Is Taking Money For Readings Wrong?


One of the biggest contentions I had with other mediums was charging money to people for readings. After all, this is a gift from God, right? For years I believed that taking money for readings was wrong and just greedy. This issue was something that sat very uncomfortably with me and was always in the back of my mind. I argued with other mediums that charged. Being a passionate person I made my feelings known in no uncertain terms. Taking money for readings was wrong. Until recently that is.

My opinion has now changed. In fact I changed my opinion about six months ago. So herein I will explain why I changed my mind and why, however, I would warn a paying client to be very wary about parting with hard earned money for a reading.

I now believe that my level of mediumship is as good as many others and probably better than a lot more. I recognise my weak areas and am working through experience to improve all the time.  Until recently, all the readings that I did were either free or a request to a local charity was invited, or where a fee was paid, I gave it to my chosen charity. But I started to notice a flaw in this.

Whenever I did a private reading at my home, at the end of the reading I asked the client to put a donation in a charity box I have in my Sanctuary. I left them alone to do this.  I was very surprised to notice after they had left how little they gave. (Yes I checked the charity box out of curiosity). Several clients left nothing, others maybe a fiver. I should also state that there were a few that left good donations.  Anyway, this got me to thinking more deeply about this issue.

I gave up at least an hour or longer of my time to give the reading. As a channel I passed to them indisputable proof of their loved ones continuing life the other side from which they got great comfort. I showed them how their loved ones were still with them, and not in a wishy-washy way but with hard evidence that often astounded them (and me sometimes!).  I can't think how much I would pay for someone to do the same for me. I would value that knowledge forever, if I wasn't a medium. How much is it worth? Nothing? A fiver? More?


I've learnt that if I give a free reading, the client often doesn't seem to take the process too serious. After all, it has cost them nothing. The message seems to have no value to them.

If  I charge a fair price for a reading, the client has parted money for it. Immediately the reading has a value. Immediately the client is more interested. At the end of the reading they know that they got something worth the money they parted with. I know, because that is what many have told me.

Charging for readings also puts value on what I do and what I'm worth. Let's be clear, to hear from your father or mother from the other world with absolute proof is priceless, in my view. So a fee for the medium's time is really a very low price.

Let's take another look at this from another angle. For the past couple of decades I have invested many many hours of my time learning, unfolding and developing this gift. I have invested hundreds, if not thousands of pounds at college and workshops to study and to learn. I have spent money in my Sanctuary to make it a place of peace and suitable for students and clients. I have paid a huge price to get to this stage. Yes, all my choice. So is it really unreasonable to ask a client to pay for my time?

Somebody once told me that this was a gift from God and that I shouldn't take money for it. Well - it is a gift that we are all born with. But surely a nurse that is caring for a sick patient is a gift from God? Surely a care-worker looking after an elderly person is a gift from God. Surely a policeman protecting the public is a gift, or a fireman prepared to put his own life on the line is a gift? How about the clergy? Do they do what they do for nothing? Would we expect them to or do we value what they do?

I am not saying that being a medium in itself is such a worthy cause as those professions I've mentioned. I am saying that using a gift from God in exchange for money is not wrong. In Reiki, this is considered important and is known as ' an exchange of energy'.

Now - looking at this issue from the side of the client, here are my observations. Not every person that claims to be a Spiritual medium really is. They might believe they are. They might consider that the counsel they give is from the Divine Source but that is not always the case. I've watched thousands of mediums in churches and demonstrations up and down the country and have been often appalled at their standards.

Every day, I read the Facebook postings from apparent mediums offering email readings for cash claiming they have a last minute slot available. I hear of mediums that give no real evidence whatsoever during their public appearances, that just give what they already knew of that person. They offer advise apparently from the Spirit world. Some claim to be connecting to some higher source than other mediums. Some claim to see angels, others claim to see orbs every five minutes and claim all sorts of nonsense in the name of mediumship and Spirit.  Part with your money with caution.

My view is that you should choose a medium from reputation. Check what real evidence this person has received and always question the integrity of it. Could the medium have known the information beforehand? Does the person recommending the medium know them personally?

So here's how I now work. I give a price for a reading up front. I clearly state that 25% of the fee is going to a charity that I support and offer receipts to prove if necessary.  I also don't take any fee if I personally feel the reading was not evidential  enough. Hey, mediums have off days!  I usually take the fee and invest it in books, equipment and other stuff related to my mediumship unfoldment.

I'm fortunate enough to be currently working with a wonderful medium as a mentor and friend. She charges for her services and I believe she is worth every penny. Her evidence is fantastic and often staggering. It is from watching her work and from much more that I have learnt over the past few years I now come to this decision about taking money for readings. Finally it now sits comfortably with me. I am happy with my morals. My spirit and soul are comfortable over this matter. However, there are a few mediums out there that should be looking deeper inside themselves.

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