it and didn't know whether it was a viable thing for her. Of course, I had made my mind up already!

So I came up with a stupid suggestion. I mean, I am pretty stupid at the best of times. But this suggestion was really stupid, and I mean really stupid. Now I don't know why I said it, but I was desperate not to lose her.  I said something like this,

" I have a suggestion. If we are meant to be together, the next tune that plays on this pub music system will be our favourite, Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton"

She smiled. I was thinking, " you complete divv, what a stupid thing to suggest. That was intelligent wasn't it!"

We sat there and the conversation continued more sensibly. Suddenly I said, "Ssh, listen." We both went silent. My heart started to race. I was excited beyond belief. There is was. Unbreak my Heart was playing quietly in the background. How the hell did that happen. She accused me of setting it up. I couldn't have. There was no jukebox, it was music supplied by the establishment. I had not left the table. I had been there all the time. There were only a few people in the place and there was nobody within earshot of us.

But it played. We were both astonished. She for the fact that I had set it up and me for the fact I had said such a stupid remark and it came to be. I did not set it up. It must have been some unknown force, though I didn't know or understand anything about such things back then.

This story is an absolute classic case of synchronicity. An occurrence with no discernible causal connection. 

The rest is now history. The lady, Jane, and I have been together ever since. We found a way around the obstacles of distance. She still believes to this day that I must have set that event up. I promise you all I didn't.

But there is another interesting part to this story. Some years later, I had come to be exploring the subject of mediumship and the other side. I was sitting in a regular meditation circle and was doing a Reiki course with my mentor this particular weekend in question. We had gone to a local cafe for lunch together. Chris, my mentor was asking me about how I met my partner Jane. I told her the story of how we met and how certain things had happened to determine we would be together. I even shared the Unbreak story with her.

Chris was curious and gave the impression that this story was too unbelievable to actually be true. As we sat discussing it, suddenly the blessed song played in the background on the cafe music system. Chris looked astonished and I must admit I was rather shocked too. This time I had definitely not even suggested to 'the hidden force' that it should be played.

So again, this is a clear case of a synchronicity beyond my control and the work of a hidden force .

These sort of events happen all the time now and with the knowledge I have gained through my development I accept them as part of the thread that unites to two worlds together. Some would say there is no such thing as coincidence and to some level of degree I agree.

This brief look at the subject doesn't cover it in depth. It's offered as an introduction and explanation. Study it further. There are thousands of books available covering just this subject. The more you attempt to understand it, the more questions there are to ask.